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08 Mar 19
Gladius Venatus

  IT work environments As we all know the IT work environment can vary massive from one company to another or even from one department to another. The environment is always depending on how well (or poorly) the project is going. The environments can also differ depending on what part of the industry there are […]

08 Mar 19
Technology Arena

[ad_1] What is the HP Omen X? Outlandish gaming systems usually come from boutique manufacturers rather than global brands like HP, so I was surprised when the Omen X turned up. And then my surprise turned to shock when I heaved this beast from its box. The Omen X is a galvanised steel cube that […]

03 Mar 19
technology last news

the U.S. department of justice vehemently antagonistic the appeal for a new trial through the first grownup charged, bedevilled and bedevilled below the Dodd-aboveboard bank street reform and consumer insurance policy Act’s prohibition against bluffing. according to the government, the defendant’s new proof purportedly assisting a retrial could have been received earlier than his balloon’s […]

28 Jan 19
moto infos

via MOTO A2 motos A2 2018 Motos permis A2 Aprilia Modèles neufs : Shiver 750 Shiver 900 Dorsoduro 900 Dorsoduro 750 Modèles anciens :  Aprilia 650 Pegaso (Trail/Enduro) Aprilia Mana 850 Motos permis A2 Aprilia Shiver 750 Motos permis A2 Benelli BN 251 BN 302 BN 302 R TRK 502 Benelli 402 S Benelli Imperiale 400 […]

25 Jan 19
Star Citizen Players

Australia Day Gladius Free-Fly: via RSI Comm-Link Australia Day Gladius Free-Fly Celebrate the founding of Australia (and domination of the Vanduul) The Gladius Valiant was created by Aegis in conjunction with Electronic Access’ flight sim Arena Commander. As the premier example of the ‘Masters of Flight’ series, the Valiant’s custom green and gold livery stands […]

22 Jan 19

The Fryan Society

CHAPTER THE FOURTH ROSICRUCIANISM IN STRANGE SYMBOLS IN the following part of our book we supply, in a series of figures, the succession of changes to which the most ancient head-covering–in itself a significant hieroglyph–the Phrygian cap, the classic Mithraic cap, the sacrificial cap, or bonnet conique, all deducing from a common symbolical ancestor, became […]

09 Jan 19

Join Nate, Troy and Joshua, as they bring you all the important information on all of your favorite 4X and strategy games! This week they talk about At the Gates, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Galactic Civilizations 3, Endless Legend, Endless Space 2, Alliance of the Sacred Suns, The First Men and much much more. As well as […]

07 Jan 19
Delfeir vs. the Backlog

For the games I liked from the first half, here’s a link to the post. Assuming you don’t want to scroll down a screen’s length, anyway. Don’t say I don’t look out for you~ Just as I am somehow delivering another (hopefully) great post within a week of the last one, so too did it […]

31 Dec 18

For the regulars, who stopped by the warren blog this December, may noticed the lack of recent December posts. Even gaming was curtailed for bad weather one weekend here in So. California, and except for two Flames of War games, the month’s time was totally absorbed by the Project. The Project (Roman) was continuance of […]

30 Dec 18
Bradford LifeStyles

Gladius Thrower with Sheath