03 Dec 18
Boston Herald
Massachusetts voters are not too impressed with the hometown crop of possible presidential hopefuls according to a recent poll, and political watchers say that could spell trouble for the prospective candidates’ higher ambitions if the trend continues. “If you’re not winning your home state, you have big problems,” GOP consultant Rob Gray told the Herald of presidential campaigns. In the poll from the University of Massachusetts and YouGov., U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, widely seen as a probable candidate and favorite of the party’s progressive wing, drew 11 percent of self-described Democrats and independents, putting her third on a list of 10 would-be candidates. Gov. Charlie Baker, on the other hand, outperformed the competition on the right, save President Trump. “Incredibly weak numbers for Elizabeth Warren,” tweeted CNN elections analyst Harry Enten of the poll. The very early 2020 poll — which didn’t include many lesser-known Democrats who either have announced or strongly suggested runs — had former Vice President Joe Biden leading with 19 percent, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in second with 14 percent. Texas U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, who this year lost a high-profile Senate race, drew 10 percent. Among the 10 were former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who got 6 percent, and Salem-area U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton, who brought up the rear with 1 percent. By comparison, Baker enjoys the comforts of home. The same poll asked half of Republicans and independents about a hypothetical 2020 GOP primary without President Trump, and the other half about the matchup with Trump included. Baker cleaned up in the non-Trump version of the question, garnering 33 percent, with current Vice President Mike Pence coming in second with 26. There there was a large drop-off to former Gov. Mitt Romney in third with 8 percent. The version that does feature Trump has the current president drawing 40 percent to 30 percent for Baker, 7 for Romney and no one else getting more than 3 percent. Experts say early polls like this one are largely about name recognition, so politicians such as Biden, who was vice president for eight years, and Sanders, who was runner-up for the Democratic nomination in 2016, are bound to fare well, as are politicians in the places were they are elected. So Warren’s primary number is likely “disappointing” for her, independent political consultant Todd Domke said, which means there’s still much work to be done if she does want to mount a run. “She’ll need to reinforce her base here,” he said. Democratic consultant Scott Ferson said the numbers shouldn’t be a cause for major alarm for Warren, but were “pretty anemic” for Patrick and Moulton. But, Ferson said, any Massachusetts candidate who declares will surely see their numbers increase in their home state. “One of them will win the primary in Massachusetts” if Warren or Patrick runs, Ferson predicted. Warren’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment yesterday.   
02 Dec 18


requiem-on-water: you heard my voice by Sina Domke

01 Dec 18
DJI Drones

This filters has a multilayer and hydrophobic coating. Its surface is waterproof and contains scratch prevention technology. The filters guarantee ultra-low reflection rates and they have unmatched color fidelity. Its 4K high definition optical glass has a ten-year warranty. Tiffen Filters, a division of The Tiffen Company for optical photographic filters and lens accessories, introduces their new […]

29 Nov 18
The Dead Pixels Society

Efficient lighting kit featuring a unique linear shape provides new LED option for photographers, filmmakers and students HAUPPAUGE, NY- November 27, 2018 – The Tiffen Company, the leading manufacturer of imaging accessories for the consumer/professional imaging and the motion picture and broadcast television industries, is pleased to introduce today the new Lowel TOTA LED portable […]

26 Nov 18
Custom Essay Writers

GLOBAL WARMING Numerous environmental problems in the world have emerged because of industrialization. Among those problems global warming, is certainly the most dangerous problem, which has got special considerations since the last three decades. Global warming means an average increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere that can contribute to the changes in the […]

23 Nov 18
Automotive World

Truck manufacturers don’t absorb cost lightly, and modernisation of factories is a gradual process, but connectivity and electrification are starting to make their mark. By Xavier Boucherat

20 Nov 18
TU Dresden - Tropical Forestry Blog

I am John William Kallabaka from Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro-Tanzania. I did a research on the roles and forms of brokers in the smallholder farming in sawn timber value chain in Mufindi district, Iringa-Region, Tanzania. This research was done under WoodCluster project sponsored by German government under DAAD as a part of fulfillment for […]

