12 Dec 18
Calgary Herald

The passing of George H.W. Bush has brought many deserved accolades and remembrances about a U.S. president and his place in history. While these are all poignant, beautiful and underline a time of dignity in the presidency, George H.W. Bush should also be remembered as a great No. 2. Much will be made of his […]

11 Dec 18
Payton Ebel

While I began listening to the podcast “Serial”, I felt quite intrigued. This was not a typical podcast focusing on gossip and sports, yet the music and audio at the opening created an assumption that this podcast would be centralizing its main topic around true-crime and drama. A podcast is an episode series of a […]

10 Dec 18
Nicole Ebel

Silence. Silence is the best option for some students. Silence is better than talking to someone about it and having to relive it. There are 28,510 students at the University of Kansas according to this chart from the University’s website. Over 59.8% of those students are female. According to an article from Rainn called Campus […]

09 Dec 18


09 Dec 18

Learn from our favourite French bloggers.

09 Dec 18
The Baseball Bat Reviews Blog

Alex Kirilloff grew up hitting baseballs. A lot of baseballs. His father owns an indoor hitting facility, and having been home-schooled for much of his life, the top prospect in the Minnesota Twins system not named Royce Lewis would often accompany dad to work. He didn’t sit around reading comic books while he was there. […]

07 Dec 18
The Ukiah Daily Journal
Elizabeth Raybee will be sharing an array of decorative refrigerator mosaics, which are the smallest works that she creates. (Rachel Ebel — for The Ukiah Daily Journal) The Art Center of Ukiah will be hosting a “Small Works” show to be featured at the First Friday Art Walk on Dec. 7. The Art Center of Ukiah is a nonprofit organization that is located within the Corner Gallery, which is a cooperative run by Mendocino County artists. This year marks their 10th anniversary. “Everything that we do is open to the public,” says artist Katie Gibbs. Each show generally has a theme that is open to interpretation, which allows for a broad range of submissions. For this show, pieces were limited to a maximum of 12 inches or less in each dimension, which makes them wonderfully sized for holiday gifts and priced to sell. Laura Fogg, Katie Gibbs and Elizabeth Raybee are a few of the centers’ earliest members who are involved with the show. Raybee will be sharing an array of decorative refrigerator mosaics, which are the smallest works that she creates. “When working on small things like this, glitter is the best grout there is,” smiles Raybee. Her pieces illustrate the spirit of Christmas, Hanukah, New Years, along with some other themes. Raybee is well-known for her colorful mosaics. “These are wonderful gifts to take home and put on your refrigerator to hold up your kiddo’s artwork.” The Art Center of Ukiah accepts the submissions of all new and returning artists. The fees are priced modestly, with hopes of engaging more people to take the risk of marketing their work. Gibbs, who helped organize the artwork on the walls, mentioned how they rarely reject pieces that are submitted. What they look for are reasonable amounts of art to be submitted per person for equality in participation. Elizabeth Raybee, Katie Gibbs and Laura Fogg are a few of the centers’ earliest members who are involved with the show. (Rachel Ebel — for The Ukiah Daily Journal) Fogg and Gibbs mention the experience of working with a newer artist and their submissions. “We really encouraged this new artist to take the dive and do it. They get to come to this First Friday event and watch people admire their work,” says Fogg. “This is the only place in town where you can do that if you have something you would like to show,” adds Gibbs. Spread out among the pieces are some miniature quilts created by Fogg. Her pieces reflect delicate observations of the season, carefully sewed to look like paintings. “The rosehips are what I’ve got in my backyard. The busted-apart pomegranate, that’s what my pomegranate tree looks like after the rain,” describes Fogg. Anyone can become a member of the Art Center of Ukiah by contributing a one-time annual fee. “The real reason for the Art Center of Ukiah is to help keep art alive and well, to keep it in people’s minds and to help support the work of others,” shares Fogg. She mentions how the center was able to apply for the Local Impact Grant, which made the downtown mural project on West Church Street possible. “If we have enough members it allows us to ask for grants. It shows that we have community support,” adds Gibbs. The vision and interest for more murals in the community have increased since the beginning of the current project. “Without the members and support we have, we never would have been able to get that mural going. That’s our prize,” concludes Fogg. The “Small Works” show will run throughout the month of December. The Art Center of Ukiah and Corner Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to  5 p.m. For more information about the Art Center of Ukiah and Corner Gallery, you can visit their website at http://www.cornergalleryukiah.com.
07 Dec 18

Related Articles Dengue type 1 viruses circulating in humans are highly infectious and poorly neutralized by human antibodies. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2018 Dec 05;: Authors: Raut R, Corbett KS, Tennekoon RN, Premawansa S, Wijewickrama A, Premawansa G, Mieczkowski P, Rückert C, Ebel GD, De Silva AD, de Silva AM Abstract The […]

07 Dec 18
Steel The Puck

EIHL Revolving Door Josh @EIHLFanNews This last few weeks of the season have felt like the off season with all the comings and goings happening at various different teams league wide. In just over a week there has been several personnel changes, this is a summary of who’s moved to/from where and why. It all […]

07 Dec 18
The Blog of Brotherhood - RedHawks Hockey

It took Cameron Schilling until after his 30th birthday, but the Winnipeg defenseman finally earned his first NHL point. First called up in 2012-13 with Washington, Schilling was playing in his 10th NHL game and his fourth with the Jets. Schilling picked up the secondary assist on a Nikolaj Ehlers goal early in the second […]

05 Dec 18
Sport Archyves

May 2017: Eintracht is close to the Bundesliga-Rück.Andhalb years later threatening the Regionalliga.How could this happen?     Braunschweig. "We look positively into the future!" Eintracht President Sebastian Ebel said exactly one year ago at the General Assembly of the Braunschweiger. The Lions were then under the table league second division and were only a few months […]

05 Dec 18


This is the point in the story at which I started to cringe. If you think that the logical next page from this sequence is the mandragora roots gang-raping the ginseng girl, you’d be right. And boy, the story really took a turn into a dark alley with that narrative twist.  But the ending is […]