12 Feb 19
The Noise Beneath The Snow

Null Factor is the ebm/electro machine at which sole operator Dan Harvell is in control. The project was born out of the ashes of industrial metal band, MiLLENNiA in 1999.  After a recent 5 year hiatus, Null Factor has just released the highly-anticipated album After Forever; a 15 track monster featuring a cover of the […]

05 Feb 19

The WMD Metron, described as “the most advanced and feature rich trigger and gate sequencer for eurorack modular synthesizers on the market”, is available now to pre-order.

18 Jan 19
Fruit and Grooves Collective

The creators of the ever-popular Pocket Operator series are introducing affordable modular systems for the masses.

18 Jan 19

In modular, Doepfer, Intellijel and 4MS modules are organised accordingly, but there’s a host of Softube modules that are organised by function, making finding modules a snap. There are groupings based around sequencing, mixer functions, DAW interfacing, and a host of utility/performance modules …

17 Jan 19
Moinsound's Blog

As of a few days ago, what was called “Future” in my modulargrid designs has become the present (almost). Which begs the question: what does the future of today – the future of the future if you will – have in stock? Mechanical and Wiring Integration The components that are not the A-100 need to […]

16 Jan 19
Moinsound's Blog

My Eurorack thing has grown (and changed) some ever since I first got two modules and a tiny case back in September of 2017. Let’s see what 2019 may have in stock for all things modular in my world.

07 Jan 19
Doctroidal dissertations

Just over a month ago I wrote: You can take [the Mother-32] out of the case, put it into a Eurorack enclosure, and use it with other Eurorack modules. Or you can buy a Moog 2- or 3-tier stand and enclosure and some Eurorack modules and make it the core of a modular system that […]

05 Dec 18
Go AudiO

SzcZ Sawmill v1.1 KONTAKT Sawmill is an instrument inspired by the supersaw sound. In a broad sense, it doesn’t try to emulate the classic supersaw sound but I think it’s interesting how layering detuned saw oscillators turns a static sound into a moving texture. I have been wondering how would it sound if you detuned […]

02 Dec 18
Doctroidal dissertations

I never know where these whims come from, but lately the electronic music whim has been making a return visit. It’s an itch that’s easily and cheaply scratched to a degree, if you undertake the learning curve of open-source softsynth apps. I have amsynth, Bristol, and Rack recently installed on my Linux box, and they’re fun […]

24 Nov 18

Recently I have been beavering away on a euro-rack synth voice module, designed around the Analog Devices Sigma 300 Series ADAU1452 DSP chip. In the mean time I have put together a design for a laser-cut-able Eurorack skiff, using Autodesk Fusion 360. EDIT: I have added to the same project, a design for the rack […]

21 Nov 18
CDM Create Digital Music

It’s not about which gear you own any more – it’s about understanding techniques. That’s especially true when a complete modular rig in software runs you roughly the cost of a single hardware module. All that remains is learning – so let’s get going, with Softube Modular as an example.

21 Nov 18
Melbourne Music Musings
17 Nov 18

Doepfer A-132-3 Dual VCA : Eurorack : B-Stock : [DETROIT MODULAR] – Buy – Doepfer A-132-3 Dual VCA : Eurorack : B-Stock : [DETROIT MODULAR]

17 Nov 18
Technology Arena

Making synthesized drum beats with the Synthesis Technology e350 morphing terrarium module. All sounds sequenced by the MakeNoise Brains, Pressure points, Doepfer A-160, TipTopZ8000 and STG Graphic Sequencer. Likes: 20 Viewed: 6001 source