Etre Cecile

11 Jul 19
mind body miko

I love my gal pal Ali. She and I relate to being ‘swamp demons’ because frankly we can’t give a flying f**k about being or looking put together sometimes. There was a time when I put effort into how I presented myself every single day, but with time and maturity I’ve learned that comfort should […]

10 Jul 19

 Grands dieux des petits poissons !… …le communisme prendrait-il Silicon Valley d’assaut? C’est la crainte qu’exprime un américain effaré par la nouvelle relayée par la chroniqueuse Arwa Mahdawi dans l’article du Guardian intitulé Silicon Valley’s answer to the housing crises? Charging $1,200 for a bunk bed in a shared house (La réponse de Silicon Valley aux […]