16 Feb 19
1 More Paige

I have a lot of fond memories of paper books. I think most people who read a lot do. I remember exactly how the library in my hometown smelled. I absolutely relished running my fingers over shelf after shelf of possibilities in used bookstores throughout my childhood and teen years. I remember going with my […]

11 Feb 19

Share this: On April 3rd, Ahoy Comics publishes one of it’s strangest tales yet. Bronze Age Boogie written by Stuart Moore is a yearbook of the 70’s era of comics. What do you get when you combine all the best-loved comics genres of the 1970s: apes, monsters, Kung Fu, sword-and-sorcery, and cosmic adventure? You get Bronze Age […]

10 Feb 19
That's What She Read

Enjoy this review, kids – it’s going to be very short!

09 Feb 19
Working Title Blogspot

It was midnight in the stacks, and the air was filled with tiny rhythmic noises of a sort that the fanciful might have thought of as books snoring. The young woman busily shelving books was obviously not fanciful though, as she worked efficiently, serene and undisturbed by the night and its secrets. She positioned each […]

08 Feb 19
Market Business News

B-Corp certifications measure businesses’ environmental and social performance. These certifications are offered by the B-Lab, a non-profit organization that analyses each business and offers certifications only for the companies that make a change. The process is a very detailed one, incorporating and analysing data from carbon emission footprint to diversity, and more. Companies have to […]

07 Feb 19
Through Our Lives

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07 Feb 19

The highest compliment I can pay Rod Loy for his leadership is that the better you know him, the better you think of him, both as a person and as a pastor. That’s not always true of Christian leaders, but it’s true of him. I can recommend his new book, Help! I’m in Charge, because […]