E.a. Henson

12 Jun 19

In this edition of Heroes & Villains, E.A. Henson reviews Image Comics’ Sonata and looks at two big games coming out of E3.

09 Jun 19

Is Dark Phoenix better than X-Men: The Last Stand? By a country mile, for sure. Is it the best X-Men movie ever? Not even close!

29 May 19

Out this week is the very first Stranger Things prequel comic from Dark Horse and it has got its hooks into E.A Henson in the exact same way the show had.

22 May 19

In this week’s edition of Heroes & Villains, E.A. Henson runs down what in his reading list, and why he loves the books he does.

17 May 19

When the news came down at 9 p.m. Thursday night that Robert Pattinson could be the new Batman, E.A. Henson immediately had some thoughts.

15 May 19

In this week’s Heroes & Villains, E.A. Henson looks back at the daily adventures of the Amazing Spider-Man, which are collected in a new book from IDW.

01 May 19

In this week’s edition of Heroes & Villains, E.A Henson delves deep into Avengers: Endgame and gives his take on the record-breaking film.

24 Apr 19

E.A. Henson is totally ready for the greatest comics events in history in this week’s ‘Heroes and Villains.’ There’s also a bit about squirrel sex.

17 Apr 19

In this week’s Heroes & Villains, E.A. Henson looks at all the big announcements that came out of Star Wars Celebration this past week.

10 Apr 19

Young Animal, the Gerard Way curated imprint label of DC Comics is coming back this July and E.A. Henson is overjoyed at this news.

15 Mar 19

E.A. Henson goes in-depth with comic book legend Denny O’Neil in advance of his appearance this weekend at Toronto Comicon.

20 Feb 19

In the latest edition of Heroes and Villains, E.A. Henson looks at new books from Gail Simone and Magdalene Visaggio.

19 Jan 19

A literal Titan of the comic book industry has announced his retirement… George Pérez, one of the greatest to have every hoisted the pencil and pen.

16 Jan 19

Join Biff Bam Pop!’s E.A. Henson as he runs down a bunch of great movies celebrating their 10th, 20th, and 30th anniversaries this year!