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19 Jun 19

Your coffee filter and paper towel are way more similar than you believe. Read labels to see whether it uses the safer method. The boiling water is imperative to guarantee great coffee. The Fight Against Coffee The end result is that not one of your contents are going to appear in search. So, actually it […]

17 Jun 19

A weekly podcast with the latest e-commerce news and events. Episode 177 features a recap of Code Conference and Mary Meekers Internet Trends 2019 Presentation, as well as Part 1 of Listener Questions.

17 Jun 19
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August 2018 and Swordfish is one year old! And, what a fun packed year it’s been. To celebrate, we thought we’d write a short blog to give a quick overview of what a year looks like at a Shoreditch based laser cutting company. So let’s start with the essentials shall we – 5481 cups of […]

17 Jun 19
Adafruit Industries - Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!

I’d love to explore the many treasures of Sahajanand Enterprises, and Indian market recently featured on Atlas Obscura, which sells items salvaged from retired ships. The settee he points to isn’t new. Neither are most of the other items in Baraiya’s Sahajanand Enterprises, a furniture store specializing in second-hand items sourced from old ships after […]

17 Jun 19

On a Thursday morning at 5:30, Alex sipped her latte, her elbows atop the service counter. Each day at this time, the sunlight through the front window blanketed her coffee shop, and she enjoyed a few moments of peace and quiet before the morning rush began. With 30 minutes to spare before she corralled her […]

15 Jun 19

Market Research Place presents Global Espresso Machine Market Insights, Forecast to 2025, which gives a deep scenario on the current state of the market, focusing on the major drivers and restraints. It a professional report with a brief introduction on trends and a comprehensive understanding of regional and local level sections. The three common factors of this market that will be driving this report include:

  • Revenue generation
  • Profitability growth
  • Main products

The report is great formation of various aspects such as Espresso Machine manufacturers, market share, product type, technological advancement, geographic regions, and applications. Besides, the report looks attentively at marketing, expense, business planning, sales, and business schemes.  The report makes future project

15 Jun 19
Coffee Machine Parts Get To The Basics

Content by-Hammond Velez Coffee is a multi-million dollar industry, and with good reason. It wakes you up, and it tastes great. But with all the different kinds out there, you might wonder if you’re having the best coffee you could be. This article contains tips to help you make sure you are. Keep reading! Trying […]

15 Jun 19
One More Good Adventure

Like gazillions of people I like my caffeine fix first thing in the morning when I wake up. Kick starts the day. It wasn’t always that way. When I was younger, the only thing I liked about coffee was the way the grounds smelled when you opened the can. The product had no appeal to […]

15 Jun 19
Tacoma Weekly

PLANNING COMMISSION CONSIDERS UPDATES TO FOUR COMMUNITY PLANS The Pierce County Planning Commission will consider proposed updates to the Frederickson, Mid-County, Parkland-Spanaway-Midland and South Hill community plans at public meetings over the next few months. Community plans provide direction on how growth and development will occur. The plans address topics such as zoning, transportation, the […]

14 Jun 19
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The Lever Espresso Machines market report gives a sorted image of the Lever Espresso Machines industry by the technique, incorporation, and analysis of study and data picked up from various sources. The report exactly elaborates the basics: descriptions, departments, applications and Business chain overview; business regulations and plans; product specifications; manufacturing processes; cost structures and so on. In […]

14 Jun 19
salt water pump

Pool water throughout the top layer of the best salt water pump for above ground pool sand, very much like a espresso machine. The other reason why your sand filter will probably sag is in case the sand starts to clump or calcify that may occur with salt water swimming pool pump inadequate quality of […]

14 Jun 19
Archy Worldys

Technology stocks had always avoided stock market leader Warren Buffett. They were too expensive for him, and he did not understand the business model, was his always the same reasoning. This spring, the 88-year-old was unfaithful to his line. "I was an idiot because I did not buy," Buffett told CNBC in May. He meant […]

12 Jun 19
Idea International, Inc.

Exhibiting in Australia When you think of Australia, exhibitions usually aren’t the first thing that comes to mind.  Beaches, kangaroos, Vegemite—maybe—but an exhibition in Australia? If you read our last two newsletters, you know that Australia is an APAC country—um, or is that continent? The answer is both: Australia is the only continent that is a […]

