23 May 19
Ice Hockey News Australia

The Australian Ice Hockey League have released the roster for Team North ahead of the 2019 AIHL All-Star Weekend on 14 and 15 June. Roster – Sammy Banga (Newcastle Northstars) – Ellesse Carini (Sydney Ice Dogs) – Matt Climie (CBR Brave) – Paul Crowder (Sydney Ice Dogs) – Tim Crowder (Sydney Ice Dogs) – Hayden […]

22 May 19
The Colors of Tennis

In 1984 Wilson introduced the ProStaff Original 6.0.  The racquet had some major technological advances…

21 May 19

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Tom McKenzie is a Copenhagen-based photographer and filmmaker who mainly works in the music industry, shooting album art and directing music videos for a wide range of artists. For this independent editorial, he teamed up with the London-based stylist Anne Lauritzen to shoot the talented Danish singer-songwriter Maximillian. Fashion by Martin Asbjørn, […]

21 May 19

#Campaign – Pastel patterns and neon prints – ellesse revives the surf style of the 90s in Q2! The ellesse Heritage Collection for summer 2019 features a wide selection of swimwear, shorts and vests – perfect for beach trips or extended pool sessions. The inspiration behind the pastel colours and vibrant graphics is the eclectic […]

20 May 19
Her Gaze

This week was shoot week for the editorial team, which meant we had to finalise everything we needed in order to be ready. Ellesse kindly gave us clothes to shoot for our collaboration, which unfortunately weren’t the nicest looking pieces. However, Kiran made it work who was the head stylist of the shoot. I felt […]

20 May 19

Week 5 of this project marks passing the halfway point of this unit. Due to this, how the remaining time is spent is very crucial to the success of PXL LDN. On Tuesday, I started filling out the risk assessment to book a room for our planned shoot on Saturday. On the afternoon, myself, Christina, […]

20 May 19
Interactive Assessment

User interface design pattern are solutions to solving a common problems. This is usually applied to a variety of instances where designers have to adapt UI designs based on the context of use of the problem. Websites and App UI are often mistakenly thought of the visual of the final product. However, UI are more […]

19 May 19

Three weeks left!!! Time flies when you’re having fun and I am ready for summer… This week as been a bit “flat” to be honest and I don’t have pretty much to share… We have finally finished the “Save the Date” gif so now we just need to be strategic and send it to our […]

18 May 19

!!! Today we had the ELLESSE X YOGA shoot I’m glad it’s over as for every round up I’ve said the same thing about us working on this shoot. I feel slightly anxious to see the final edited pics altogether, and I’ve only ever felt properly anxious twice in my life – when I was […]

17 May 19
Jennifer Otieno

Calvin is making the graphics for our save the date. Over the weekend he sent over drafts of it, which then was passed onto the team leaders and were giving notes. Having thought about it now we probably don’t want to include ellesse in it as much as we have since they don’t want to […]

17 May 19

Wag1 Ellesse sent us clothes !!!! Even tho they don’t really want much to do with us !!!! Confusion ! Yeah Ell*sse told us that we can’t tag them or use their hashtag online which is mad because if anything we’re doing them a favour, but that’s none of my business My motivation was so […]

17 May 19
Elsen English E-Kurs 7

by Sina and Valentina This is the fashion magazine about modern fashion 2019. Popular shoes in the year 2019 are the airmax97 with the prize 180€ and other modern nike shoes are the nikeairmax270 for 180€ too. It’s much money, but the shoes are very cool. Nike airforce between 70 and 100€ are very cool. […]

16 May 19

It’s formative week which means that we’re halfway through the pixel project and only 4 weeks away from the much anticipated pixel event. Everyday the project moves forward massively and in no time the event will be here and the project will be finished! For me, I’ve loved being involved in planning for our big […]

15 May 19

Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, I was unable to attend the team meetings this week. However, I made sure to keep in communication with my peers to keep up to date and be aware of what is happening as well as work from home. This week was the week we started on the research […]

15 May 19

Sooo today (Tuesday) has been a hella busy day I showed Chantelle the save the date poster and she said to me that she doesn’t like it – too much Ellesse and too boring. Tbh I lowkey agreed with her and I wanted to explore out the box and create something I’ve never really done […]

15 May 19
Fashion & Lifestyle Journalism Blog.

On Thursday I decided to curate a photo shoot alone in order to get some much-needed content out to the website team, in order to be on the Instagram and website. I originally wanted to curate a photoshoot that was inspired by the brilliant tennis clothing Ellesse has made. Here is the mood board for […]

14 May 19
Chloe Cambray

This week we visited Ellesse and lets be real I left along with everyone else feeling deflated. The class put together a bomb ass presentation of our plans with Pixel x Ellesse for them to sit there .. bored? Whether it be bored or shocked the look on their faces was not what I expected. […]