Dom Perignon

18 Dec 18

Tuesday: Having boarded the plane for London, I settle into the nasty little plastic seat and attempt to make myself comfortable, to little avail. Once the hoi polloi have managed to find their seats, bashed their neighbours with their grubby backpacks, and then sat in the wrong seat, the stewardess, nowadays known, for some inexplicable reason […]

18 Dec 18
Table for One

August 12, 2018 Three Michelin Stars Food, to me, is astounding. Food has, and forever will be, evolving. Science and food, oddly, go hand and hand. Hybrid produce is being made, GMOs are common in American households (often unbeknownst) and chefs such as Grant Achatz are using molecular gastronomy in their daily lives. Growing up, […]

17 Dec 18
the Luxury Travel Expert

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17 Dec 18

NIB Set Of 6 (Six) Dom Perignon Big Day Champagne Flutes Czech Crystal Flutes – Buy – NIB Set Of 6 (Six) Dom Perignon Big Day Champagne Flutes Czech Crystal Flutes

17 Dec 18

“I am drinking the stars.” Dom Perignon

16 Dec 18
Sufficient Living

Fairy Tales : A Narrow Escape (part 2) ​ And even upon some unforeseen genetic renewal starting another life cycle on another planet only representing a potential stay of execution, seeing how we constantly foul the incubator. Unless we decide to arrive as a pollen instead of a virus, come to pollinate and bloom rather […]

16 Dec 18
Marketing and Consumer Reviews

Ben Bradford, December 14, 2018   Instead of traditional Christmas gifts, Riley Adams said he and his wife have decided to travel to San Francisco. The two will stay at the luxury Fairmont Hotel. Adams is a 29-year-old investment adviser whose choice of holiday gifts perfectly illustrates a trend in retail that analysts say persuaded […]

15 Dec 18
The Traveling Vineyard

Vintage Champagne in Ontario I'm going to be graduating from my university program soon, and am looking to buy a birth year bottle to celebrate. I've decided on a bottle of 1996 Dom Perignon, but it's looking like the LCBO doesn't carry it. Just wondering what would be the best way to get my hands […]