11 Jun 19
The dad in your life already has it all. He needs nothing and year after year you struggle to surprise him. The usual ‘man gifts’ (socks, whiskey, a tie, aftershave) just don’t cut it any more. If you are buying for a man who wants for nothing, you need to go next level. From the travel tech that will change his life, the garden power tool he needs and the ultimate workout gadget, here’s how to wow him with something he won’t see coming – but will love. Pocketalk Voice Translator Picture: Pocketalk Voice Translator For a dad who was never good at languages but likes to see the world, Pocketalk is going to rock his world.  The new and easy way to have a real conversation with someone who speaks a different language, it’s a smart device that learns as you use it. Better than a phone app , it allows for easy, two-way conversations with better microphones and noise cancellation that lets it pick up every word. Works with WiFi, mobile data, or personal hotspot. Small and compact, it has 74 languages, with more on the way. Pocketalk Voice Translator, £259, The Active5 (Picture: Avtiv5) Activ5 is a sleek and portable fitness device that allows you to exercise anywhere, any time, with short burst workouts carried out sitting or standing. It’s ideal for people with busy lives who can’t get to the gym or a class as it allows users to work out at their desk, while watching TV or on a plane, for example – with no equipment and in stints from 30 seconds up to 5 minutes. Activ5 has more than 100 workouts that are fast and fun, based on low impact, isometric (static strength) exercises. The durable design measures more than 200lbs of force and is compatible with both android and iOs phones, where you will find the app loaded up with the timed workouts. Activ5 will help him increase strength by as much as 5% per week – five minutes of isometric exercise can be equivalent to 25 minutes beasting it out at the gym. This is a great, thoughtful gift for busy dads who want to get fit but need a helping hand to get started. Activ5 Portable Strength Training Device and Coaching App, £119.95, SIXPAD’s Abs Fit 2 Training Device (Picture: SIXPAD Abs Fit 2) Working out without the work, SIXPAD are experts in electrical muscle stimulation training technology and their Abs Fit 2 product is the perfect gift for dads looking to tone up without the hard work. Having identified 20Hz as the optimum frequency to train muscles  the Abs Fit 2 delivers a targeted 23-minute workout. Now with Bluetooth connectivity, dad can also visualise their muscle training from start to finish through a dedicated training app. SIXPAD Abs Fit 2 Training Device, £230;  Theragun (Picture: Theragun) It may look like a torture device but when it comes to targeting nasty muscle knots it doesn’t get much better than the Theragun. Loved by pro athletes and celebrities, this handheld, battery-operated massage tool is a great gift to help dad loosen up. Advised as a preventative approach to relieve general muscle soreness and tightness, it can help with stress, along with improving mobility and sleep quality. It’s great for lower back pain, carpal tunnel, ‘tech neck’  and plantar fasciitis. Theragun Liv includes a battery charger, travel pouch and two attachments for varying levels of intensity and targeted pain relief. We reviewed it here – and safe to say everyone in the office now wants one. Theragun’s G3 includes a battery charger, travel case and four attachments for varying levels of intensity and targeted pain relief. Theragun Models Available from £275, Nest Cam Security (Picture: Nest Cam Indoor Security)   Accessible via a smartphone app, the Nest Cam will let dad see and hear what is going on when he’s out of town – not only that but he can communicate remotely through the camera directly to family members….or burglars! The camera streams securely to a phone, tablet or laptop and the coolest thing is it has a sophisticated, built-in facial recognition system so it can tell you if there is an unknown person in the home, alongside an intelligent motion tracking sensor. Compatible with iOS / AndroidWorks with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Nest Cam Indoor Security, £144, Apple TV (Picture: He will love the way that this cool tech will let him stream his favourite films and TV shows in Full HD quality. The 32GB Apple TV box has a built in Wifi internet that allows access to plenty of apps and streaming services, so he will always be able to find something to keep him entertained. He can operate it using his iOS device too, so no more tossing cushions aside trying to find the remote. Just connect to his WiFi to get going. Apple TV, £149,  Bathing Beauties (Picture: Tom and Teddy) Summer is just around the corner and honestly what is cuter than matching matching father/son swimwear? From Tom and Teddy these high performance, striking board shorts in men’s and boys sizes are inspired by Australian beach life and feature elephant, parrot, butterfly and palm designs. Father/Son swim shorts, £69 (men’s) £34 (boys), A Nuu Phone Picture: Nuu Mobile G4 Buying a powerful smartphone with the most recent version of Android is rarely affordable but this beauty offers superb tech at great value. New this month, and powered by Android 9 Pie, the G4 is Nuu Mobile’s flagship handset.  