Enchanted Polish

24 Feb 19
The Polished Mage

Hello lovely readers! Here we are again with another PPU opening right around the corner! I feel like I just blinked and February was almost over! School is keeping me busy between all the demands of graduate school (sometimes I seriously wonder why I did this to myself LOL). BUT! Polish makes me happy and […]

20 Feb 19
Windowsill Dignity

Sour words spill out of my mouth, Flowing from the bitterness of my soul, Uttering angry accusations at God. I lift up my eyes towards heaven as legs swing me across the street, not looking And word upon word becomes a sentence, And sentence upon sentence, a prayer, And the Lord is holding my hand […]

17 Feb 19
The wandering letters

Dear C.,Today was one of the most beautiful day I remember. We are on Olkhon island, on the Baikal Lake. The weather is wonderful, and even if J. would have liked to make the experience of a below -30°c temperature, I particularly appreciate the opportunity to spend the day outside, since it’s (only) -18°c! One […]

12 Feb 19
Ob & Per

Gloria is surprised by the screen door. She is upstairs before the youngest kid gets home, napping mid-fold among the towels, sleeping off cake and brandy before doors and dogs crash in. She hears Gloria! Crash. Abe switches voice. Gloria? Dogs wap his thighs. Screen door opens again, Out Out, and clicks shut on two […]

09 Feb 19

Its been a long time since I provided my loyal readers with another list of 5 Foreign Film Recommendations and I know that I am more than well overdue. As many of you may know, I just adore the artwork of foreign creatives, so I always attempt to view projects from outside of America as often […]

09 Feb 19
Ghost of Shakespeare

Understandably, birds represent transcendence–in literature they often represent the human ability to rise above earthly circumstances and overcome physical, intellectual, or spiritual difficulty. The title line this week comes from Matthew, but a similar thought could be plucked from almost any source, from Farid ud-Din Attar (whose masterpiece, Conference of the Birds, has already been touched on in […]

04 Feb 19

THEIn February, Netflix announced the pseudo-science fiction sequel The Cloverfield Paradox during the 52nd Super Bowl and promptly released the film worldwide after the final whistle. It was a rugby PR move that helped the streaming giant cut all the absurdly expensive ads that saturated the NFL smackdown, even if the quality of the final […]

04 Feb 19
BIG little Mom

Horray for Mom Wins. If you’re patient enough, they’re sure to happen sometimes. I always feel compelled to blog after I’ve been on a trip.  I think it’s because my momhood is tested the most when I’m sent out into the world like the big girl that I am. This trip in particular was a […]

03 Feb 19
Everything to Write

The house of the Blacksmith lurks on an alleyway in the town centre.  There are greengrocers, dusty minimarts, grizzled pharmacies displaying nail-polish and incense sticks alongside diet pills and gel insoles.  Most people live on the outskirts, in cosy family dwellings, or further out, in noble mansions facing out over the rolling olive groves. In […]

02 Feb 19
archysport.mystagingwebsite.com at Pressable

February 1, 2019 Nick AmesESPN.com writer The transfer window in Europe is closed, but which clubs were successful and which ones suffered? We break the winners and losers together. WINNER NEWCASTLE UNITED With the help of former Tottenham and Liverpool football director Damien Comolli, we will show you step by step the transfer. Can a […]

01 Feb 19
The Cartographers Guild

Now, some people are doubtless going to argue with me on this one. I hear you. Milon’s Secret Castle . . . a windfall? I never beat this game. I never even came close. It was way too hard. I didn’t know anyone that even had the game, and those of my friends brave enough […]