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26 May 19

Today, reply is on the attitude and spirit Christ will display in the Second Coming.

23 May 19
Hamilton Kollel

Hamilton Kollel Dvar Torah on Parshas Behar In this week’s Parsha, Parshas Behar, we encounter the laws of Shmita and Yovel. These laws are taught to Moshe, “בְּהַ֥ר סִינַ֖י…” – “at Har Sinai” (Vayikra 25:1). Rashi asks the following on these words: מָה עִנְיַן שְׁמִטָּה אֵצֶל הַר סִינַי? וַהֲלֹא כָל הַמִּצְוֹת נֶאֶמְרוּ מִסִּינַי? Why was […]

08 May 19

Today, the reply addresses blaspheming the Holy Spirit as a transgression of relationship with divinity that will never be forgiven or tolerated, rather than a transgression of sacred law that may be covered and dismissed.

31 Mar 19
Dag Gadol

This convening was scheduled to coincide with the International Transgender Day of Visibility, which falls on Sunday. In recognition of this fact, I would like to talk a little bit about the issue of visibility in Jewish tradition and in our own lives. Fundamentally visibility is about the possibility of being seen, a subject which […]

01 Feb 19

This week’s Alumni Dvar Torah is by Ezra Newman Parshat Mishpatim ends with a peculiar 11-verse story colloquially referred to as “Brit HaAganot.” In this story, Moshe is commanded to go up to God, while Aharon, Nadav, Avihu and the Elders bow from a distance. Moshe ascends, returns, and tells Bnei Yisrael “kol divrei Hashem,” […]

18 Jan 19

“HaShem said to Moshe, ‘Why do you cry out to me? Speak to the Children of Israel that they should travel’” – Why is it, when Moshe seems to be desperate for Gods help, that He tells Moshe that his prayers are not necessary? Rabbi Yisachar Shlomo Teichtal, who’s yahrtzeit was this week, in his […]

04 Jan 19

This week’s alumni Dvar Torah is by Tamar Yastrab The mythological stories of Egyptian gods controlling nature in fantastic ways certainly could inspire fear upon the ancient bourgeoisie of Egypt. Pharaoh, the sovereign of this olden country, indicated that he himself was a member of the elite class of gods. However, his divine power is […]

24 Dec 18
My Home: Maayan

Nathalie Tick, Mequon, Wisconsin   Shabbat Shalom and almost Chanukah! I’m going to share something that I learned from Rav Hochbaum this week about how Chanukah relates to this week’s parsha of Vayeishev. Chanukah, the holiday of light, takes place on the 25th of Kislev, and it just so happens that the 25th word of […]

30 Nov 18

A few days ago, Gail and I had the pleasure of worshiping at our renovated Beth Israel synagogue building in the style of a 1st cent. Palestinian synagogue. The transformation is stunning and, in my opinion, well done. Its new architectural layout, though new but really old, symbolizes “community” much better than the previous one. […]

25 Nov 18

Today I am a Man. More accurately, today I am a middle-aged man. At my bar mitzvah 40 years ago, I recited prepared words: the Torah reading, the Haftorah, and Musaf. My dvar Torah was written in its entirety by the assistant principal of WDS. Even the thank you’s. Don’t get me wrong – I […]

16 Nov 18

This week’s alumni Dvar Torah is by Davida Kollmar This week’s Parshah is the story of Yaakov’s sojourn in Charan, from beginning to end. It ends when Hashem tells Yaakov that it is time to return to Eretz Canaan. After receiving the assent of Rachel and Leah, Yaakov packs up his family and possessions and […]

16 Nov 18
Hamilton Kollel

Dvar Torah on Parshas Vayeitzei This week’s Parsha has a number of mentions of אַבָנִים – stones, and they play a major role in 3 distinct contexts. The first usage is when Yaakov arranges stones around his head before he lies down to go to sleep on Har Hamoriah. At first, the plural form – […]

26 Oct 18

This week’s alumni Dvar Torah is by Steve Gotlib The Akedah portrays a stark conflict between moral intuition and the direct, unquestionable word of God. Rav Soloveitchik commented that “God demands that man bring the supreme sacrifice, but the fashion in which the challenge is met is for man to determine” (Abraham’s Journey: Reflections on […]

15 Oct 18
gTorah | The Dvar Torah Service

Humans are the apex predator on Earth. We possess superior intelligence, which we communicate through speech in order to cooperate with other humans, giving us a considerable advantage in forming groups, as we can pool workloads and specializations. Speech is the tool through which we actualize our intelligence and self-awareness. Through speech, we have formed […]