Here’s the tech lowdown – with either 64GB or 128GB memory options, the G4 is has a screen size of 6.2-inches with 2246 x 1080 pixel resolution. As for cameras, the G4 packs a 16-megapixel and 8-megapixel rear setup with a 16-megapixel shooter at the  front. The AI within the camera allows for automatic calibration based on the subject of the photo, from food to pets and family pics. Beyond its photographic abilities, the G4 also offers more memory (64GB) than many laptops, as well as a wireless charging capability, and a stylish, durable body that’s nearly impossible to scratch. Nuu Mobile G4, £299.99,    Ultimate Garden Gadget Picture: EGO A perfectly manicured garden is a thing of beauty, but it can mean a shed full of messy tools with random petrol cans stinking up the place and trailing wires. The Multi-tool from EGO not only brings dad the latest in garden tech, but it’s a fantastic multi-tasker – even if he isn’t. A multi-tool power head will let dad do line trimming, bush cutting and hedge trimming. It has a pole saw, and an edger. Basically, if you’ve got rogue grass, hedges or trees in your garden, watch out – they are about to get blitzed. Word of warning: when we bought our dad a shredder, he cut down all the trees in the garden so he’d have something to shred. It uses a 56-volt lithium-ion battery which means no petrol fumes and no cord to trip over or cut through. And it’s quiet – so he can get it all done without disturbing the neighbours – or you. EGO MHSC2002E MULTI-TOOL SET, £729, Digital Radio Picture: This multi-award winning radio is compact and modern, and the natty wood case (there are 5 real wood finishes to choose from) gives it a properly stylish look. It also also comes loaded with all the features dad could possibly want, including digital radio, bluetooth, a dual alarm clock and USB charge port for his phone. VQ Monty DAB & DAB+ Digital Radio with FM, Bluetooth & Alarm Clock, £79.99, The Modern Turntable (Picture: Sony) What’s better than modern retro? A turntable with Bluetooth connectivity will let a music loving dad enjoy the best of both worlds. Let him revisit his favourite music with this new turntable from Sony which gives him vinyl sound quality with the convenience of connecting to a wireless device. Sony Bluetooth Turntable, £197.49, The Cut, Shave & Smoke (Picture: Neville @ Bvlgari Barber Bar) Perfect for dads you want to pamper, Neville Hair & Beauty at the Bvlgari Hotel, London is a haven for gents who like their grooming. A spa menu dedicated to the modern man, it offers shaving and barbering alongside fantastic treatments for the face and body. We loved the Gentleman’s Signature Experience – called the Cut Shave & Smoke which combines the finest in male pampering with a lot of extras. (Picture: Neville Residence at the Bvlgari Spa) A signature experience that starts with haircut and style by the barber, it finishes with a wet shave and and a visit to the renowned Edward Sahakian Cigar Shop and Sampling Lounge for a cigar recommended by a Habano sommelier along with a drink of choice from the bespoke menu. Gentleman’s Signature Experience, The Cut, Shave & Smoke,  £220, The Debonair Decanter (Picture: This goes waaaay beyond gifting him a bottle of whiskey.  This decanter is  sophisticated, modern and hand cut made of 24% lead crystal. Called “Latitude Spirit” from Anton Studio Designs, it has a series of alternating slender and broad cuts, running both vertically and horizontally around the glass, meaning it catches the light from all angles and looks incredible stylish and smart. The gift boxed decanter has a cut stopper to match – and if you’re feeling generous, why not wow him with the matching tumblers. (Picture: Latitude Spirit Decanter by Anton Studio Designs, £99.50 Set of 2 Latitude Double Old Fashioned Tumblers by Anton Studio Designs, £44.95 The Urban Carryall (Picture: Chrome Industries) Looking like a carry-all version of urban origami, the new backpack by Chrome Industries called “The Summoner” is useful and stylish, decked out in a distinctive twill. Part of the brand’s new Modal Collection,  it is cool-looking and built to last. Super durable fabric ensures that his cargo stays dry and protected for the long haul. The “Summoner” has a generous capacity of 32 Litres, with a handy side and top to bottom zip. With a dedicated laptop pocket and multiple quick access pockets, it will let him easily find his phone and keys. Designed with shoulder-yoke backpack straps for extra carrying power and a compression strap system, it won’t hurt his back and can be stowed neatly into the overhead locker on a flight. Summoner BackpackSummoner, £170, The Commuter’s Best Friend (Picture: Sennheiser) These beauties are brand new and ideal for anyone looking to block out the noise on their commute – if you’ve tried to listen to a podcast on the noisy Tube you’ll know you need noise cancelling just to make out the