25 Jun 19
The Captain's Speech

Last week on Viewing Notes, we had a recap to recap the recap which recapped a series a of events that didn’t need recapping. This week, we’re going to bungee jump right into the action. I already regret my choice of words. I’m joined again by Cass because neither of us can stop watching this dumpster fire […]

24 Jun 19
My Return Ticket

Wow. I mean just W.O.W… so we had been in San Diego & Los Angeles for about 6 days & were heading home. We were to leave from LAX. A pretty big, busy place, right? First of all, the bus driver nearly drove past our terminal. She caught herself just in time & off we […]

24 Jun 19

BlitzWho, oh how I love thee!  This stored procedure is, by far, my favorite way of figuring out who is doing what on my servers (so that I can ask why). I recently needed a little bit more out of it, though.  I was working with a vendor who needed to understand degraded performance in […]

23 Jun 19

No, seriously. Stop chirping Connor McDavid about his fashion choices. Yes, he wore a suit to the NHL Awards and looked like he used a skate lace as a belt and tied it with a big floppy bow. And yes, his skinny tie looks like it may, in fact, be a belt. It quickly went […]

23 Jun 19
The Crawdad Hole

A Trump official tried to argue that detained children don’t need soap, toothbrushes, or beds to be ‘safe and sanitary’ while in Border Patrol custody pic.twitter.com/uLntJOEdx3 — NowThis (@nowthisnews) June 22, 2019 The Democrat flying monkeys set their dudgeons to “high” when they saw this tweet. They dialed their outrage up to eleventy. The light […]

23 Jun 19
2020 Vision

It helps to win Iowa. It’s great to win New Hampshire. Winning South Carolina is often decisive. You know what’s an absolute must? Winning your home state. Since the modern primary system began in 1972, no candidate lost their home state and then won the nomination. It’s a bad sign if it’s even close. In […]

21 Jun 19
Karen’s blog

Kalimera! (good morning) The Greek is going really well. Woke up to find that my seven bites had turned into mountainous lumps. Anyone who reacts to mosquito bites will feel my pain. It’s not so much the unbearable itching and tightness of the skin as the way your body morphs into something from another planet. […]

21 Jun 19
A Peony For My Thoughts

This is the bit I hate. When people do the head tilt and say ‘I’m sorry.’ Both of us feeling inadequate because we have no language for grief any more. In a way, I’m glad I’ve changed jobs. I now sit in an office with ten people, instead of over a hundred. I don’t think […]

20 Jun 19
Local Pros

Donald Trump was having one of his lonely and friendless nights last night. (They happen every night, and they tend to follow lonely and friendless afternoons and lonely and friendless mornings.) So he decided to reach out and touch somebody, and that somebody was Sean Hannity, whose show Trump called in to and rambled at […]

19 Jun 19
Sweary Parent Chronicles

Several years ago, I went to O’Noir on a field trip with Child. I realized, when I was in complete darkness, being served my dinner by a vision impaired waiter, that a smile and a nod is insufficient communication. But this week, when I’m limited in other ways to communicate, I’ve been thinking about the […]

17 Jun 19
Russia News Now

Between one hundred billion and one hundred and sixty billion dollars. That’s a lot of moolah. Taking the lower number, that’s a line of thousand dollar bills half way to the Moon. Personal yacht? Buy the latest Princess cruise ship, staff it, have it all to yourself forever and still have 99 billion or so […]

17 Jun 19

Fendi, Versace, Marni, Etro and Zegna were among the collections that stood out for retailers.