Erica Beeney

15 May 19

Shattered Dimensions -pelissä niistä esiintyvät perinteinen Amazing Spider-Man, 1930-luvun maailmassa majaileva Spider-Man Noir, (mahdollisen) tulevaisuuden Spider-Man 2099 sekä Ultimate Spider-Man symbioottipuvussa. Löydä Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Nintendo Wii -peli parhaaseen hintaan ja nopeimmalla toimitusajalla. Halvin hinta ilman toimituskuluja 34,90 € ja toimituskuluineen 37,30 €. Katso aina edullisimmat kaupat – Löydä edullisimmat hinnat. Mitä eroa on […]

28 Mar 19
Sticky Shoe Review

Maybe there isn’t much new to say about the alien invasion thing but Captive State is damn willing to give it a go. Director Rupert Wyatt’s sci-fi drama defines low key. Its far more interested in the human drama than spectacle. We barely even see the conquering extraterrestrials, but they are called Legislators and they […]

26 Mar 19
Reel Heroes

Starring: John Goodman, Ashton Sanders, Jonathan Majors Director: Rupert Wyatt Screenplay: Erica Beeney, Rupert Wyatt Sci-Fi/Thriller, Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 109 minutes Release Date: March 15, 2019 SPOILERS WITHIN! (Dr. Scott Allison, Professor of Psychology, University of Richmond) Greg, were you captivated by this latest movie? (Greg Smith, Founder of Agile Writers of Richmond, VA) Well, […]

24 Mar 19

The resistance will not be televised. 10 years ago, aliens came to Terra Firma with the idea in mind of improving our planet, and in turn, we’d give them many of our resources. And to an extent, they did, lowering crime rates, instituting a stable world structure, and one-party politics. However, not all is well, […]

23 Mar 19
Streaming VF Gratuitment

Captive State en Streaming VF Regarder Captive State Film Streaming Gratuit. Captive State peut être regarder pour vous inscrire gratuitement. [WD_Button id=1701] Date de sortie : 2019-03-15Durée : 110 Minutes Par: Amblin Entertainment, Participant Media, Focus Features Réalisateur: Rupert Wyatt, Erica Beeney, Rupert Wyatt, Alex Disenhof, Rob Simonsen, Andrew Groves, Rupert Wyatt, David Crockett, Keith […]

22 Mar 19

Share. Captive State hits theaters on March 15 in the US and March 29 in the UK. By Terri Schwartz There have been countless different approaches to the alien invasion story, from sci-fi epics like Independence Day and Close Encounters of the Third Kind to more personal cultural and political commentaries like USA’s Colony. Director…

21 Mar 19
lorin hates

Last week I saw Captive State, a sci-fi thriller from the mind of director Rupert Wyatt ( rebooted Planet of the Apes franchise). What I initially perceived as a straight-up action film served more as a smart, heist-like educator on resistance. While the story swam familiar waters, it was lifted by strong performances. John Goodman […]

19 Mar 19

  Boy, it sure has been a slow year for movies so far, huh? We’ve had a couple of really great movies, and it seems like things are going to start kicking into high gear shortly, but so far the first three months have been kind of weak, especially out here in the apparently artistically […]

19 Mar 19

You may feel like a captive while watching this.

19 Mar 19

I haven’t been shy on the podcast about my excitement regarding this film. The Planet of the Apes franchise is one I admire greatly and when I discovered that the director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) was coming out with his first film in five years, I was pretty excited. Captive State didn’t quite turn out the way […]