Duck Commander

23 May 19
Emerging Civil War

Remember what you ate for breakfast on Wednesday two weeks ago? And if you remember the meal, what time did you pour the cereal, turn on the stove, or place your order? Memory and remembering can be challenging. However, it is a crucial part of history and the creation of historiography. The history of New […]

22 May 19
Newsy Today

Jill Lawless, Associated Press Published 4:27 p.m. ET May 22, 2019 CLOSE The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, says Parliament will get the chance to vote on a new referendum on British EU membership, calling on lawmakers to deal with divorce with the European Union. Time LONDON – British Prime Minister Theresa took over in […]

22 May 19
Mark McInturff

“Even an aloof wolf is not meant to be alone He knows the pack, lived by them, would die by them Little Wolf, find your home For entering hell with a friend is much better than by one’s self” * Chapter 3: All Work and No Play “We all set up?” Pete laid down next to […]

22 May 19
The Hardboiled GMshoe's Office

<+james> Hi, I’m James Armstrong, a carbon based life form who’s spent far too much money and time in school, so naturally, I eventually became a teacher. 😀  Degrees in philosophy, education, biology, and M.Sc in molecular bio, haha.  I love spicy food and sci fi!  My game is GeneFunk 2090, a biopunk RPG and […]

21 May 19

In deep space, the small Resistance of ragtag ships exits hyperspace after escaping the First Order fleet led by General Hux. Poe Dameron, roguish, handsome and dashing, strides with a cocky swagger onto the bridge of the Raddus, the Resistance flagship. His vibrant orange flightsuit clashes with the cold sterility of the bridge’s clean, pale surfaces […]

21 May 19

The sun is now peering through the window of my, “writing emporium.” I’m going to assume that another day is dawning, in our exciting lives. According to my calendar, that day is; the twenty-first of May 2019. The time, if it’s of interest to you is 7:16 AM EDT. I am now prepared to rack […]

21 May 19
Best Western

Vacations are always superb as it gives a much needed break from a boring hectic and monotonous routine particularly if travelling with family and friends.West Monroe is a beautiful city in north of Louisiana state known as a tourist destination. It offers numerous exploration options in form of number of sightseeing places, best cuisines and […]

20 May 19

“Hey, where have I seen that face before?” If you are watching any James Bond movie, you might see many familiar faces throughout the storied franchise. The casting directors have never been afraid to take on the continuity police. Here are some actors and actresses that you have seen a couple of times as different […]

20 May 19
The Spirits of Eden

This chapter contains violence, death and misogynistic violence and remarks. 14th of the Postill’s Dew, 2031 D.C.E Ayvarta, Solstice — Apsara “Homa, go after it! Full throttle!” “You don’t have to tell me–!” Homa was in the middle of pushing the throttle past the point where the lock on the compression chamber would be lifted. […]

20 May 19
The Jedha Journal

I have tried several lists that don’t include Luke over the course of my brief-ish tenure of playing Star Wars Legion, but somehow I always find myself just playing with both Luke and Leia. I have an upcoming Rallypoint Qualifier and I probably should be practicing what I anticipate to bring, but I have played […]

20 May 19
Stabroek News

Police yesterday shot and killed three suspected bandits in the Johanna, Black Bush Polder back-lands, who they believe are part of a gang responsible for a spate of robberies on the Corentyne over the past month. The trio killed yesterday afternoon have been identified to Stabroek News as Kelvin Shivgobin, also known as ‘Kelly’, 32, […]

20 May 19
What I Watched - TV With Theresa

What I Watched Today (rambling, random thoughts & annoyingly detailed recaps from real time TV watching)   Game of Thrones Since this is the final finale, I thought it was important enough to break my usual Sunday evening routine of just watching TV unless a Dead show was on. The aftermath of Dany’s destruction reminded […]

20 May 19
Latest Entertainment News | Top Celebrity News, Hollywood Headlines

Get ready to sing “Jenny’s Song” because “Game of Thrones” has officially come to an end. After eight glorious seasons, the HBO epic concluded on Sunday — and we finally found out who won Iron Throne. After last week’s shocking penultimate episode, in which Daenerys ignored King’s Landing’s surrender and instead lit the place up, it’s become clear she’s […]

20 May 19

In the series finale of Game of Thrones, we see the future of Westeros unfold before our eyes. **SPOILER WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Game of Thrones, Season 8, Episode 6.** With Cersei dead and King’s Landing burned to ash, the final episode of Game of Thrones opens with Tyrion taking in the destruction […]

19 May 19

Social media has become a catchphrase.  And the number of platforms available for it are almost uncountable.  Unrecognizable. But is it social?  No, it’s a way to avoid. Personally, I AM on Facebook.  And I hate it.  But it’s the only way some of the people I care about ever communicate anymore.  That makes me […]