Duck Commander

23 Mar 19
Gun User Reviews

  Duck Commander DCTH Teal Hen Duck Call Double Reed Plastic Brown – 94682 (DUCK COMMANDER). The Teal Hen Duck Call is part of the Specialty Series. Source: Duck Commander DCTH Teal Hen Duck Call Double Reed Plastic Brown

22 Mar 19
The Commentary Gazette®

Drive to Tanapag 1-2 July : With Death Valley cleared, Holland Smith was at last in a position to push his forces rapidly ahead and seal off the Japanese remaining in the northern neck of Saipan. On 1 July he established the next corps objective at a line (O-7) that cut across the base of […]

22 Mar 19
Zettai Renai!

Title: 猛獣使いと王子様 ~Flower & Snow~ Developer:  Otomate Release Date: 16th June 2015 Length: 20+ Hours Links: Official Site, VNDB.

21 Mar 19

Project Astral has researched the “No Grapes Theory” and will shed light on what’s the truth and what can’t be substantiated.  The “2Pac THE NO GRAPES THEORY DECODED” investigation explores Tupac’s death and the original No Grapes Theory.  We are forgoing the typical arguments that Death Row Records had Tupac murdered or the LAPD’s involvement […]

21 Mar 19
Good Grief Games

When I look at where we are and what is coming, I am very concerned. I am not saying that Magic or Modern are doomed; far from it. I am saying that, apart from Eldrazi Winter, I have always loved the Modern format and when I look at the horizon, I see that everything is about to change.

21 Mar 19

—-> Thesis of this news site: Americans are getting screwed by the mega-corporations and their wholly-owned subsidiary, the United States Federal Government. AND very few seem to care. Too Much Video Streaming To Choose From? It’s Only Going To Get Worse But the costs can add up. Brandon Smith, his wife and their two children […]

21 Mar 19
Chevrons and Diamonds

“The secretary of war desires we express his deepest regret that your son, Private First Class Gordon Stanley Cochrane, Jr. was killed in action on February [XX], 1945 in Holland.” It is a notification that no one is ever prepared to receive. When their children are sent to far off places to fight in brutal […]

21 Mar 19

Welcome to a new editorial analysis open to feedback and  debate called Malawi Explainer. Since the days of Malawi’s first president the late Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda, the Malawi Army sends a high ranking official called an aide de Camp (ADC) to act as a military confidential secretary on routine matters of the head […]

20 Mar 19

Since I’ve been denouncing Biden, let me spread my displeasure with the other Dem Candidates: Sanders & Booker. Dislike Bernie’s lack of Vim & Vigor. FRD had a more Robust Aura. Cannot think of a world leader who looks so much a poster for AARP. Then there’s Booker: Just outright weak and too damn Wild-eyed. […]

20 Mar 19
The Bolter Hole

Below is this week’s email newsletter. We send this out once a week with information about the happenings at The Bolter Hole. If you are interested in getting this weekly update (and qualifying for a random 30$ store credit monthly drawing) sign up for the newsletter here! Here goes! We have been extra busy this […]

19 Mar 19
Russia News Now

In the real world, it is important to remember what President John F. Kennedy said about America’s newly built Minuteman missiles: that they were his “ace in the hole” and prevented the Cuban missile crisis from ending in Armageddon. Pictured: An unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile launches during an operational test on August 2, […]

19 Mar 19

Authored by Peter Huessy via The Gatestone Institute,

The proposed policies, if adopted by the new leadership in the House, would certainly fracture whatever consensus exists today to modernize America’s strategic nuclear deterrent — and at a time …

17 Mar 19
Wes Clark Jr.

Trump threatened us with the military, police and motorcycle gangs this week. It would be “very bad,” if these Trump supporters had to “get tough.”  One presumes Trump is threatening us with this troika of toughness in case he is somehow removed from office via impeachment or election. I find it insulting that Trump believes […]

