El Paso Saddlery

29 May 19
Carol’s Travels with Trigger and John

Huevos Rancheros, Gunbelts and the Texas Archaeologist Association… Up and over to Pecos for our traditional  breakfast-in-this-area huevos rancheros at our hole in the wall Panaderia Diana. As always OMG delicious,  although we are divided on whose are better, P. Diana or Presciliano’s in Cuba NM. I’m holding out for Presciliano’s… (Besides the huevos you […]

07 Apr 19
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Geography The Southwestern United States is composed of only 4 states, listed with their capitals:  Austin, Texas Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Santa Fe, New Mexico Phoenix, Arizona Cities The top 5 cities in The Southwestern United States are:  1.    Phoenix, Arizona 2.    El Paso, Texas     3.    Albuquerque, New Mexico     4.    Tucson, Arizona     5.    Mesa, Arizona Climate This region is known for […]

04 Mar 19

The Real Life of Texas Folk By Gene Fowler  “It’s practically died off,” said rawhide braider Travis “Rowdy” Pate, at the Texas Folklife Festival in San Antonio circa 1985, when asked if his art form still flourished in the South Texas brush country around his native Pearsall. “Nobody learned it.”  In the same interview, —practically in the same breath, however—Rowdy allowed, “I […]

12 Feb 19
Antique American Firearms

Leather Saddle Scabbard for Winchester Carbine by “El Paso Saddlery Co. El Paso Tex.” STOCK NUMBER: 6163 PRICE Leather Saddle Scabbard for Winchester Carbine by “El Paso Saddlery Co. El Paso Tex.” HOME PAGE COLT SMITH & WESSON REMINGTON WINCHESTER OTHER AMERICAN MANUFACTURERS SWORDS & BOWIE KNIVES ENGLISH & EUROPEAN ACCESSORIES REFERENCE BOOKS MISCELLANIA SALES […]

06 May 18
The Well Armed Attorney

The morning dawned bright and dry today here in Dallas. The Exhibit Hall opened at 9 am today, and I spent most of the day wandering around it looking at all the various offerings.  Some of them were quite novel, and some were overpriced.  But by and large it was a very good day. One […]