10 May 19
Tourmaline .

Quite some time ago, I published this info on this site, but I’ve since reformatted for readability and published again. This post and my history of toy photography post will both be making their way into a whole new deep dive soon. I hope you’ll find it useful. Miniatures have taken the world by storm. […]

11 Apr 19
Warhorse Miniatures

After spending two days going to the different hotel rooms for the room trading I was exhausted. If you didn’t read about that you can read it now with the first part of the review over here The Midwest Toy Soldier Show 2019 Review Part 1 ~ Room Trading. I went to sleep around 11pm. […]

21 Mar 19
World War 2 in Photos

This is a follow-up to my three posts on the German service uniform, as worn by soldiers of the Heer, where I will show some features that can help identify and date particular uniforms, as well as explain some special uniform items. In this photo, no less than four variations of the Heeres Dienstanzug Modell […]

26 Nov 18
Warhorse Miniatures

Today I went to the Greater York Toy Show for the first time. Located in York, Pennsylvania. I heard about the show before but have never been able to attend because it takes place the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am usually busy or too tired to make the trip there. I heard that there were […]

01 Oct 18
Warhorse Miniatures

Earlier this year I did an interview with Nino Serra the owner of Petite Guerre. Toy Soldier Review & Interview ~ Petite Guerre Toy Soldiers & Nino Serra  If you’re a fan of Barzso Playset you will also like Petite Guerre. His resin figures mix very well with Barzso figures. Nino sent me a message about […]

30 Jul 18
Warhorse Miniatures

Here is another blog post on the hobby of toy soldiers. Here are a few pictures of some of the figures that I am going to talk about. I usually try to visit flea markets, yard sales and antique stores in the late spring, summer and fall seasons. Most of the time I don’t find […]