06 Dec 18
Wanna Buy A Watch?

Enicar stainless steel Sherpa Super-Dive automatic wind diver’s model circa 1970’s. Great looking large and robust 40mm diameter water proof style case with screw down case back, smooth parchment color internal rotating bezel, and heavy angled lugs. Featuring an original matte black dial with raised, steel luminous indexes, wide silver hour and minute hand with luminous panels and thin lollipop sweep seconds hand. With cross hatched, Saturn symbol crowns, and worn on a grain of rice style Enicar bracelet. Powered by self winding movement with date. Fully serviced, guaranteed genuine, and offered with our 1 year warranty of accurate time keeping and operation.

03 Dec 18
Enicar 101

Hey friends, some additions happened in the last month, without a big anouncement. After finding this nice ad about Erik Carlson and Enicar, I decided to spend this topic an own category. So have a look at “Racing Heritage” abouth Enicars history in motorsports. These section will be updated as soon as I find more […]

24 Nov 18
Vandervenus reports

  Last september, I went to Biel and Lengau to do research for what my be my most ambitious project to date: the Enicar book. I’ve written several reports about my trip and the many treasures I found. It helped me to speed up the creative process of getting the book out there. So here’s […]

05 Nov 18
Vandervenus reports

Enicar was a manufacturer of alarm clocks and watches and proud of it. Their in house engineered and build AR movements, like the AR 112X, AR 114x and AR 116x series, were made in Lengnau and can be found in many, many watches of the brand. Before they fabricated their own, most movements were provided […]

05 Nov 18

Made in SWISS “ENICAR” OCEAN PEARL Mechanical Waterproof,AntimagneticWristwatch – Buy – Made in SWISS “ENICAR” OCEAN PEARL Mechanical Waterproof,AntimagneticWristwatch

01 Nov 18

Enicar Elite Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch 3168/50/317ACMA – Buy – Enicar Elite Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch 3168/50/317ACMA

24 Oct 18
Enicar 101

Look what cool Swedish ad I just found on the Swedish forum klocksnack.se. Erik Carlsson, also know as „Carlsson on the roof“ and „Mr. Saab“ as a testimonial for Enicar and smiling to us with a nice Sherpa Graph MK II on his wrist. Carlsson (*5.3.1929 – †27.5.2015) was one of the most famous European […]

22 Oct 18
Enicar 101

Hey friends, since we just passed the 150 watches in my serial list I just added the last missing Aqua Graph reference: the MK Ib. By now I have completed all Jet and Aqua Graph watches. Still some work to do. Next will be the Sherpa Graph MK IV amd Super Graph. Last but not […]

18 Oct 18
Wrist Watch Review

This is the first compressor-case dive watch I’ve had the opportunity to review, and though I’ve seen many compressor divers over the years (and even own one myself), I’d never taken the time to actually research the technology. It’s important to note that most compressor diver offerings these days are not true compressors, which is […]

15 Oct 18

At first impression, you may not find any difference between Chronograph and Chronometer because both have a common word “Chrono” which is related to time and words “graph” and “meter” are related to measurement. But in technically, both Chronograph and Chronometer have their own meaning. In the following paragraphs, you will find the differences between […]

04 Oct 18

Enicar Elite Black Dial Automatic Mens Chronograph Watch 3168/50/317ACMA – Buy – Enicar Elite Black Dial Automatic Mens Chronograph Watch 3168/50/317ACMA

03 Oct 18
Vandervenus reports

My recent trip to Biel and Lengnau left me with countless impressions and a pile of great documents. Arguably the best catch was the bag full of Saturns, the corporate magazine for the employees of Enicar. It was handed to me by Ariste Racine, grandson of Enicar founder Ariste Racine Sr. and son of Ariste […]

24 Sep 18
Vandervenus reports

My final week in Biel and Lengnau brought me everything I hoped for and more. When I planned this trip roughly a year ago, I aimed for two or three interviews with people connected to Enicar and maybe some documents as a bonus. I got seven great interview sessions and a pile of photos, brochures […]

22 Sep 18
Things I find in the garbage

July saw me bring a tonne of stuff to auction as I emptied my various storage areas. The purge made for a long sales list, which (in addition to recent comments) led me to reconsider the way I share my sales. I think in future posts I’ll do a general overview of the numbers, and […]

18 Sep 18
Enicar 101

Hey Enicar fans, it’s been a while since my last entry. Here in Germany we have great weather since a few months, so less time for sitting in front of the computer. But now autumn is coming and a new project also came along. Last weekend it was my first time at the Munich watch […]