26 May 19
Aye Sound Magazine

The enigmatic duo discuss the history of Edinburgh club culture, supporting Autechre at The Venue, and their latest record, the Hive Mind Mentality EP AyeSound: How long have you been making music as Thinktank? The Leph: Circa 1995. We’ve always been in bands. Mostly making music from an art/rock background. Thinktank was just a natural […]

24 May 19

Plugin Boutique runs a time limited sale on Toontrack Electronic EZX (Affiliate Link). Expand your EZdrummer or Superior Drummer with a mind-blowing collection of classic, circuit bent and resampled electronic drum sounds. It includes as much as 33 carefully crafted preset kits. The Electronic EZX presents a mind-blowing collection of classic, circuit bent and resampled […]

22 May 19

If you need a break from buttoned-up techno, dance music as business and fashion statement and morose wallpaper – take a holiday with some “trippy mindfkk-muzzikkk.” Here, we’ve got 170 tracks from 1991 Cologne to today to get utterly weird. In 1990s Cologne, if the techno scene was spread too thin, you could just manufacture […]

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23 Apr 19

  STEINBERG PRO 16 – COMMODORE 64 Steinberg PRO 16 for the Commodore 64 The first Graphic Sequencer, I used it in my studio from 1986 to 1990. I still have a fully working setup saving to SD cards instead of floppies. I have transferred all my 80s floppies to SD card. The CARD 32 […]

21 Apr 19
16-pads | Underground Music Production & Culture.

Vintage House Chords | Pads & Stabs Vintage House Chords is a collection of lush one-shot chords full of unique character and vintage vibes. Each one shot is a combination of minor 9th chords played through a selection of instruments that helped define the classic sound of House & Techno – the Juno 106, TX81Z, […]

20 Apr 19

Transwave Synthesis builds on simple wavetable playback by allowing you to loop waves, and then control and modulate the loop points, allowing for complex, evolving sounds.

18 Apr 19
Sound Books

https://soundcloud.com/djwhacked/star-trek-dj-whacked-90s-edit A remix of the Theme into from the Star Trek Series where I was a fan of during the 90s. The song was also one of my creations during the 90’s when I was just having a Roland keyboard and an Ensoniq sampler. I enjoyed using Mr. Data, Wharf and Captain Picard’s voice to […]

14 Apr 19
The Only Child 1988

I went over to Elaine’s house last night to pick up some grease that she makes. I got over there and sat for a while. She is ugly man. I had been figured this out when I first met her for an outing at the LaBar Bat. After that outing, we really didn’t talk anymore. She does have some nice tidies though, but she doesn’t look clean. She has this dirty look about her. I really can’t see myself reaching over and kissing her.

27 Mar 19
The Waveform Transmitter

This week’s Waveform DJ mix comes from a true legend of Midwest techno; none other than DJ Hyperactive himself. The Waveform Transmitter’s Simon Huxtable presents.

14 Mar 19
Headphone Commute

Visit with the Denmark based musician behind the Manual moniker, and his collaboration with Jason Kolb as the Billow Observatory

07 Mar 19
American Dreams & American Damage

” This album came together quickly in 1985. It began as experiments in learning how to use some of the new technology that I had gotten: the Sampler (Ensoniq Mirage). I was deeply engrossed in its functions and capabilities. It seemed to be endless in what it could do and sound like. It could create […]

19 Feb 19
Aaron Hooper's Blog

How Kanye West approaches sampling Sampling is the crutch of the vast majority of Hip-Hop music but I can’t think of anyone who has made as big of a stylistic impact on Hip-Hop sample techniques this century as Kanye West. Kanye’s first groundbreaking sound revolved around sped up, primarily sung, soul samples. This instantly recognizable […]

14 Feb 19
AÉNL Media

[ad_1] Why would you compromise with the problems of hip hop songs generation when there is a greater way that is significantly simpler than you have at any time believed of to make beats on, or over par with any professional conquer producing studio, devoid of compromising good quality? Enable me inform you how this […]

11 Feb 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

In good condition. Ensoniq TS series workstations were introduced in 1993.  They are the culmination of the line that started with the ESQ-1 and progressed through the SQ-80, and VFX series. The TS series contains the most advanced features, most powerful sequencer and sound engine, and has powerful effects processing.  The TS-12 has a Fatar 76-note hammer action […]

07 Feb 19
Sam Ash Used Gear

The Ensoniq VFX Synth was initially released as a performance type synth in 1989. It was soon followed by the release of the VFX-SD, which included some updated waveforms (drum waves), a 24-track sequencer and a floppy drive. Both models were equipped with the Ensoniq Signal Processing (ESP) chip for 24-bit effects. The VFX-SD also included […]