Dr Martens

18 Dec 18
Kindle Buffet

The Embalmer (Steve Jobz Book 1) Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Crime Author: Vincent Zandri FREE You might think that a guy with the name of Steve Jobz would be one lucky man. That he’d be rich and have the world at his fingertips. But instead, Jobz is barely making ends meet at the New […]

18 Dec 18
The Red Confidential

I finally broke in my Dr Martens (1914 Smooth) and this post is a list of a few helpful tips and tricks I used to achieve this.

18 Dec 18

Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015Building office wear wardrobe from scratch Hey everyone!Graduated from college yesterday! Woo-hoo! Now comes the terrifying part: Finding a job. What makes this even more difficult is that I don’t have many pieces I could wear while interviewing, much less multiple outfits I could wear five days a week at an […]

17 Dec 18
Footwear News

Stormi wears a black frock and workboots in the shot.

17 Dec 18
BYT // Brightest Young Things

Michelle Obama, tamales, Love Actually and MORE!

14 Dec 18
Noisy Time

Whip It is a 2009 film directed by Drew Barrymore and stars Ellen Page as Bliss Cavendar, she’s an indie-rock loving misfit from Bodeen that finds a way to deal with her small-town struggle as an outcast into a roller derby league near Austin, Texas. Ellen Page, notably known for her role in Juno (2007) […]