28 May 19

Above is a photo of my “compact” take on a Dynaco push pull circuit that I’ve suped up. It’s a triode only output mode push pull. But the advantage to having two dual triodes as output devices instead of two pentodes is clear: two tubes can be omitted from the design altogether, if each half […]

10 May 19

I am an audiophile. I have been one for a very long time, but let us not go there. What does mean to be an audiophile? I will tell you what it means to me. I love music and I enjoy listening to music, not as background music, but as an art form in which […]

01 May 19
wauwatosa tube factory

Having found an irresistible deal on a pair of Hammond 1620A output transformers ($35 each), I have started some preliminary research on suitable amplifiers to build around them. These transformers have a 6.6k primary and are rated for 20W. This is around the power and impedance used in classic amplifier topologies like the Mullard 5-20 […]

25 Apr 19
Best automatic sensor products

Toshi (Dynaco) provide complete and extensive range of High Performance Self Repairable and High Seal doors for all type of industries. #ToshiAutomatic #Dynaco #Speed #Doors #9711186186 http://www.toshiautomatic.com/product-details/doors-for-logistics/313.html

04 Apr 19
Baton Rouge Water Company

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01 Apr 19
Part-Time Audiophile

by Modest I. Predlozheniye Hello, my dear readers! Have you survived the winter? Back in my home near the Smelyy Mountains, I was suffering from a bit of cabin fever and I found my half-frozen mind wandering to sunny climes where I could dip my feet in the ocean without more of my toes turning […]

25 Feb 19

Read Here ” Its ability to resolve individual threads within a complex musical passage was highly evolved over that of most vintage tube designs. And it was able to latch onto transient decay down to what is an impressively low noise floor for a tube amplifier. Its spatial presentation and microdynamic conviction equaled or exceeded […]

13 Feb 19
wauwatosa tube factory

Here’s a sneak peak of the long-term push-pull project. The second monoblock is one cathode bypass capacitor away from being ready for playback. A bad tester tube took out the cap on one side during testing with a bang, but I’ll have replacements soon. Until then here’s the intro of the project write up. The […]

02 Feb 19
Best automatic sensor products

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21 Dec 18
Best automatic sensor products

TOSHI-DYNACO Specially Designed High Speed Doors for Metro Application (Metro Depot) #Masstransit #highspeeddoors #ToshiAutomaticSystems #9711186186 http://www.toshiautomatic.com/

11 Dec 18

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03 Nov 18
Part-Time Audiophile

Auris Audio (website) is a somewhat new addition to the rich high-end audio tradition of the central European country of Serbia. If that strikes you as odd, let me assure you that yes, they’ve got a robust market for high-end audio manufacturing there! There are some wonderful and well-established companies from that part of the world […]

26 Oct 18

My brother’s birthday was on the 11th. I always get him stuff he doesn’t use or isn’t that interested in, so this year I wanted him to have something unique, but something he’d use. So I looked at one of my amps, half working, and finished it after adding a pair of solid state HEXFRED […]

22 Oct 18

More “Ugly Betty” amplifiers! Above is my version of a Decware product. It’s not actually a clone- it runs hotter power rails, uses way more current, has a choke on the power supply, has a ground lift switch, and dissipates heat more evenly due to the resistor wattages chosen. Each driver also has it’s very […]

30 Sep 18
Baton Rouge Water Company

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26 Sep 18

Thanks for dropping by. Since I have been in the world of audio for many years, and got so many projects started -some never finished- I decided to share some of them that I have build and some that I would like to build. My thing is microphone preamplifiers. My audio journey started more than […]

09 Sep 18
Baton Rouge Water Company

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