17 Jul 19
market research reports

Increasing demand for motorcycles in rural areas in developing regions, rise in customer income level coupled with owning motorcycle considered as socials status in many regions, rise in demand for personal commuting vehicles are some of main driving factors for market growth. Increasing R&D by leading manufacturers for developing lightweight efficient wheels for enhancing performance is expected to provide market growth opportunity in forecast period.

23 Jun 19
Zero is taking their new SR/F electric motorcycle to the Pike’s Peak hill climbing race later this month. While the bike began life as a fairly stock SR/F, it has undergone some interesting modifications to morph into a full-blown racer. Zero SR/F at Pike’s Peak Hill Climb Zero has been preparing for their new SR/F electric streetfighter to take on Pike’s Peak with the help of a number of industry partners. Zero’s internal engineering team, along with several brand partners including Gates Carbon Drive, Showa, Pirelli Tires, SME Group, Dymag and Hotbodies Racing have made a number of modifications to the Zero SR/F headed up the mountain. The Showa suspension received an upgrade, swapping in the rare Balance Free Front Fork (BFF) and Balance Free Rear Cushion lite (BFRC-lite) rear shock. Dymag helped shave a few pounds off the SR/F with its forged aluminum wheels, and a few more pounds were saved by removing the on-board charger. And to keep those Dymag wheels firmly on the ground, traction will be provided by Pirelli Superbike Slick tires. The SR/F tackling the climb will also be sporting a rarely seen feature on a motorcycle: a second hand brake lever. Instead of a foot brake for the rear wheel, rider Cory West is getting a second brake lever on the left handle bar. That makes it easier to modulate rear braking, especially on sharp right hand turns where the rider’s toes are already inches from the pavement. It’s also another advantage that electric motorcycles can claim over gas-powered motorcycles, as the latter require a clutch lever on the left handlebar. However, despite the racing upgrades, the core bike is still not that far off from a stock Zero SR/F electric motorcycle. While most race bikes opt for a chain kit to replace the standard belt drive, Zero and Gates are betting that the Zero’s belt drive will handle the grueling climb. According to a statement from Zero: “The hope is that the smooth delivery of torque from the concentric pivot and constant tension belt will give the SR/F an advantage when pitted against gas bikes, which need to shift and respond to power pulses and surges from internal combustion engines.” It is worth noting that Zero Motorcycles does not have a dedicated Pike’s Peak race team or staff. Instead, their race efforts are completely supported by Zero employees who are dedicated to seeing their bikes compete and take home racing honors. Many of these team members are working on their own time to prepare Zero bikes for the track. According to Zero: “The racing effort for Pikes Pike at Zero is entirely run with internal engineering staff, who mostly commit their lunches, nights, and weekends to the cause. No dedicated team members or factory-level budgets here. The bike was built with the support of key suppliers to the Zero production line, plus some clever designs from an engineering team let loose to experiment.” Last month we got our first sneak peak at the livery on Cory West’s Zero SR/F. The competition will take place on June 30th. Make sure to check back with Electrek, where we’ll be bringing you news on how Zero performs on the mountain.
21 Jun 19
Robb Report

The custom, all-electric motorcycle is the result of a partnership with watch company TW Steel and the film Oil in the Blood.

25 May 19

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb always delivers the thrills, but this year an especially amazing bike will join Colorado’s ‘Race To The Clouds.’ It’s a heavily modified factory entry from Zero, with almost 70% more torque than a Ducati Panigale V4R superbike. The Pikes Peak Zero SR/F aims to set the fastest time in […]

16 May 19
The Egli-Vincent

For sale in Australia, one of the 12 very rare RTVs that were built at the end of the 1990s. Four were assembled at the factory during the time that RTV was operated, and eight–including this one–were built from scratch after bankruptcy with the remaining inventory. Based on the engine serial number (000-12E), this one […]

22 Mar 19

Post Sale Update: This Gamma sold for $23,100 after 13 bids on eBay. [x_line] One of the coolest motorcycles built in the 80s, the RG500 Gamma was a repli-racer inspired by Suzuki’s dominant Gamma, which won 7 consecutive manufacturer titles in the 500cc class.

18 Mar 19
Phase One Endurance

Following the Valencia ICGP race two weeks ago, the team are on the road to Spain again this weekend (22-24th March), for a 3-day test. The new XR69 framed bike is close to completion in its MK1 form and is ready for some track testing. The building of this bike started in November 2018 and is […]

12 Mar 19

Blacktrack Motors have got cafe racer design down to a fine art. Their first build was one of the sharpest Honda CX500 cafes we’ve ever featured, and they followed it up with a pixel perfect custom Thruxton. Now they’ve tackled their most ambitious project yet, the BT-03—a cafe racer based on the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob […]

10 Mar 19

There’s something for everyone this week. We’ve got a Bonneville beach cruiser, a pair of high-performance Triumph Speed Triples, and a Ducati Panigale covered in occult symbols. Plus a trio of electric bikes—an old Enfield that traveled the entire length of Britain, and two new concepts designed by Erik Buell. (Yes, he’s back.)

12 Feb 19

A week ago, Ducati’s lead designer told Digital Trends that “Electrification will change bike design more than it will change car design.” We’re not so sure of that. Motorcyclists are an inherently conservative bunch—especially older folks with the cash to splash on a new toy. We’d be happy if future electric motorcycles followed the lead […]

18 Dec 18
PMR - Pharmaceutical

Global Automobile Alloy Wheels Market Outlook Automobile Alloy Wheels Market accounted for USD 16.7 billion in 2016 and the market is expected to reach USD 24.8 billion by the end of 2024. Market Overview Automobiles plays an important role in our day to day life, primarily being a functional tool people still takes pride in […]

18 Dec 18
Nishant Blog

Motorcycle Wheels Market: Introduction A motorcycle is a two-wheeler vehicle, primarily driven by an internal combustion engine and built with a durable metallic and fiber frame, which is integrated with many mechanical and electronic components and the engine. One of the essential components is the wheel, which is made to cope with radial and axial […]