25 Mar 19
Claudia Maddren

For a few months now I wanted to buy a smart watch so I could track my fitness in the pool (as I am a swimmer) and also be notified of text messages and calls as my phone is always on silent.  I contemplated the purchase, however realised that I needed a new bed instead […]

11 Mar 19
Design & Creation

STOOL PROJECT- Design, prototype and make a finely crafted ‘Stool’ to be used in South Australian classrooms, as part of the ‘flexible seating’ options. Flexible seating gives students the option of studying at different workstations. The height of the table or bench also differs, offering the child an option of choosing where he or she […]

02 Jan 19

I was working in retail filling shelves at night and I got promoted to assistant business manager. It was a huge jump in income. I went up from about $30,000 to about $60,000. Six weeks later, I got a new car, a top-of-the-line Toyota Camry. I was like, “It’s the next thing to do, you […]