15 Dec 18

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

22 Nov 18
Luqman Afif 77 Network

Acer merupakan sebuah merek lima besar komputer pribadi dunia. Produk Acer antara lain adalah desktop, notebook, server, penyimpanan data, layar, peripheral, dan solusi e-bisnis untuk bisnis, pemerintah, pendidikan dan pengguna pribadi. Pertama kali didirikan dengan nama Multitech yang didirikan pada 1976, yang kemudian dinamakan Acer pada 1987. Grup pan Acer mempekerjakan 39.000 orang di lebih […]

15 Nov 18


veerletakino: exerian: neuroxin: “This computer is NEVER OBSOLETE” 😜😜😜😜 digging that case aesthetic Al Gore himself designed this machine “upgrade to the fastest model on the market every 2 years for $99” is actually a pretty sweet deal, if only the company had survived. Actually Do ye suppose that whoever bought out emachines would have […]

09 Nov 18
Mitch Teemley

When a cat stares at you, you are compelled to comply, there is simply no other option. Yesterday, as I was sitting down at my ancient eMachine computer (the equivalent of a writer’s creaky old Smith-Corona), our little cat Misha informed me that it was time for the Rubby Ritual. This is a religious ceremony […]

09 Nov 18

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

07 Nov 18
Automotive World

Powertrain electrification must bring more than just efficiency gains to attract consumers. Improved traction, acceleration and off-roading prowess are set to sway new buyers in coming years, writes Freddie Holmes

07 Nov 18

Made by former PC Gamer editor Tom Francis, creator of the also-excellent (and low-spec-friendly) Gunpoint, Heat Signature is a game about sneaking onto spaceships, braining guards with a wrench Luckily for you, we put together this list of some of the best PC games that you can enjoy for the enormous financial burden of zero […]

05 Nov 18

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. Laptop Bekas Acer Emachines D720 murah kuat joss Spesifikasi & kondisi: -Processor Intel Dual core (2CPUs), -Ram 1Gb (Bisa diupgrade), -Hdd 320gb, -Layar 14inch wide screen (oke test), -VGA Intel HD Graphics, -Dvd-rw oke test, -Wifi oke test -Sound oke test -Baterai tahan 2 jam lebih (battery bar), -Warna hitam, -lumayan mulus […]

29 Oct 18
Pack Rat Roundy - Let's Trade!

Three 17″ and one one 18″ tube type monitors. Trade for one or more. I believe I have the bases for the two that don’t have them attached — I just haven’t looked for them yet. ViewSonic A90 18″ NEC MultiSync FE700+ 17″ flat screen. Not flat panel, but flat screen — ie. the screen […]

24 Oct 18

Hey guys Trendyfire here and this is my top 5 games for low quality pc’s System Requirements – Minecrafrt System Requirements Minimum Requirements: What are some good low quality pc games? Ok my computer is an emachine and can play guild wars, so theres an idea on how good of a game I can play. […]

23 Oct 18
MCOM 3310

   I was seven when I caught my first glimpse into the world wide web. I was sitting in my aunt’s office at Idaho State University. Up to this point, I had only ever used an old 286 that did not have access to the internet. I was sitting at her computer looking at the fancy […]

22 Oct 18
Cart Sales

This high quality 300 Watt ATX12V PC Power Supply is a reliable upgrade for Intel Pentium II III and AMD K6 Athlonbased systems or replacement power supply for a broad selection of eMachines and other Gateway systems.

09 Oct 18
United cabling

Are you looking to make the entire connectivity infrastructure of your organization wireless? Among the best products you can consider are Broadcom WLAN network adapters. These products can work with any standards compliant product to deliver an end to end connectivity infrastructure where the only case of wires being used would be power cables and […]

27 Sep 18
Adventures in Amateur Radio

I had mentioned some time back that the hard drive on my HP Z400 workstation was warning of read errors and would likely fail soon. I bought a new WD drive and had it on standby and backed up the old drive. The drive finally failed completely and I was forced to make the system […]

19 Sep 18
Freelance Service Komputer

Artikel ini menunjukkan kombinasi tombol untuk masuk ke mode BIOS pada berbagai tipe laptop. Khusus pengguna Windows 10/8.1 : agar bisa mengakses kombinasi tombol bios, silahkan masuk ke windows, lalu pilih restart (bukan shutdown)