words. The wireless MB 360 headset with Active Noise Cancellation by Sennheiser is designed to let him switch seamlessly from calls at work or on the move to audio entertainment – making it great for business or pleasure. They also have a pretty natty, sleek design, ergonomic ear pads and rich music performance make it a great fit for the tech savvy, style-conscious dad. And if your dad doesn’t know he wants noise cancelling headphones – that’s probably because he hasn’t tried them yet. Change his life (and long haul flights!) forever. MB 360 Headset from Sennheiser, £219, A Meat Lover’s Masterpiece (Picture: George Foreman Grill) If he’s a man who loves his meat – he will love this – particularly if he loves his meat but could be more confident in the kitchen, or just likes to keep things simple. Brand new from George Foreman, The Evolve Precision Black Grill has a range of innovative features, making it the most advanced George Foreman grill yet. The perfect present for any foodie dad this Father’s Day, it has a precision temperature probe to ensure meat is grilled to perfection. It also has a deep pan – a rectangular deep pan that makes it ideal for baking or making curries. It also has a very cool sear function – for a beautiful steak in no time at all. And for hungover weekend brunch, it makes exceptional cheese toasties. Evolve Precision Black Grill by George Foreman, £149.99   The DIY Dad (Picture: Wickes) A versatile machine that will let dad drill through masonry, steel or wood, Makita’s Combi Drill has 3 modes of operation, drilling, hammer drilling and screwdriver settings. With a powerful all metal gearbox, it delivers up to 42Nm of torque and comes with its own battery, charger and a 101 piece drill, screwdriver and tool set built into the lid. It’s everything the DIY lover could want, all in one box. Makita DHP453SFTK 18V Combi Drill 1 X 3Ah Li-Ion LXT Battery With 101 Piece Drill And Driver Set, £128, Smart Coffee Picture: Melitta CI Touch The ultimate coffee machine for a dad who loves his joe, the CI Touch by Melitta is a fantastic bean-to-cup coffee machine that is easy to use and gives great tech. It has a one-touch function and touch user panel so with just one press he can choose from four different coffee variations – from classic café crème to cappuccino and from latte macchiato to the espresso. There’s a great memory function so he can can save personal favourites for up to four people and the double cup mode means he can make two cups at the same time. This wonder machine was awarded the Quiet Mark seal of approval which means it’s blissfully quiet and when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, there’s filter technology that filters the water during preparation and prevents lime scale deposits from accumulating in the machine. So it’s lovely and low maintenance – just like he is. CI Touch® by Melitta®, £699, The Ultimate Entertainer (Picture: Epson TW650) An ideal projector for the perfect indoor or outdoor cinema experience, its impressive 300-inch display full HD projector is three times brighter than others on the market and will bring his favourite films or sports events to life. Set up is simple and the lamp light source is long-lasting – you can watch a film every day for up to 11 years without it running out. Simple set up: hassle-free with features such as keystone correction to help quickly position the image exactly where he wants it without any fuss. Epson EH-TW650 Full HD 3100 Lumens Wi-Fi Gaming and Home Cinema Projector, £519.99   The Superfast Smart TV (Picture: Cello) Made by British brand Cello, what makes this TV special is the way that it lets dad switch easily back and forth between terrestrial programmes and his favourite Netflix shows (as well as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub etc). It has a superfast interface unlike any other on the market; dad can go back and forth in less than 10 seconds (yes they’ve timed it) all on a rather swanky looking 9-axis gyroscope remote control. The colour is ‘HDR’ (High Dynamic Range) which means it gives off a cinematic  vibe, and features two USB ports so dad can record live TV, watch saved shows and even add a keyboard. Cello C55SFS-4K 55” Superfast Smart 4K HDR TV with Wi-Fi and Freeview T2 HD, £549.99,   24K Gold Razor Set Picture: Gentleman’s Journal Over the top to be sure  – but this award-winning razor is sure to wow dad – and certainly makes a striking addition to a gentleman’s bathroom. Compatible with the Gillette Mach3 blade, each razor is presented in a black-lacquered box together with a custom stand. Fancy and practical, it comes with a two year guarantee. R1 Mach3 Razor & Stand From: £100,  
11 Jun 19
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Yiorgos, left, and Antonis Antonopoulos stand on a hill overlooking Dilofo [John Psaropoulos/Al Jazeera] Dilofo, Thessaly – On the Greek government’s list of certified organic farmers, Antonis Antonopoulos has the serial number one. What makes Antonis and his brother Yiorgos a phenomenon, is not that their model farm pioneered organic methods in Greece; it’s that […]