28 May 19

  Mr Toad had finally managed to get Cecylia’s parcel labelled and paid for and was taking it to be picked up by parcel force, who would have been delivering it if it had been sent via the post office, but the post office would have charged four times as much as the private carrier […]

23 May 19

Another day, another concert. No cheese sandwich for Mr Toad to take to the Nothe today. Made cole slaw with half a white cabbage Cecylia had brought us and still more of her parsley. Put some of that in a tupper container with half the mini pork pies. Put as many crisps as would fit […]

23 Apr 19

Good Friday “Very impressive, the middle bedroom,” said Mr Toad (hope Joanna thinks the same), coming back downstairs, “but I can’t find the clippers.” “That’s because they’ll be where they were last time I trimmed your beard,” I said. Which was not in the middle bedroom. A moment’s thought and Mr Toad was off up […]

18 Apr 19

Made another nettle quiche before breakfast, less densely nettley than last time and a small quiche for Cecylia as she had sounded intrigued by the idea of nettle quiche when I mentioned it. Still two lemon possets remaining of the six I made (two gone to Oma and Gpa, I had one for lunch, Mr […]

27 Mar 19
The Secret Cleaner

Believe me when I say that the spray you use to clean your bathroom can be a very emotive subject. According to a survey I conducted with my Instagram followers, the top 5 bathroom cleaning products are: Flash Astonish CIF Method Viakal Other bathroom cleaners include OzKleen, Marks and Spencer, bleach and ecloth or squeegee […]

25 Mar 19

Having spent such a relaxed evening I found myself awake again in the small hours. Put the light on ‘dim’, picked up the Kindle and made it to the end of Lustrum. The trouble with the Kindle is that one can’t make a note on the flyleaf of a page number or even a mental […]

21 Mar 19
The Contrarian Mom

First Time Ever – Ecloth Overstock Sale Happening Now!!!   Up to 75% off Ecloths FREE shipping on orders over $20 Click Here to see everything that is included in the Ecloth Overstock Sale. Shop Ecloth Overstock Event Here   Real quick, this is one of our newest products.  Have you tried the Fresh Mesh set […]

20 Feb 19
The Secret Cleaner

Most people have a stash of microfibre cloths under their kitchen sink. They can be used for all kinds of jobs in the home: dusting, polishing, cleaning, soaking up spills. Those of us who have been using them for a while know that they clean and shine really well. Several brands of microfibre cloth remove […]

12 Feb 19
The Secret Cleaner

Have you taken a good look at your bathroom recently? Notice just how much single use plastic there is? I did and I decided to do something about it. 1. Bottles Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, styling gel, the list goes on. Yes, these can be recycled, but do I need them in the dirst place? […]

11 Feb 19
The Contrarian Mom

My Ecloth Review (After Nine Years, Six Kids, 1 Husband, Four Homes, And Thousands Of Messes) I’ve been using the Ecloth for nine years now. Over the course of that nine years, my six beautiful angels and one beautiful husband have afforded me the ultimate Ecloth review testing ground.  I’ve cleaned up literally every possible […]

04 Feb 19
The Secret Cleaner

Would you clean your dishes with only water?

30 Jan 19
Cooking Nations

Hey y’all! Welcome to our channel. We are a large, loud and Jesus loving family from the rural Midwest. It is a busy, challenging and sometimes chaotic life managing a larger than normal family but is ultimately one of God’s greatest blessings that I am immensely grateful for! In no way have I “arrived” or […]

19 Jan 19

Packed the veal, maccheroni and sour cream into the backpack, along with the remains of that pumpkin and tomato soup.  I’d had it twice, remainder (possible second helpings) to go into the sour cream for the sauce instead of the ‘can of tomato sauce’ specified by the recipe.  Can of tomato sauce?  Sauce not soup.  […]

09 Jan 19
Her House

We all know and frequently complain that we simply JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME IT TAKES TO CLEAN. And its true. To a certain extent. Our lives are so so busy, we are always on the go, and especially us moms, are the wearers of TOO many hats. But cleaning doesn’t necessarily have to occupy […]

20 Dec 18
The Contrarian Mom

Norwex vs Ecloth  – Does Norwex Really Work? Everyone wants to know if Norwex and Ecloth really performs the same and if they really work better than chemicals.  The other thing we all want to know, “Why is Ecloth 1/2 the price of Norwex?!”  AND “Does that mean Ecloths don’t work as well as Norwex?” […]

12 Dec 18
The Contrarian Mom

Acne Is No Fun – How To Get Rid Of Acne Is A Great Question By the time I was 24, my face was covered in acne and acne scars.  Over the last 15 yrs and 6 pregnancies… my acne has come and gone multiple times. It’s always been a mystery as to why I had […]