13 Jul 19
Alex & Max

Alexander, is one half of the eponymous Alex&Max brand and has a substantial passion for watches beginning at 16 when he was gifted a Tag Heuer Professional 2000. Since then, it has rapidly increased and his colllection has expanded in to a Breitling Navitimer and Superocean with a love for the vintage pieces as is […]

12 Jul 19
Alex & Max

Seasoned watch collectors need no introduction to the likes of the Rolex Explorers, Submariners or Omega Speedmasters and Monacos. All these watches have decorated and venerated pasts… demonstrated in their prices being anywhere from £4000- to the tens of thousands of pounds. However, a rich history is not only reserved to the the big brands; […]

11 Jul 19
Time for a Change

In Holland, we host the largest vintage watch and clocks fair of Europe. It’s called ‘Rikketik’ (the sound of a ticking time piece) and it’s held four times a year. It’s a great occasion to catch up with other collectors and to stroll around between the 400 exhibitors from all over the continent. I would’t […]

05 Jul 19
James Ross Jewellers

Ladies Enicar Automatic Circa 1950s

05 Jul 19
James Ross Jewellers

Enicar Ultrasonic Enishock Circa 1950s

02 Jul 19
The Blomman Watch Report

A very intriguing watch, the Enicar Healthways. So many “odd and quirky” details, so much to discover! While reading up on the Enicar and the Sherpa history I realised just how big the Sherpa family really is!

14 Jun 19
The Blomman Watch Report

One of my more recent catches, the Enicar Healthways. This is one of the early Enicar’s with a divers watch dial. Black dial with large luminous hands and index.

12 Jun 19
Enicar 101

Hey guys,it’s been a while, but be sure I am still working on the projekt. Almost every day I get new serial numbers I add to the list. We are now at 208 Enicar Graphs in my chart. I will share some new insights with you in a moment.But first let me thank Ulf. Ulf […]

27 May 19
The Blomman Watch Report

A less known brand among collectors is the Enicar brand. Their most famous watches are probably the 36 mm and 42 mm two crowns Super Compressor watches. But the brand had a big spectra of interesting watches One of these models was the single crown Super Compressor case, time only watches Enicar did during the […]

23 May 19
Time for a Change

Here’s an update on the writing process. I have finally finished the table of content, which was a brain breaker, since new stories and background info keep coming in weekly. It’s very tempting to keep digging for more details, but that would mean the book will probably be finished in 2025. So I’m trying to […]

13 May 19
Mitka's vintage watch service.

A customer has sent me his late grandfather’s Alprosa watch for repair, unfortunately the case back threads have corroded away and the case back is useless. I will see if we can find a donor case.

03 May 19
Snowflakes & Shields

I have been collecting Enicar watches for five years. In 2015, I first took my passion for the brand to Instagram (@vandervenus) and in 2017 I started the website http://www.enicar.org, where I share the great stories of this former Swiss watch manufacturer. I went to Biel and Lengnau last September, to track down the stories […]

27 Apr 19
Time for a Change

For me, the Saturn logo might be one of the most appealing aspects to Enicar. I just love the simple but effective outline of this giant planet on the dial. There is a lot of symbolism to it. Words like ‘infinity’, ‘space’, ‘time travel’ and ‘universal’ come to mind. The Saturn became Enicar’s brand symbol […]

25 Apr 19
Fratello Watches

The most complicated part of shooting this watch was to find an old brick to match its vibrant indexes. Meet my lucky catch Alpina La Ronde. There are watch brands and there are watch BRANDS. Brands and watches every collector knows, has or dreams about – holy grails, legendary models with hundreds of stories or […]

24 Apr 19

Entitled ENICAR Watches (1913-1988), this booklet by freelance journalist Nico Van Dijk gives some insights to the history of Swiss watch brand ENICAR. The origins of ENICAR brand can be traced back to 1913 when Ariste Racine of the legendary Racine family and his wife Emma Blatt established a watch making company named ‘Manufacture d’Horlogerie […]

31 Mar 19
Time for a Change

Ladies and gentlemen, we have done it! The Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the Enicar Book, has been successful. A HUGE thank you to all you incredibly generous backers, crazy vintage watch fans, Instagrammers, forum crawlers, bloggers, Facebookers and everyone else who made this great succes possible!  I am thrilled getting to make […]

31 Mar 19
Time for a Change
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A book about a forgotten Swiss watch brand that combines photography, storytelling, history, graphic design and cool ‘n funky watches.

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