15 Apr 19
Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine

Walking in to photograph portraits at the Explorers Club Annual Dinner, a culinary gathering of the top scientific talent around the world, wasn’t anything new to Felix Kunze. He’s been doing it for the last five years. But with 2019 being the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, this year was indeed special. It […]

15 Apr 19
Bon Bon Lifestyle Webazine

Hensel Foris Output: 400 W/s Recycling Times: TBD Battery Life: TBD Weight: TBD Special Features: The forthcoming Foris will feature Hybrid Power Technology enabling the flash to operate on either battery or AC power. When plugged into AC power, you’ll get faster recycling times and the ability to keep the 40W LED modeling light on. […]

09 Apr 19
Emily Hutchinson PJD Blog

ISO 100, 1/80, f/8, 28mm My final studio shoot couldn’t have been more relaxed, enjoyable or successful (obviously, aspects can always be improved, but I came away very pleased with the results). I took a total of 719 images that I was immediately able to reduce to 170 by picking the best of any repeat shots – of […]

08 Apr 19
Ryan Trower

As I had researched before, food shoots are most effective with a great deal of natural light, which, in the studios, cannot be properly replicated. I have decided to book a set of Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 1000 flash heads, of which one will be placed in an octolight, and another likely in a strip light […]

08 Apr 19
Ben Scott Photography

Welcome to the world camera geekdom, we all know those conversations when a group of photographers gather to compare their gear, “oh I have a Nikon” followed by the guy with a t-shirt of a woman holding a camera “oh a NIKON, I have a Canon” followed by a in depth conversation about whos camera […]

06 Apr 19

Although is difficult to achieve right on focus with the 90mm lens on a rangefinder it can deliver extremely sharp results with some care. Take a look at these samples, I used Elinchrom gear and some other non branded strobes.

30 Mar 19

If your mind keeps asking you about trying product photography and you still haven’t, let me help you! A lot of time is spent in preparing for the shoot, meaning you have to visualize a concept, make a list and start from here. Camera Background and table Lights and modifiers Concept and Pre-Viz (pre production) […]

27 Mar 19

Elinchrom D-LIte 4 To Go Set Multi Voltage 2x 400ws Heads Free USA Ship New NOS – Buy – Elinchrom D-LIte 4 To Go Set Multi Voltage 2x 400ws Heads Free USA Ship New NOS

25 Mar 19
Lucy's Blog

I am a huge fan of Gabby Laurent and Thom Atkinson’s photography works. Therefore I contacted both of these photographers separately to ask them a few questions as I am now approaching graduation and the ‘real world’ of photography. I wanted to get an idea from fellow photographers on how you get paid work, the […]

25 Mar 19
Lisa Castle Photographer

My intentions for this shoot were to strip back the surroundings and background of the photograph and focusing purely on the model and clothing however i wanted to try and make it fun and adventurous. For this shoot i hired out the Elinchrom Quadra kit – 8 lighting and set it up in the building […]

23 Mar 19

Not that long ago I was lucky enough to get my hands on a reasonably priced, mint condition, second hand Nikon 85 f/1,4. A lens I had been lurking at ever since I started shooting portraits but never bought due to it’s price tag. With this gem now in my bag, I couldn’t wait to […]

20 Mar 19

Over the last few days I have been sending emails and filling in forms for a ‘Non Term Time Project Request Form’. The reason being is because over the easter break I will need to use two items of equipment that I do not currently have at home from CLR. One is a light meter […]

09 Mar 19

Test 1: Camera Flash Metre QP Card Large Octa Soft box 1200 Elinchrom Polly Boards Test 2: Camera Flash Metre QP Card Rectangle Medium Sized Soft Box 500 Elinchrom Test 3: Camera Flash Metre QP Card Silver/White Umbrella 500 Profoto Polly Boards Small Square Soft Box

08 Mar 19
Olivia Fry

I had originally wanted to use Elinchrom ranger lights for the web banner images as I originally thought that the web banners were greater in length than width, being more suitable for portrait shots, however a landscape shot is required to fill an image within the thin web banner frame. This made me change my […]