Dodo Juice

19 Feb 19
A Kitchen In Uganda

​ Starting this blog, I was young and naive. All I knew is that I wanted to cook exciting, interesting and delicious food. Years later,  I now understand the value of food, using local produce,  using fresh produce and being creative.  This salad was conceived after binge watching the amazing Fat Salt Acid Heat docu-series. […]

16 Feb 19

Simon & Garfunkel The Sound Of Silence (Single Version) 1965 Skid Row Wasted Time 1991 Tool Sober 1993 Jason Isbell Elephant 2013 Kent Mannen I Den Vita Hatten (16 år senare) 2005 Sons Of Bill Never Saw It Coming 2009 Placebo Every You Every Me 1998 Guns N’ Roses Estranged 1991 The Smashing Pumpkins Disarm 1993 Ultravox Hymn 1982 Lee Hazlewood The Night Before 1970 Bruce Springsteen Downbound Train 1984 Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls 1984 REO Speedwagon Keep On Loving […]

12 Feb 19
Mt Baker Vapor

Vaping requires specialized equipment and a little bit of know-how to get up and running. With this special equipment comes the need to inevitably upgrade to a new or different device altogether. If you feel like your vape just isn’t the same anymore, then it might be time for you to upgrade, which can be […]

09 Feb 19
Deeni Baatein

Do read Daughter: (Coughs out) Hmmm… Mum: (looks up at her, then continues picking her beans) Any gist for momma? Daughter:( Looks at her) Mum, I think I am not normal anymore…like, I am sick Mum: (Chuckles) Sick?? Why? Daughter: Because I am over-sensitive. Whenever I see a guy, I have this weird feeling compared […]

05 Feb 19
Cornell College in Mauritius 2019

Thanks to the Alice and Wonderland stories, the Dodo received worldwide recognition. This quirky-looking flightless bird was endemic to Mauritius. Unaware of the threat humans posed, the Dodo and its’ habitat became vulnerable to colonization. In about 100 years, the dodo became extinct. The rapid extinction established the Dodo as a symbol of extinction and […]

03 Feb 19

AT THAT TIME WE HUMANS TOO SHALL LOSE OUR VERY EXISTENCE     The world’s highly renowned astronomers opine that since the past few decades nature’s imbalance is being noted augmenting alarmingly. As a result the world over, so many messy and turbulent situations are being witnessed. Lest this situation remains thus then up […]

26 Jan 19
The London Mommy

Teddy and I wanted to share with you our experience in Mauritius. We travelled in December 2018. What attractions do we recommend with a toddler? Le Caudan Waterfront – the waterfront is a very instaperfect spot with a sunshade of umbrellas. There are numerous cafes and restaurants ranging from fast food like pizza express to […]

25 Jan 19

PART 2 4⃣1⃣ Aiki tafara tanayi tana tunanin abin sonta lamin ita dai Allah ya dora mata sonsa tun ranar farko data fara ganinsa a makarantar su shigowarsa taji cikin kitchen din kamshin turarensa shine ya cika mata hanci tuni taji jikinta yayi la’asar ta bayanta ya tsaya ya ajiye kayan yabi bayanta da kallo […]

25 Jan 19
Vijaya Das

Aaah… Sunday morning, I settle down on the lazyboy with a big cup of tea and Mr. Mathrubhootam (FYI: a column in the Hindu paper, just so that you don’t start setting your imagination loose). I am just on the first line when the mobile buzzes – “Congraaaatsss…’s so amazing….and you never even told us […]

24 Jan 19

I) The Fisherman and the Genie (chapter 1) 1. Choose the correct answer: (1) The fisherman was ( rich _poor). (2) He threw his (net _bat) into the sea. (3) The fisherman threw the net into the sea (three_four) times (4) The fisherman found a (car_jar) in the net. 2. Put (true) or (false): The […]

24 Jan 19

~ 10 of the most common culprits ~ It seems to me that January is the hottest month in terms of jumping on the fitness and weight loss bandwagon. Everyone has made their resolutions and are going gang busters…that is for the first few weeks anyway! Have you already fizzled out? Discouraged at not seeing […]

16 Jan 19
Car Wax Polish | Car Cleaning Products

To have the things that will give the best possible protection to the car is here for the taking and it is advised to own the best things to keep the vehicle clean on all accounts. All you have to do is to go over the internet and find the ones who have a good […]

15 Jan 19

Okay, confession… for as much as I bash TV Tropes, the actual wiki is still a fun read and every once in awhile has some interesting trivia or observations that hold water. Call it a case of a broken clock being right twice a day if you want, but there is some good stuff there. […]

14 Jan 19
Barrett Family

I will start off by agreeing that February is not the best time of year to visit the United Kingdom, but I could not pass up a great airline seat sale and there should be short lines to visit the places I want to see around London. I am planning to only visit London with […]