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14 Feb 19
The Denver Post
A bill that would let law enforcement agencies across Colorado remove firearms from people whom a judge decides is a high risk for harming themselves or others was reintroduced at the statehouse Thursday. It’s called a “red flag” or extreme risk protection order bill, and House Majority Leader Alec Garnett, D-Denver, is again sponsoring it in memory of  Douglas County sheriff’s deputy Zackari Parrish, who was killed at a Highlands Ranch apartment complex in 2017 while he tried to negotiate with a man in the midst of a mental health crisis.[cq comment=”CQ”] “What we are doing with this bill is giving law enforcement a tool that they need to save lives,” said Rep. Tom Sullivan, D-Centennial, the bill’s other main sponsor.[cq comment=”CQ”] “It gets the people who are having these difficult times the help that they need and protects their families and the community from them having a problem.” POWERFUL VIDEO: I asked Rep Tom Sullivan, who lost a son in the Aurora Theatre Shooting, if he was upset there were no Republicans at his Extreme Risk Protection Order Press Conference. His response eye opening #coleg #copolitics — Joe St. George (@JoeStGeorge) February 14, 2019 The way an extreme risk protection order would work under this bill is that law enforcement, a family member or a household member could petition a judge for the removal of a person’s firearms. The judge would hold a hearing — without the gun owner being present —  to decide whether to grant a temporary order for up to 14 days. During those two weeks, the gun owner and the person who asked for the order would tell the judge why those weapons should or shouldn’t be returned. The judge could extend the order for up to 364 days. That’s about double the length of time in the 2018 bill. Garnett said law enforcement officials asked for the longer time frame. The biggest changes to the bill, however, came from discussions with the criminal defense bar. RELATED: These 6 issues are going to be front and center at the Colorado General Assembly in 2019 The bill would provide the gun owner with a lawyer free of charge. It would also give judges the option to order mental health, drug and alcohol evaluations. “It’s kind of an intervention point where the judge can help people get treatment,” Garnett said. Those changes haven’t prompted any Republicans to co-sponsor the bill, but Sullivan and Garnett both think there’s a potential for Republican votes. Two GOP House members voted for the 2018 version. That bill never got a vote in the full Senate, though, as a Republican-controlled committee voted it down. “This is an even more draconian version of legislation than what we saw last year,” House Minority Leader Patrick Neville, R-Castle Rock, said in a statement. “In this version of the bill, innocent until proven guilty no longer exists. The burden of proof is on you to prove your innocence.” Neville’s objection comes from a provision that requires the owner to show they should get their guns back after a judge has issued a long-term protection order. Garnett said law enforcement asked for the change, and the new bill lets the owner petition the judge an unlimited number of times to lift the order whereas the 2018 bill only allowed one request. Members of Moms Demand Action line the steps in the Capitol to show support during a press conference in the west foyer on Feb. 14, 2019, in Denver. The group was supporting a newly introduced so-called “Red Flag” bill, that would allow judges to order the seizure of guns for a period of time from people who are considered a “significant risk” to themselves or others. The last “red flag” measure introduced in 2018 was named for Douglas County sheriff’s deputy Zackari Parrish, who was shot to death Dec. 31, 2017, at a Highlands Ranch apartment complex by a man experiencing a mental health crisis. Neville’s other objection is he feels the bill could keep Coloradans — especially veterans — from seeking help. “I saw this exact situation happen with some buddies of mine after I left the Army,” Neville said. “No one should feel they have to choose between their guns and getting the help they need.[cq comment=” That is not a compassionate solution.”]” Colorado lawmakers haven’t passed a major piece of gun legislation since 2013 — the last time Democrats controlled both the House and Senate. Then, Democrats passed universal background checks, required people to pay for those checks and banned high-capacity magazines. Voters recalled two senators for their support of those bills. “We’re confident,” said Sullivan, who lost his son, Alex, in the Aurora theater shooting. “We have a story to tell, and this is what the story is: ‘We’re here to save lives.'” Recent polls show majority support — even among registered Republicans — for extreme risk protection order bills. [related_articles location=”right” show_article_date=”false” article_type=”curated” curated_ids=”3266129,3253150″] Democrats introduced the bill on the first anniversary of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School[cq comment=”cq”] in Florida. That gunman, like the one who killed Parrish, was known by local law enforcement as a troubled person. Florida passed an extreme risk protection order law in the wake of that shooting, and the state’s Republican governor signed it.
13 Feb 19

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12 Feb 19
Postcards from My Fridge

Filipe did not like his roommate. He felt badly about not liking him. In his profession, any variant on the hating spectrum was was to be avoided. Hating was something bigots did, not vegetarian, Brazilian yoga teachers making their way (more like scraping by) in New York City. Was it the fact that Derek, his […]

11 Feb 19
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09 Feb 19
Throneberry Fields Forever

. . . and it isn’t the way the purists think it is, either.

08 Feb 19
Think Blue Planning Committee

It’s less than a week now before pitchers and catchers are required to report to spring training. A few players have already been seen around Camelback Ranch—Justin Turner, Cody Bellinger and Hyun-Jin Ryu were seen in the Dodgers’ Instagram stories walking by the team trucks unloading supplies for the upcoming season.

08 Feb 19
Melissa Moyers - Enchanted Escapes Travel

Large families (or travel groups) face a unique problem when traveling that many people don’t even consider: “Will we all fit in a hotel room?” It honestly wasn’t until I started helping other people with their travel planning that I realized how much of an issue this is. Most hotel rooms are built for four, […]

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07 Feb 19


07 Feb 19

There’s nothing like being recognized for your work as a role model to foster a bit of reflecting.  “You know, I’m probably the first guy to get this award who had a deferred judgement for a felony burglary for trying to break into my high school,” Ashton Kutcher said while accepting the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award in […]

07 Feb 19

*This is the blog post I worked on at the aiport BEFORE my little change of plans. So it’s chronologically out of order but still something I wanted to post and share!* Saturday, February 2. 5:30pm. John Wayne Airport, Orange County, CA. Blogging in the airport has become an unexpected habit in this new year, […]

07 Feb 19
Carrot Ranch Literary Community

When a polar vortex slips its arctic boundaries and spreads across Lake Superior, two snowmakers clash. Keweenaw photographer, George C. Bailey, captures the lake in her many moods. While the vortex hovered, Superior’s waves pounded ice heaves on shore, illuminating sea mist and water the color of icebergs. Writers followed sea mist into the photo. […]

06 Feb 19
Will Paying for Medical Insurance Pre-Tax hurt my Income Tax Refund?

Will Paying for Medical Insurance Pre-Tax hurt my Income Tax Refund? I’m trying to estimate my refund for next year and based on my calculations I’m not getting a whole lot considering how much I make. I claim 0 on my W-4, and if I have calculated correctly, I will have made roughly $24,108 for […]