16 Dec 18
Top Band Chordal Hopper

2018: I started out proclaiming it was “The Year of Karma” – but Bouvet has stolen that thunder . . . I started the year proclaiming that 2018 would be a “Year of Karma”. Sure, I work for Credit Karma – and while it turned out to be an “Unintended Double Entendre”, my point was […]

12 Dec 18
Siso HK3W Amateur HamRadio "100% DX"

*Router 9.2.0* – MK/CK/DK 5.4, MK2 6.16, DK2 3.9, MK3 2.3, MK2R/MK2R+ 7.14, U2R 3.5, SM 2.36, SMD 1.31 uLINK modules: DATA 1.24, REL 1.19, ROTA 1.11 – MKIII – updated manual for macOS and Linux settings – MKIII – now supported by RumLogNG on macOS (TNX Tom, DL2RUM) – MKIII – now supported by […]

11 Dec 18

So far, I’ve described the building blocks of a typical superhetrodyne communications receiver, which is the back bone of a complete transceiver.  I’ve left out the frequency generating portion, that is the oscillators.  A single conversion rig has two oscillators, a variable frequency oscillator that sits behind the tuning knob, and a fixed frequency oscillator that […]

10 Dec 18

I’ve been accumulating all sorts of parts in my junk box over a span of  nearly a half a century.  Some of this stuff was removed from war surplus electronics obtained from ham flea markets, and mail order surplus houses.   Included are components from ARC-5 command sets, and other famous military radios, things like variable […]

09 Dec 18

WWFF Christmas Island National Park (Commonwealth) (VKFF-0098) Christmas Island is an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, lying south of Java, Indonesia. My wife has wanted to see the crabs for a while now we booked 7 days from 30th November 2018 (30/11 to 7/12) timed to see the red crab migration. The crab migration […]

09 Dec 18
VK1VIC / VK2VIC Amateur Radio Blog

Well the plan was to struggle up VK2/ST-034 Mt Gillamatong but the lovely wife said that with the hot weather and my current fitness level it might not be a good idea.  Taking her advice it was decided to look for something a little easier.  So even though having activated Mt Ainslie before it would […]

02 Dec 18

This blog has been a bit quiet since returning from South America as stuff has happened; the largest part being the health of my father (Neil) who as well as suffering from Dementia, had a serious fall resulting in permanent brain damage. That said, life goes on… (By the way, our Patagonian Expedition continues January 2019!) […]

24 Nov 18
The Wakes I Leave...

A QRP contact with a VE station from CX-land is always a special pleasure for CX7RT. More so given current limitations in HF wave propagation. After trying for several VE stations calling CQ in the WSJT-X FT8 waterfall, a QSO was readily completed with Brian VE1JBC in Tusket, NS. John has also since confirmed the […]

18 Nov 18
Most Casual Observer

My most popular blog post has 7408 views in the 3+ years since I posted it. It mentions three things and I just saw those three things listed on Amazon under “Frequently bought together” when I visted the page for one of them. These are not especially similar items and there are plenty of alternatives […]

17 Nov 18
Nashua Area Radio Society

The FT8 digital mode that Joe, K1JT, and company rolled out a little over a year ago has become a game changer in ham radio. The mode is a modification of the JT9 & JT65 weak-signal modes that have been around for nearly ten years, an eternity in the digital world. These modes, while great […]

16 Nov 18
The Wakes I Leave...

This problem occurred without any warning or further instructions, so I am posting this just in case this happens to anyone else. For a while I have been operating QRP with an Elecraft KX3 interfaced to a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) via a USB Signalink. The MacBook Pro is running macOS High Sierra […]

13 Nov 18
Paul Gacek

Location: The Study in Laguna Beach, California Contest: Japanese International DX Contest, ~2 hours over November 10/11, 2018 Contest Software Used: N1MM Portable operation: No Radio: Elecraft K3S  operating at 25-500 watts Antenna: Cushcraft R6000 vertical 20m-10m Bands used: 20m and 17m Modes used: FT8 and SSB Hike:  None….I sat for few hours each afternoon spread out over Thursday thru Saturday Solo operation: Just me […]

11 Nov 18

After weeks of poor weather in Queensland, Saturday 10th November dawned bright, sunny and hot. This would be the perfect day to head for the hills and make a DMR contact, in simplex, on Talk Group 99 in Time Slot 1. At first, my plan was to climb to the summit of Mt Beerwah (VK4/SE-057) […]

05 Nov 18

I received a query from a reader yesterday regarding tuning up an antenna using the internal ATU in his Elecraft KX2 if it were connected up to the miniHFPA2 amplifier. The reason he wanted to know about this was because he was considering ordering one for use with his Elecraft KX2. He wanted to know […]

04 Nov 18
Paul Gacek

Location: Man Cave in Berwick-upon-Tweed Contest: Ukrainian DX Contest, 24 hours over November 3/4, 2018 Contest Software Used: N1MM Portable operation: No Radio: Yaesu 857D  operating at 100 watts SSB Antenna: Cirro Mazzoni Baby Loop Bands used: 40m and 20m Hike:  None….I sat for ~4 hours spread out over Saturday and Sunday Solo operation: Just me operating as M0SNA Recommend: Not really Photos: Copyright Paul Gacek 2018 No one […]

03 Nov 18
Paul Gacek

Location: Man Cave in Berwick-upon-Tweed Contest: CQ Worldwide SSB, 48 hours over October 27 and 28, 2018 Contest Software Used: N1MM Portable operation: No Radio: Elecraft KX3, PX3 Panadapter and Hardrock 50  operating at 50 watts SSB Antenna: Cirro Mazzoni Baby Loop Bands used: 40m, 20m, 15m Hike:  None….I sat for ~16 hours (it was fun!) spread out over Saturday and Sunday Solo operation: Just me operating as […]