26 Nov 18

Teleporting Saints

Here’s some ads from magazines like Thrasher and transworld for Emerica shoes. They were like just as big as Nike only for skateboarding basically or something similar to that big.. they made shoes and ads cooler and better in 2005ish time..

26 Nov 18

Teleporting Saints

Also Heath Ledger from the Batman movie had initials HL and if you turn the H over it’s an I and thus the initials were Almost IL.. also heath ledger was his name because of that ledge Heath kirchart skated in the beginning of his part when he fell but I Believe he was an […]

19 Nov 18
Action Sports Nomad

(Cover art credit: http://www.theberrics.com)   I know, I know, it’s old news, skateboarding is now an official Olympic sport and will feature in the Japan 2020 Games, yadda yadda, yeah yeah, heard it ages ago.  What you might not be aware of however is the intense debate amongst skateboarders as to whether this is a […]

13 Nov 18

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12 Nov 18

Sizing: The Dc legacy slim 98 skate shoe fits true to size. There is a very nice feeling when you wear this shoe with a pretty secured and snug feel. In the toe area the shoes fit perfect without causing any pain or uncomfortable feeling to your toes. Boardfeel/Grip:  The Dc legacy slim 98 skate shoe […]

06 Nov 18
Footwear News

The brand’s owner talks about the new Icons Collection and capitalizing on trends.

04 Nov 18

  Band: Harsh Toke Country: United States Regardless on how one does it, it’s almost a requirement to get high while listening to this record. “Why?” you ask? To get to enjoy the music’s maximum hallucinogenic effects. Harsh Toke. It’s drugged, epic, and high up there. What hooks me up the most with this band […]

26 Oct 18
ABD Skate Supply


22 Oct 18

Before the Brief has been given.. Mini challenge:  “Make a film trailer with a completely different genre” The idea behind this lecture was to see how we can create a genre using tone and mood through the way we cut visuals together and use audio. We can convey a theme to an audience using just […]