Driftless Area

18 May 19

Richland Stewardship Project

WHAT’S IN YOUR WATER? RICHLAND COUNTY WATER FORUM Free and open to the public.   Ground and surface water issues related to current and future water quality in Richland County and the Driftless area. Presenters: Norlene Emerson, emeritus professor of geology at UW-Platteville Richland: the geology of the Driftless in Richland County and how it […]

17 May 19
Life Unscripted

Tucked away in Southwestern Wisconsin is a gem of a tiny little state park: Wildcat Mountain. Among the 66 state parks, Wildcat Mountain is one of the few with accommodations for equestrian riders so it has a following of it’s own, unique to many of the parks. Located in the Driftless region of the state […]

17 May 19
Media Milwaukee

Popper assortment from Bass Pop Fly Shop.

14 May 19
-on a journey to tell our local story-

For the last 5 months Teri and I have been scratching out of the dirt a business idea that was the whole time simply a concept. From what we have learned, no one else has ever done it, we haven’t experienced anything quite like it, and we had the brilliance to kick off a tourism […]

12 May 19

An invitation to join an 8-mile hike gave me a chance to visit two of the gems of the Driftless region in Sauk County.

11 May 19
Jean & Owen's

Sullivan’s Supper Club, Trempealeau, Wisconsin Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Old Fashioneds Relish Tray: no relish tray, but ample relish tray-type goodies at the salad barSalad: very generous salad bar, including soup, bread, and puddingIce Cream Drinks: availableAmbiance: Incredible view, unremarkable interior Sullivan’s Supper Club is located in Trempealeau, Wisconsin. Just a stone’s throw from […]

10 May 19
Rural Routes

That night’s rain and dew made the soil cry teardrops beaded on the May morning’s grass. Thick fog that had hidden in the night’s darkness was exposed by the morning light diffused by the fog on the eastern horizon. No tractors disc harrows, grain drills or corn planters would massage the northern Driftless Area’s hillside […]

10 May 19
Great Lakes Conservation Coalition

Taylor Ridderbusch of Trout Unlimited joins the NWF Outdoors Podcast from the Great Lakes Conference in Detroit, Michigan, to discuss the policy work he does in the Great Lakes region, including collaborations with the National Wildlife Federation on the effort to stop Asian carp through the Great Lakes Conservation Coalition, the Clean Water Act and […]

09 May 19
"You Might as Well Read"

Isn’t this a wonderful cover photo?  Don’t you wonder who she is, and what she’s thinking, that woman of great but unconventional beauty, lost in her thoughts, so suggestive of mystery?  And the title — the “driftless area” — whatever could it mean?  It’s embarrassing to admit —  but, dear reader, I hold nothing back […]

08 May 19
The Driftless Area Review

Deborah Sengl continues the legacy of acid-tongued Austrian artists from Kraus and Kafka to more contemporary voices like Thomas Bernhard and Elfriede Jelinek.

07 May 19
Rural Routes

I stopped in my tracks out in the farmyard to watch the eastern horizon starting to blush. Standing in that spot or thereabouts is something I’ve done often since we’ve lived out on this ridge, me facing the east to watch such blush of pink appearing with sunrises — the reds and oranges and goldenrod […]

05 May 19
RTO Insider

Environmentalists, preservationists and renewable energy advocates are at odds with each other over the pending approval of a major MISO transmission line designed to carry wind energy to population centers. | Renew Wisconsin