10 Apr 19
Latest Trending Market Research Reports

This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Hair Removal Device market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries. According to this study, over the next five years the Hair Removal Device market will register a 8.7% CAGR in terms of revenue, the global market size will […]

26 Mar 19
About Epilating

Welcome to my frequency asked questions page. I have put together some of the common questions and answers that I have put together below: Q: Does shaving (or epilating) make the hair grow back thicker and darker? A: No, it doesn’t. It may look and feel coarse but this is definitely NOT the case. Q: […]

19 Mar 19

You are ugly, and if you didn’t notice, perusing a history of American cosmetic marketing will point out all of your innumerable flaws until you feel that god has damned you. It tells you your genetic traits are unsexy and then makes you pay for it. It denies science. It racially segregates. It sexually fetishizes […]

18 Mar 19

Epilady Legend Review The Epilady Story is known for a fitted name. This make has been in existence since original Epilady with 1987 and possesses gained an incredible standing equally on the web and offline.This may be the flagship unit provided by Epilady, said as their most powerful and fastest epilator.When most of your competitors are the Braun Cotton […]

11 Mar 19

The selection is sparse, John Grund thought.  Very sparse. Nothing at all in fact. They used to have, what the hell were they called, he said to himself, Something-Chew?  He’d buy one, flavor – Strawberry, and then eat it during Geometry class. It tasted good. And it was only $1. Or $1.75 if he bought […]

21 Feb 19
Markets n Trends Analysis

MarketResearchNest.com adds “Global Electric Shavers Market Research Report 2019” new report to its research database. The report spread across 107 pages with multiple tables and figures in it. This comprehensive Electric Shavers Market research report includes a brief on these trends that can help the businesses operating in the industry to understand the market and […]

10 Feb 19
The Blog of Funny Names

Warmest winter greetings to you, BOFN readers! Today’s interesting name offers a plethora o’ vowels, reminiscent of a Hawaiian-themed Bing Crosby Christmas song. Join me as we shine a light Ro Lady Lala Mara, the wife of modern Fiji’s founding father, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara. Ratu means Chief, and Ro was the title she was given. Below is […]

26 Jan 19
Ten Cent Millionaire

Okay, I’m the first person to advocate female grooming. Which is why I sit here; post epilady session, thinking about the seeming necessary evil of keeping myself looking relatively attractive – alternative to becoming a wild-haired, bearded hermit in a cave somewhere. In case you don’t know; an Epilator/Epilady is a wonderful little device with a […]

21 Dec 18
Madge Midgely

This short reality may upset you on some level.  So I need to give a warning.  I never thought this would happen, I didn’t think this would be something I would write about. My kitten Capricious is nine months old.  She is the only kitten I kept from the stray that stayed: Quantum.   Now, I […]

19 Dec 18
The [RE]Evolutions of [Conscious] Social Media and [RE]Blogging

Originally posted on Poundcake:
Some of you are asking, what the hell is an Epilady? It’s a small device that removes body hair by grabbing it and ripping it out. An Epilady has a rotating wheel, with little pieces on it that squeeze together and then pull. Hair gets caught in between and yanked out.…

04 Nov 18
The Lizard Chronicles

Not to toot my own horn (honk), but I’m being a goddamn overachiever by writing a blog post in November since I’m participating in NaNoWriMo. I’m not even going to count these words toward my total today. Anyhow, last night, a comment was posted on a 6-year-old entry post of mine. It seems someone typed […]

12 Oct 18
Site Title

Hair elimination with an epilator is getting better all the time. Many ladies bitch of the pain that is related to the diverse epilators in the marketplace today. However, they must now not have tried the use of one in awhile. Several groups today are developing structures for hair elimination with an epilator that has […]

08 Oct 18
My House of Zing

It’s contest time!! If you saw my Epilady Legend 4 review last week, you know that I’m a HUGE fan of this product. I’ve been a decades-long, loyal customer and have used Epilady as my primary hair-removal system. The results last so long and upkeep is super fast and easy. Ok, enough about my love […]

03 Oct 18
My House of Zing

I have been using Epilady products since I was 16-years-old And for all this time, I’ve been a complete fangirl. Having never been a shaving aficionado, I’ve tried many alternative methods of hair removal but have always returned to my trusted Epilady epilator. So when Epilady asked me to review their Epilady Legend 4, I […]