19 Apr 19
Market Research Nest

Www.MarketResearchNest.com Announced that its published an Exclusive Report on “Global Flavoured Yogurt Powder Market Growth 2019-2024” Flavoured Yogurt Powder is a dehydrated yogurt that is used to add the distinct tart and tangy yogurt flavor to a variety of applications including smoothies, ice cream, frostings, whipped cream/toppings, icings, and more without adding moisture. It is […]

30 Jan 19
Can-Do Cook

Dairy is one of the harder things to prep. Its inherently perishable nature means that we have to be inventive with our prepping Milk Milk prepping comes down to two main options: powdered or UHT. I’ve opted for powder, for a couple of reasons Powdered takes up less space in my cupboard Powdered has a […]

25 Jan 19
Can-Do Cook

There are many ways to make a chilli – this is only a guide! I originally based the recipe off Jack Monroe‘s recipe who in turn based hers on a Gordon Ramsay recipe. This is just a Brexit edition, with added mince. Ingredients – serves about 6 3 tins of beans, thoroughly rinsed – I […]

24 Jan 19
Can-Do Cook

This filling lentil dish is filling and as cheap as chips – and vegan if you omit the yoghurt. It’s also full of protein – you’ll find 26g of protein in the lentils alone. Ingredients 100g red lentils Onions – fresh, frozen, tinned or dried and rehydrated, equivalent to one onion. 1 generous tsp ground […]

22 Jan 19
Can-Do Cook

This blog is aimed at those who have been putting some extra food away in case of a No Deal Brexit, but who need some inspiration for how to craft a pantry of tins, jars and packets, plus a few frozen ingredients, into a tasty meal, when you’re used to a nearby shop full of […]

20 Dec 18
Into The Clearing

Hi lovely people. Have you ever tried coconut yoghurt? Making your own coconut yoghurt is very simple. It’s more liquid than dairy yoghurt but it is absolutely delicious. Whether you are dairy intolerant or not, it makes an awesome (probiotic) snack or desert, especially with some berries mixed in.

28 Sep 18
Burning Desire for FIRE

There’s a chicken warehouse about a km away from my place, where I go to buy the chook necks for the dogs’ breakfasts. They have fantastic bulk deals in meat, so every holidays I go there and buy a bag or two of either breast, thighs or drumsticks and spend some time parcelling them up […]

27 Sep 18
Not Just Penguins - Our Life at 51° South

Last weekend was another very busy one! Our social lives have never been so busy as they are here. Conservation Ball Friday evening was the annual Falklands Conservation ball, which is a glitzy black tie affair in the Town Hall. After a stressful and competitive telephone booking system a few weeks ago, which reminded me […]

05 Sep 18

  I am a huge fan or yogurt and so are my children. It is a healthy alternative to ice cream and known to have billions of live cultures yet deliciously healthy, how can we (to be more specific i) not be a huge fan, right?     AND then i found EasiYo. I am […]

14 Aug 18

Get fresh – Homemade yogurt, like EasiYo, means you will only ever eat great tasting, fresh yogurt every time. Because you make it it yourself, we don’t need to use Watch The Worlds Most Sloppiest Gangbang Ever video on xHamster, the greatest sex tube site with tons of Gangbang Tube & Gangbang porn movies! Cytotec […]