16 Feb 19
Run for the Eat

If you just want the race review, scroll through the next few paragraphs….. Hello Again! First things first, it has been a while. The blog has, by consequence of some of the stuff that happened last year, kind of gone into hibernation. It wasn’t intentional, I have things to say, but haven’t been in the […]

15 Feb 19
Josh Across the Universe

So my tax return arrived on Wednesday. Then I waved goodbye to it on Thursday. Like you do. I originally hoped to earmark the money for another cruise for my birthday but for now that idea is on hold. It’s likely still gonna happen but I had to send money on another adventure for the […]

15 Feb 19
Me Have Blog

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

15 Feb 19

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day worldwide (14 February). バレンタインデー, ヴァレンタインデー “barentaindeー”, “varentaindeー” Valentine’s Day I remember when I lived in Japan I got a lot of Valentine’s Day chocolate – not because I had eleventy trillion girlfriends, but because the custom is somewhat different over there. The following might make it a bit clearer: 本命チョコ (ほんめいチョコ) […]

14 Feb 19
The Musings of a Cynical Bard

Why a dozen roses? A poem.

13 Feb 19

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13 Feb 19
Wandering Cat Studio

It’s been a week of quilty things, but as promised, I’ve come up with a new Leader and Ender project. Actually I’ve had this one in mind for a while – Mom is making one, and when I saw her first few squares, I was absolutely smitten. The end result will look something like this […]

12 Feb 19

I built a new little site! It’s a site for listing upcoming conferences in the world of front-end web design and development. In years past (like 2017), Sarah Drasner took up this daunting job. We used a form for new conference submissions, but it was still a rather manual task of basically manually editing a […]

12 Feb 19
The Wisdom in Wobbling

Today I went to work. I had a funny turn, an episode if you like… I still don’t really know what it was. I just know I didn’t feel right. People noticed and asked me if I was OK?! I just said ‘no’ because I wasn’t but I couldn’t say why. It was as though […]

12 Feb 19
Life on Shuffle

Isn’t anxiety weird? It’s like your brain suddenly decides, “whoa, look at the time! I was supposed to be freaking out over nothing like ten minutes ago! Better get crackin!” Next thing you know you’ve got that sorta heavy feeling on your shoulders, that slight tightness in your chest, and then as soon as you […]

12 Feb 19
Dawn Of The Dee

Here it is – John Carpenter’s 1978 masterpiece and one of the original slasher movies. The opening credits are a long slow zoom onto a craply carved pumpkin’s eye with the plinky plonky theme tune rattling away – da da da di di da da da, da da da…..still gives me a chill though. A […]

11 Feb 19
writers co-op

Why do you write? Or, edit or publish? I’ve never met any who say, “Oh, it’s a job. Just trying to make a buck.” Thanks to self-publishing, the traditional gatekeepers are gone and more people are making money in the writing business now than ever before. Anyone who wants to be a writer, editor or […]