Emile Et Rose

23 May 19
Good records at reasonable prices

Please COMMENT with artist AND ALBUM TITLE and the word SOLD to buy. I will reply comment to confirm and then message or email you later to finalise the sale. M = Media, S = Sleeve. Postage $10 for 1 (including record mailer), whatever Australia Post charges for more to your location from 2043, or […]

15 May 19
Hanging Fire — Karin L. Kross

Herein is contained a developing resource of all the Franklinia I’ve read over the last year, thanks to The Terror. Part of it is knowledge acquisition due to increasing levels of obsession, and part is research for fanwork stuff (some completed, some not). I’ve read almost all of it, although a few of the books are still on the to-read pile.

10 May 19

[:nl] Verborgen in hartje Gent, op een steenworp van het bruisende Patershol en het historische Gravensteen, vind je sinds kort de nieuwe B&B Graaf. Wij spreken liever over ‘creatieve, hoogst unieke en authentieke design bed en breakfast’: de drie kamers van Gwynn Coumans (33) en Kenzo Krijgsman (28) in de Sint-Margrietstraat zijn doordrongen van Belgisch […]

10 May 19

Jane Campion, gagnante d’un oscar, scénarise et réalise « Le pouvoir du chien » pour SEE-SAW films, MAX FILMS, Brightstars et BBC Films avec Benedict Cumberbatch et Elisabeth Moss Cross City en charge des ventes à cannes. – La scénariste et réalisatrice oscarisée Jane Campion, (La leçon de piano, Top of the Lake) a écrit […]

03 May 19
Believe Deep Prior To Buying Dresses For Girls

Halloween is simply around the corner. Have you thought of what costume to get for your baby? Here are some cute and affordable ideas for baby costumes. We understand not everybody has the time (and the numerous assistants) that Martha Stewart has, so these costumes are created to be E-A-S-Y. Cool Newborn Clothes Choices A […]

03 May 19
Gowns Are 60% Off At Sears On Friday And Saturday

There are few things in life that can match the incredible miracle of birth. It is a process made even more amazing when somebody you care about is pregnant. As her due date gets more detailed, opportunities are excellent that you will be asked to go to an infant shower. This gives friends and family […]

02 May 19

Miriam Hulede Slavery as a word is often frowned upon intensely due to its tie to the Trans -Atlantic slave trade. Trans-Atlantic slavery has been labelled throughout history as the worst form of slavery to have ever existed. However, in the African culture and many other cultures around the world, the word “slave”, servant, or […]

28 Apr 19
A sailor's story/Les souvenirs de guerre d'un marin/Eine Seemannsgeschichte

Maschinenobergefreiter Wilhelm Küllertz – Lebensstationen -oder: Das Schicksal ist nicht planbar – Erstellt von Willi Küllertz im November 2018 Kapitel Vier Wilhelm Küllertz Mein Vater sprach nie mit mir über den Angriff vom 29. April 1944, als HMCS Athabaskan von einem von der T-24 abgefeuerten Torpedos versenkt wurde. Typ 39 Torpedoboot Foto von T35 ähnlich […]