10 Dec 18

This week Bro. Leo continues us on a Christmas study series by looking at the Biblical answer to the question “What is Christmas?” In John 1:1-3, 14 and 18 we see that Jesus was God and in existence before creation, Jesus created creation, Jesus became flesh on earth and Jesus revealed God to us.  In […]

10 Dec 18
Ambedkar Social Work

The reflection on the ‘field’ has been derived experiences which I have taken since my first year of Dalit and Tribal Studies and Action (DTSA) course. I have reflected on this concept along with the classroom understanding of the field, lectures, and the from the DTSA perspectives. Introduction- The context of the field defines what […]

09 Dec 18
Idiot Joy Showland

The world screams in bright colours, and everything in it must be affirmed

07 Dec 18
Artfully Learning

The influential New York based art critic, Jerry Saltz, recently published a list of thirty-three ‘lessons for being an artist.’ Saltz’s teachings range from being lighthearted, frank, sensible, and mysterious. They are roughly open-ended guidelines with lots of room for the reader’s interpretation. For example, Lesson 14 Compare Cats and Dogs appears confounding and esoteric, […]

06 Dec 18
David Robert's Philosophy Papers

How should a layperson think (or form belief attitudes) about any given truth claim? Is it enough to research reliable sources and use logical, unbiased thinking? In this blog post, I argue that it is not and that a layperson should instead defer to the testimony (or considered belief attitudes) of the majority of experts […]

06 Dec 18

Roma, 6 dic. (Labitalia) – “Esprimo grande soddisfazione rispetto alla reintroduzione degli incentivi alla formazione 4.0. Come ripetiamo da tempo, lo strumento principale di tutela del lavoro nell’era dei robot e dell’intelligenza artificiale è la formazione 4.0. Senza le nuove competenze strategiche che il nuovo mercato del lavoro richiederà, sempre di più si rischia di […]

05 Dec 18
Emerging into Structure

Mowles, C. (2015). Managing in uncertainty: The complexity, ambiguity and paradox of everyday organizational life. Abingdon, Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge Chapter 1 – Opening Mowles In navigating the texts and the conceptual material of this course it is clear that complexity can be seen as both a scientific object or discipline and as a […]

03 Dec 18
what (not) to doc

Coming to DVD and VOD tomorrow, Tuesday, December 4: LETTER FROM MASANJIA Director: Leon Lee Premiere: Hot Docs 2018 Select Festivals: NYC Asian American, DOXA, Bergen, Calgary, Lunenberg, Newburyport, Chagrin Doc, United Nations Association About: A Chinese dissident prisoner makes a desperate attempt to reveal his plight to the outside world. I previously wrote about […]