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23 Apr 19
Web of Life

  Yesterday- Earth Day 2019- felt like the warmest day yet this Spring here in Ontario- a balmy 19 degrees, a perfect day to get started on the monitoring programme for our Mount Wolfe Farm hedgerows. We  planted two hedgerows here at the farm in 2017 and 2018. The 2017 hedge was started in the […]

23 Apr 19
Archy Worldys

Monrovia, Indiana ** Frederick Wiseman American movie – 2 h 24 Monrovia (Indiana), population 1,400 inhabitants. Special Signs: 97% of Whites, two-thirds of his constituents (76%) voted Donald Trump. Faithful to his method, the long-term immersion, documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman settled in this refuge, symptomatic, of the reactionary ideology of his country. Far from the […]

23 Apr 19

It is now even easier to book a massage: just click here , and choose your own time slot! A tantra massage at Studio La Limite is a beautiful experience: for two hours you will be guided through different energetic states, breathed into vitality and relaxation and deeply immersed in music, touch and smell. Our […]

22 Apr 19

White sand beaches, hundreds of palm trees, a clear blue sea and an oasis of tranquility.Located in the Gulf of Gabes, the island of Djerba is inseparable from the image of Tunisia. Sweet climate, authenticity of villages and seaside tourism have made its reputation. Served by an international airport, it is a landmark destination that […]

22 Apr 19

Jessica Carey is the chief channel of ARISE, an online tribe for human beings to cultivate a compassionate connection of ritual, evolution of courage and devotion to your inner realms. She is a heart centred Australian attuned to her sovereignty, with adventure flowing in her veins and home alive within her heart. Through curiosity and […]

21 Apr 19
Rite Score

WILFRIED ZAHA shocked Crystal Palace earlier this week by revealing he was ready to quit the club in a bid to play Champions League football. Arsenal are one of the clubs interested in him but ironically his starring performance may prove vital in the Gunners failing to secure a return to Europe’s elite. On a […]

21 Apr 19

Even my hometown’s pastor, who generally didn’t pay attention to or atleast didn’t comment on his churchgoers’ appearances, couldn’t help but mention what a striking woman my grandmother had been as he looked over the photos we had compiled for friends and family at her funeral service. My choice of words to describe her would […]

20 Apr 19
ancient wisdom pearls

Question: Why my daughter died of cancer at a very young age, she was very enthusiastic about life, still unmarried and why I had to go through her cancer battle, to see her pain, agony for 5 years? Nobody knows what it feels like taking your daughter to cremation grounds. Why? Answer: Karma has a […]

19 Apr 19
A Blaze Ansuz: Antifascist Neofolk

In the entrenched world of neofolk, it takes a unique commitment to an individual vision for the solo-project Sieben to have stood against the far-right for this long.  Sieben is the work of musician Matt Howden, who is also behind the independent record label Redroom Records.  Howden has always described Sieben as “one-man rawchestra” with […]

19 Apr 19
No Linear Path

Rome, Italy Still. Still not quite buying that this is actually life at the moment, Larry and I said goodbye to our camels in the desert, experienced just one more night in the exotic medina of Marrakech and headed off to Rome for a few days to look for some Italian magic. This was my […]

19 Apr 19
Latest News

Scuba diving is an essential part of the tourism industry. It has emerged as one of the most popular recreational sports across the globe. Moreover, growing interest amongst people towards discovering and exploring different forms of underwater life and habitats in tropical, subtropical and polar locations is also one of the reasons responsible for increased […]

18 Apr 19

The Shark Attack Investigators Handbook This handbook is developed for use by investigators for the New Jersey/New York Shark Attack File. With minor modifications it can prove useful for investigators in other parts of the world. Shark attacks need to be studied to help in preventing further attacks. By learning to prevent attacks, mankind can […]

17 Apr 19
Latest Market Research News

17 April 2019 – The Global Scuba Diving Equipment Market is anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR of 9% during the forecast period. Scuba diving is one of the most practised sea activities by sea explorers. Lately, there is a significant rise of marine researchers across the globe, who spend half a year underwater […]

17 Apr 19
The Childhood Development Blog

Apparently, over recent years, YouTube has become a popular avenue for grieving parents to view videos of stillbirth babies. Stillbirth is the death of a baby in the womb after 20 weeks of pregnancy and occurs in one percent of United States pregnancies (Ro, 2019). A woman from British Columbia named Monica Franco-Pineda learned her […]

16 Apr 19
The Man Slut

Each week I’ll select a girl at random to talk about (thru that random number sorter you can Google). I don’t want to make it seem to the readers as though I’ve chosen the absolute craziest stories right out of the gate–hopefully there will always be a bigger / wilder story in my arsenal. And […]