20 Nov 18
Automotive World

Will software and services replace hardware in terms of the most profitable business avenue? By Megan Lampinen

19 Nov 18

December 11th and 13th, 7pm to 10pm Build your own Mushroom Music Bio-Sonification Module and start listening to the biology around you!  This workshop is taking place at co:Lab906 Queen Street West, Toronto   Collaborate sonically with the non-human organisms around you. Next time you go on a picnic bring along your Mushroom Music Bio-sonification Module […]

19 Nov 18
Winnipeg Sun

It would cost the City of Winnipeg $105 million to replace all of its parks and open space assets that are currently deemed in poor or very poor condition, according to a new public service report. The city has registered more than 350,000 such assets, with 57% deemed to be in good or very good […]

13 Nov 18
Metal + Glass Studio Toronto

January 8th & 10th, 7pm to 10pm Build your own Nanotopian MIDI Bio-Sonification Module and start listening to the biology around you! Advance enrollment is required to secure your kit! Register by December 27th This workshop is taking place at co:Lab 906 Queen Street West, Toronto   Collaborate sonically with the non-human organisms around you. Next […]

06 Nov 18

I know what one of my Christmas presents is! I was asked what I wanted by Mrs M not thinking I would get it – but today it was delivered to work (Mrs M and I work for the same company). I wasn’t allowed to see it (it is a Christmas present after all) but […]

06 Nov 18
Boston Herald
U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is likely to win re-election today, but she needs to win big in order to be in a good place for 2020, political experts say. “To impress, she needs 60 percent or more,” said Todd Domke, a longtime GOP political consultant who left the party in opposition to President Trump. “Her margin does matter to activists around the country who will be looking at a long list of potential candidates.” Warren, an incumbent Democrat with an eye on a 2020 White House run, is heavily favored to win the Bay State, and pollsters generally have her pulling about 60 percent of the vote, to about 25 percent for GOP challenger Geoff Diehl and a couple of points for independent candidate Shiva Ayyadurai. But she also needs to outperform popular Gov. Charlie Baker, who is also expected to win by a large margin. Warren is a leader of the Democratic party’s left wing and is both a frequent critic of and target for Trump, who she would be running against if she were to win a Democratic primary in 2020. and it’s in the presumably crowded upcoming primary field where a weak showing would hurt her, said D.C.-based GOP consultant Ryan Williams. “If Baker outperforms her, people will notice that,” said Williams, referring to popular moderate GOP Gov. Charlie Baker. “She doesn’t gain anything if she wins by a large margin. She’s the most liberal senator from the most liberal state — Elizabeth Warren is winning in Massachusetts and the sky is blue.” In the last full day of the campaign yesterday, Diehl shook hands and chatted with voters at McKay's Breakfast and Lunch, a popular Quincy diner. The Whitman state representative continued to talk about the strong economy and slam his opponent as out of touch. “My focus is on Massachusetts, and her focus is on running for the White House,” Diehl said. Warren rallied with a slate of Democrats in Lynn, staying on her normal messaging by talking about health care and infrastructure. “The fundamental question is who government works for,” Warren said. “The Republicans think it should work for the rich and the powerful.” Democratic consultant Scott Ferson compared the race to when his former boss U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy won a high-profile race against Mitt Romney in Romney’s first political foray in 1994. Kennedy, a longtime popular senator, faced a variety of scandals but still beat Romney, 58-41. “If he (Diehl) underperforms Romney, I think it’s legit to say that’s the type of thing Democrats like — she took a weak candidate and she beat the crap out of him,” Ferson said, noting that a more narrow race would result in a bad news cycle for Warren. “Democrats want a fighter to take on Trump.” But Republican consultant Brad Marston said he expects a win to be a win for Warren — because, he believes, GOP candidates will beat the nationwide predictions, throwing Dems into distress. “The narrative is going to be a lot of people underperformed and she still won,” Marston said of the Democrats.