17 Mar 19
Let’s conduct a thought experiment. This is something like hypnosis, but don’t worry, nobody’s going to bark like a dog or quack like a duck. Ready? Concentrate your mind on this: Imagine that Hillary Clinton was elected president in 2016. No weeping, no screaming. Just concentrate. See her in the Oval Office. See her cabinet. See her policies. See her signing executive orders and new legislation. Now imagine that it’s March 2019 and the Wall Street Journal is reporting, “The job market doesn’t get much better than this.” And this: “Unemployment recently touched its lowest level in 49 years.” And this: “All sorts of people who have previously had trouble landing a job are now finding work.” And this: “The unemployment rate for high-school dropouts fell to 5% last year” while “median weekly wages for the group rose more than 6%.” How are you reacting to that news story? If you were a supporter of Clinton for president, you’re probably feeling great satisfaction. You may feel proud and happy that people who have struggled in the economy for a long time are finally catching a break and starting to move up. Now imagine, as the third year of Clinton’s presidency begins, that the nation’s long-lamented dependence on foreign oil finally ends. The Department of Energy projects that in 2020, the U.S. will export more energy than it imports for the first time since 1953. “That has important national security implications,” reports CNN, as the U.S. is “no longer as beholden to foreign oil as it once was.” Next, imagine that it actually is 1953, July 27 to be precise. An armistice agreement has stopped the fighting in the Korean War. It is not a peace treaty and the war doesn’t really end. Years later, North Korea will develop nuclear weapons and then test missiles with the potential to unleash Armageddon on the world. Return to the present day. How proud are you that Clinton’s administration has held unprecedented high-level talks with North Korea in an effort to denuclearize the peninsula and finally end the Korean War? And speaking of wars, how relieved do you feel as you read a news report from Reuters that the Islamic State faces “imminent defeat in its last populated territory in eastern Syria,” after it once “boasted of victories in taking over around a third of Syria and Iraq at its height in 2014.” If you were a supporter of Clinton for president, you will feel sleepy, sleepy – wait, sorry, that’s from the other hypnotist’s act – you will feel like shouting, “I told you so!” Because just as you hoped and expected, the former secretary of state has demonstrated her mastery of foreign policy and her skills as commander-in-chief, successfully confronting the Islamic State, a threat that once “summoned followers around the world to join a growing society,” and now is reduced to a “few remaining residents” of a “cold, besieged encampment.” Now, on the count of three, snap out of it. One. Two. Three. If any of that had happened, Hillary Clinton would have a Nobel Peace Prize and a half-finished statue on the National Mall. Here comes the part of the thought experiment that could make heads explode. Take appropriate precautions. All the quotations above are from real news stories, exactly as cited. Everything you just read is true, except the president was Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton. Consumer research firms sometimes conduct blind testing, in which the labels of products are concealed from the people who are asked to try them. The object is to get a true reading of what people really think of a product, whether it’s a detergent or a soft drink or a boxed wine. Blind tests strip away the effects of advertising, peer-group pressure and outside influence. Of course, we can’t put paper bags over the heads of our political leaders, although it’s something we should consider in California if they don’t stop embarrassing us in front of our friends in other states. In evaluating the record of an elected official, we can’t completely separate our preconceived ideas from the facts. Sometimes we don’t even have the facts, we only have the comments that we’ve heard other people make about the facts. [related_articles location=”left” show_article_date=”false” article_type=”automatic-primary-section”]So when Gallup asks Americans how they evaluate Donald Trump’s job performance, the numbers are a lumpy mixture of real information and popular perception. In Gallup’s latest poll, conducted February 12-28, Trump drew his lowest approval ratings on the issues of “The situation in Syria” (35 percent approve, 55 percent disapprove), “Corruption in government” (37-60), “Race relations” (38-59) and “Relations with Russia” (39-58). Trump’s highest approval ratings were on “The economy” (56-43), “Unemployment” (54-42), “The situation with North Korea” (51-45) and “National defense” (50-47). Next year, Americans will decide whether they want to stay the course or change direction. Even though the thought may drive some people to barking madness, peace and prosperity get presidents re-elected. It’s in the bag. Susan Shelley is an editorial writer and columnist for the Southern California News Group. Twitter: @Susan_Shelley.
16 Mar 19
The Frontier Post

Mathew Karnitsching If it seemed like the U.S.-German war of words couldn’t get any worse, think again. Tensions between Washington and Berlin broke wide open across a range of core security issues this week, from Chinese involvement in Germany’s 5G network to burden-sharing within NATO, suggesting that a rapprochement between the two capitals is unlikely […]