21 Feb 19

Following on from the success of the kit breakdown posted last year, I thought it was time to revisit the SEAL Team franchise… With the kit covered to a reasonable depth, I figured we should probably take a look at the actual hardware used within the show. This will also provide a bit of an […]

17 Feb 19


EOTech, Tactical, Holographic, Non-Night Vision Compatible Sight, 68MOA Ring with 1MOA Dot, Tan Finish, Rear Buttons, includes CR123 Battery.


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16 Feb 19
The Truth About Guns

The AR-15 carry handle has long been a subject of come controversy. Is it a sight platform, a carry handle, or both? The original ArmaLite M16 design elevated the sights as a result of the charging handle that stuck out the top of the upper receiver. But the carry handle design stuck, even after the […]

16 Feb 19

EoTech 516.A65 HolographicTactical Sight Optic L3 – Buy – EoTech 516.A65 HolographicTactical Sight Optic L3

14 Feb 19
Industry Journals

A new market assessment report on the Red Dot Sights market provides a comprehensive overview of the Red Dot Sights industry for the forecast period 2018 – 2026.  The analytical study is proposed to provide immense clarity on the market size, share and growth rate across different regions. The profound knowledge and extensive examination of […]

13 Feb 19
The Loadout Room

Editors note: Some questions were raised as to whether this was a legal AR-15 setup with the vertical foregrip. After doing some research and sifting through ATF documents, the answer is yes. For a full explanation of this, please reference this article. The authors AR-15 seen in this article has an overall length of 28″. Ask 5 people […]

13 Feb 19

In the world of optics red dots are newest to the scene.  Iron sights on guns have been in use since the days of the musket and scopes since the mid 1800’s.  While the invention of the red dot was in 1900 the popularity and mass manufacturing didn’t start till 1975 with Aimpoint.  Nowadays red dot sights are […]

09 Feb 19
Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You

Tacticool. There’s a big difference between prepping with equipment that is used in a “tactical” nature by military and law enforcement and trying to be “tacticool”. I see a lot of preppers loading all kinds of heavy, expensive junk onto weapons and calling that prepping, when really it’s just being tacticool… so let’s take a […]

01 Feb 19
Market Research Analysis Report

1 February 2019 – The Global Infrared Thermal Camera Market is estimated to develop at a substantial CAGR in the years to come. The Infrared and Thermal imaging equipment permits to notice persons and substances in total blackness and in exact varied circumstances. The infrared and thermal imaging arrangements utilize an exceptional knowledge to notice […]