16 Feb 19
Crumbling Keep

It’s been quite a week in the RPG world. An abuser was outed unequivocally as an abuser that has often tried to silence others in the community. I don’t know that I have much to say that hasn’t already been said in ways much better than I could, so I’ll say this. Support gaming companies […]

15 Feb 19
Pop Culture Uncovered

In the past, I’ve written about the OSR as well as those discussing “edgelords” in tabletop role-playing games. In my articles, I glossed over controversial individuals and the problems surrounding them; I neither want to give them the attention they seek nor did I feel like attracting their “followers.” Things changed this week when one […]

14 Feb 19

A SoulFul Collaboration that will keep you locked in love, is dropping on Valentine’s Day Feb. 14th 2019 with two award winning artists; United Arab Emirates based ENNY OKOSUN x UNIEKGRACE based in Belgium. The GREATER LOVE of our God has rarely been expressed this way. This great song,”GREATER LOVE” will lighten up your spirit […]

14 Feb 19

A dot.com Rom Com About A Hip Hop Chip Shop “It’s all so boring here, Margo – there’s nothing but playboys and tennis pros. If only I could find a real man” – Playgirl.   Topsy-Turvy L♥vey-D♥vey Rumours are rife around the Rebellion that  Queen Cherisasara of Madeira, in the Whoopeedoo System, is an Imperial spy. Having just narrowly […]

13 Feb 19

All Elite Wrestling’s Double Or Nothing event sold out in just 4 minutes today, according to the official AEW Twitter account. The pre-sale sold out in less than 30 minutes on Monday. The general on-sale kicked off today and those seats sold out in just 4 minutes. There have been seats available on the secondary market, at […]

13 Feb 19
Compromise and Conceit

Recently Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar announced that she will be running for president, only to be confronted with reports that she is a nasty boss. The media are avoiding calling it bullying, but the reports are bad and suggest that she is genuinely terrible: throwing things at staff, making them do personal chores, humiliating them […]

13 Feb 19

Ekonom INDEF Enny Sri Hartati mengatakan Jokowi bisa menjabarkan semua hasil capaian pembangunan infrastruktur. Pasalnya seluruh datanya pasti ada. https://t.co/oOAos7S3fZ — detikcom (@detikcom) February 13, 2019 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

13 Feb 19
File 770

(1) RIDLEY SCOTT’S COGNAC AD. The noted director of Blade Runner, various Aliens movies, and the Apple Mac: 1984 commercial, Ridley Scott, has returned to commercial work this year. First to air was his Turkish Airlines ad for the Super Bowl, and now comes a short video tailored for airing online and on TV during […]

14 Feb 19

Dongeng memang terkesan sederhana, namun dongeng memiliki kekuatan yang luar biasa. Anak-anak menyukai dongeng bukan karena cerita yang mereka khayalkan, melainkan karena adegan-adegan yang membuat mereka merasa takut, sedih, marah, senang, yang pada akhirnya selalu berakhir dengan happy ending. Dongeng adalah suatu cerita fantasi sederhana yang tidak benar-benar terjadi, yang berfungsi untuk menyampaikan satu ujaran […]

10 Feb 19
Joglosemar News

SOLO – SD Marsudirini menggelar pendidikan seks (sex education) sejak dini, di aula sekolah setempat, Jumat (8/2/2019). Pendidikan tersebut ditujukan kepada seluruh siswa dan dilakukan secara bertahap. Humas SD Marsudirini, Y Suratno melalui rilis yang diberikan kepada Joglosemarnews menjelaskan, pendidikan tersebut dilakukan secara bertahap. Pendidikan seks untuk siswa Kelas 3 dan 4 dilakukan pada Jumat […]

09 Feb 19
Berita Internasional

Ekonomi Indonesia sedikit lebih kuat pada tahun 2018, data menunjukkan Rabu (6 Februari), tapi itu masih jatuh Presiden Joko Widodo tujuh persen target pendek baik sebagai pemilihan mendekatkan. Ekonomi terbesar di Asia Tenggara diperluas 5.17 persen pada tahun, mencentang dari 5.10 persen pada 2017 dan mengalahkan sebagian analis Prakiraan. Pengeluaran rumah tangga adalah kunci pendorong, […]

08 Feb 19
Julia's Journal

Finding out I was studying abroad Ever since my post-high school graduation trip to Paris and London, I knew I wanted to study abroad in college. My freshmen year, I researched various programs for the number majors I had in mind (lol) and I was so anxious to get the ball rolling on a plan. […]

06 Feb 19

“The one who is of the world is concern about things of the world, winning in the battle os world, fame, worldly appreciation, worldly vision and worldly decision but the reborn of spirit talk about the things of the spirit.” We thank God for the gift of Holy Spirit who is our true friend; who […]