19 May 19

Hello friends!  Welcome! It seems like theres so much more going on in the warm spring and summer months. The longer days are perfect for vacations, nights of dancing, beach trips, BBQs, get togethers, long evening dinners, weddings, the list is almost endless! I love summer and I love dresses and dresses are cool, comfortable, […]

18 May 19
Musings of a Chronically Overdressed Dame

Last month when I visited Amsterdam, my friend Birthe Weijkamp told me about an event held at a living history museum about an hour from me. It’s called “Leben und Überleben in der Nachkriegszeit“ or “Life and survival in the postwar period”. It’s a weekend-long event commemorating the years immediately after WWII. There are a […]

17 May 19
Life According to Jamie

Happy Friday! This week didn’t go by too slowly which was nice, but I am feeling so tired and run down. Stressed to the max! So let’s throw it back to a carefree photo from last month when I was visiting family in Georgia. I wore this tiered floral maxi dress that was custom made […]

15 May 19
Chrissy Gleason

What is eShakti you may ask? eShakti is an online women’s fashion retailor, what is so amazing about their brand is the wide variety of sizes and shapes they accomodate. They are the only women’s fashion retailor offering sizes 0-36W and custom styles/sizes! I believe that fashion should reflect women’s inner beauty and should reflect […]

14 May 19
The Stellar Blog

Fully Custom American dresses – you can choose natural materials, the cut, colour and length. I am in love with these dresses…so chic, classic and elegant! I don’t think these will ever get out of style. Some of the dresses reminds me of the royal wedding guests with those wonderful fascinators, especially those solid bright […]

11 May 19
Terrigirl's blog

Good  morning  ladies ,  how  is  your  weekend  going. I  want  to  start  off  by  wishing  all the  Moms who  follow  me  in  the  United  States  and  Canada a  happy  Mothers  day ! I  know  it  is  different  in  the  U.K.  and  Ireland ( It  is  the  4th  Sunday  of  Lent a  tradition going  way  […]

04 May 19
Terrigirl's blog

Good  morning  Ladies  and  welcome  to  May! I  am  so  excited  ,  the  flowers  will  be  starting  to bloom  soon,  right  now  the  stems  are  at  3 inches .  May started  off   with  my  Sisters  wedding  anniversary  on  May  1st (10  years)  and  her  Birthday  on  May 2nd!  What a  great  start  to  May  for  […]

01 May 19
Grown and Curvy Woman

Happy Hump Day all!  For me Spring is a time for renewal.  The saying “out with the old, in what the new” definitely comes to mind.   Spring cleaning isn’t only  for  sprucing up your house or closet.  It can mean reevaluating your  routine to make sure your bladder leak protection is doing its job.  If you’re like me, […]

30 Apr 19

What is eShakti? Dress: Trapunto trim Stretch Poplin Sash Tie Dress It’s revolutionary concept in women’s clothing – they make clothes to customer’s height, size and style preferences at an affordable price and deliver it in 13-17 days. It’s not one the that big brands that you see on TV or in every mall, but it […]

27 Apr 19
Life According to Jamie

Yesterday, I posted about my Eshakti floral maxi dress that I wore for Easter Sunday lunch and the afternoon. Today, I’m sharing the glam tee I changed in to for dinner with friends because any excuse for an outfit change while away! This pink v-neck tee has gold sequins on the sleeves. Such a fun top! […]

30 Apr 19

You don’t need to be cashing Real Housewives of Atlanta checks to have a fabulous wedding with these tips for brides on a budget.

26 Apr 19
Life According to Jamie

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! I’m so sad that my spring break is almost at an end, but I know the rest of the school year is going to probably fly by and I’m not going to have enough time to do everything I want to do. Today I’m sharing the maxi dress I […]

25 Apr 19
High Latitude Style

A historic place with an interesting (Easter) dress code My husband invited me to Easter Brunch at a historic place outside of town. It’s a pretty casual place in summer. It attracts many tourists because its on the National List of Historic Places in the US. Thus, think along the lines of athleisure wear. You […]

23 Apr 19
Musings of a Chronically Overdressed Dame

We are in the Netherlands again, this time we are here to visit the Keukenhof Gardens. Tulips are my favorite flowers and I’ve been wanting to visit these gardens ever since we moved to Germany. This year my husband’s mom is here visiting us so we thought she’d also like to visit these gardens as […]