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13 Dec 18
WritersWrite Book 49 Fiction ‘Christmas Time’) By C. Paul Di Tullio Chapter 2 – ‘O Henry and Dickens’ Christmas’                                                   ‘Gift of the Magi’               […]

12 Dec 18
The master blog 1493

Prohibition Skyrockets the hip flask to Fame Among the most important activities within the evolution with the hip flask was Prohibition. While it was meant to improve the moral standing of American citizens, this 13-yr-extensive enforced dry spell had particularly the other impact, encouraging magic formula cocktail consumption. In addition, it served make flask-makers some […]

11 Dec 18
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Prohibition Skyrockets the hip flask to Fame One of The main gatherings within the evolution on the hip flask was Prohibition. While it had been intended to improve the moral standing of American citizens, this thirteen-calendar year-extended enforced dry spell had specifically the opposite effect, encouraging mystery cocktail intake. What’s more, it helped make flask-makers […]

09 Dec 18
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Prohibition Skyrockets the hip flask to Fame Considered one of The key situations within the evolution on the hip flask was Prohibition. Nevertheless it absolutely was intended to improve the ethical standing of Americans, this 13-calendar year-extended enforced dry spell experienced specifically the alternative impact, encouraging magic formula cocktail use. In addition, it aided make […]

08 Dec 18
The master blog 1493

Prohibition Skyrockets the hip flask to Fame One of An important events inside the evolution from the hip flask was Prohibition. While it absolutely was meant to improve the moral standing of Americans, this 13-calendar year-long enforced dry spell had precisely the alternative result, encouraging key cocktail usage. It also helped make flask-makers some major […]

07 Dec 18

Bitcoin (BSV) is a decentralized, honest and public financial system, and it is fundamentally inclusive.  The currency symbol should align with our historic mission to bring this revolutionary form of money to the entire world. Bitcoin is for everyone. It is not simply a brand mark. We are not designing a logo. We are designing […]

06 Dec 18
Random Scottish History

Next come the monasteries – not those old families of missionaries, the very beginning of Christianity among us – not Iona, nor Deir, nor Mortlich; not Abernethy, nor Old Melrose, nor old pre-episcopal Brechin, nor the Culdees of St. Serf and Mony musk – none of those primeval monasteries, of whom all we know is, […]

05 Dec 18

Gossip had become the life blood of the winter between the huddled, connected camps buried deep within the forest. The careful planning and stock piling that had been replicated between all three camps had left the usually ever busy adults with some blissfully idle hands. Warm, fed, and thriving despite two heavy major storms – […]

05 Dec 18
Views From The Wall

Adam Silver is easily the best commissioner in sports, granted the competition isn’t stiff. When every other commissioner is staying away from things like weed legalization and gambling, Silver is leading the charge into the future. When other commissioners have to deal with an owner who makes racist comments they sort of tread lightly. In […]

04 Dec 18
When it comes down to it, the holidays are all about feelings. You’d be hard-pressed to find a seasonal song that doesn’t champion good cheer or joyfulness or, most importantly, love. (Can it be this time of the year forever?) And while the simple act of spending time with family and friends is more than enough to elicit such emotions among loved ones, the acts of giving and receiving can take them to new heights. There’s nothing better than watching someone open a gift you painstakingly picked out and seeing them glow with genuine excitement. After all, gifts in themselves are expressions of feelings, and gifts that are unique and sincere hold an extra-special kind of magic. Of course, this isn’t to say that you have to gift someone an expensive car or a time-share in the Caribbean to prove how much you care about them. There’s a reason moms are often downright gleeful when they get handmade noodle necklaces and off-balance pinch pots. Finding affordable gifts that also boast a certain je ne sais quois is possible. To prove it, we rounded up a selection of legitimately incredible options that are all under $100. Some are personalizable, others are handmade and all of them are sure to result in warm, fuzzy feels. Diptyque votive candle set  Image: Diptyque. When it comes to candles, Diptyque is basically the gold standard. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of walking into a Diptyque shop, you know how intoxicating its products smell. Because its candles are on the pricier side, getting to indulge in one is typically a rare treat. This set of three, which features Diptyque’s Roses Notes, Figuier Notes and Baies Notes scents, is basically the best triple threat of a gift there is. Diptyque votive candle set, $90 at Forward   Pink Broken Flowers Pocket Square Image: tictail. Made of 100 percent silk, this hand-finished pocket square, which ties perfectly into a neck scarf, is playful yet elegant and will make any outfit bloom. Seeing as it was designed by a small business in the United Kingdom, it feels truly unique—you won’t see fifty other women on the street with the same one. Pink broken flowers pocket square, $71, Tictail   PANDORA Shards of Sparkle Ring, Clear CZ Image: PANDORA. When it comes to sparkly rings, the more, the merrier. This sterling silver design gives the illusion of five studded bands in one but takes away the hassle of having to keep track of them all. That’s a gift in itself. PANDORA Shards of Sparkle Ring, Clear CZ, $75 at PANDORA    Golden fortune cookie Image: Coming Soon. This metal fortune cookie would make an exceedingly cute design touch on pretty much anyone’s bookshelf or coffee table, but that’s not even the best thing about it. Open it up and it becomes the perfect little vessel in which to deliver a special love note or personalized fortune. Golden fortune cookie, $30 at Coming Soon   Crosley Radio Cruiser deluxe turntable   Image: Crosley. Give someone the sweet gift of sound with this design-forward record player. It offers advanced pitch control, Bluetooth compatibility and built-in speakers, which are the perfect modern complements to its cool retro look. If you want to go above and beyond, throw in a vinyl record or two by your giftee’s favorite band (and still come in under $100). Crosley Radio Cruiser deluxe turntable, $60 at Bloomingdale’s   Ellis Adventure fragrance layering set Image: Ellis Brooklyn. Fragrance is such a personal thing, which is why buying someone perfume as a gift can be tricky. This set by luxury fragrance brand Ellis Brooklyn includes three of their best-selling perfumes as well as three single-note perfumes, which are meant to be layered together endlessly for extra-personal scent combinations. Ellis Adventure fragrance layering set, $25, at Ellis Brooklyn   “Woman Card” deck of playing cards  Image: Uncommon Good. There is not a woman in this world who doesn’t need this deck of playing cards! Featuring illustrations of some of the most influential women throughout history, from Rosa Parks and Gertrude Stein to Sacagawea and Patsy Mink, these cards will ensure that every hand is a powerful one. “Woman Card” playing deck, $20 at Uncommon Goods   Agate cheese board Image: Anthropologie. This gilded agate stone would make an ace gift even without knowing its intended purpose. If you’re shopping for someone who loves to entertain (or is just really into pretty crystals), this cheese board/centerpiece is sure to make them swoon. Agate cheese board, $78 at Anthropologie   Abstract landscape with pink sky Image: Etsy. Receiving a piece of original artwork is so, so special. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift that was created directly from someone’s soul. What could be cooler than that? You can find gorgeous abstract landscapes like this one as well as pieces in every other style and medium on Etsy, so no matter what aesthetic you’re shopping for, there’ll be a piece that will catch your eye. Abstract landscape with pink sky, $95 at LizzyBells/Etsy   This post is sponsored by PANDORA.
04 Dec 18

Diwali gifting can be a good time for some yet confounding for the rest. Along these lines, we have chosen to facilitate your trouble in picking the ideal present for your dear ones. With regards to bubbly gifting, you can really have a great many great choices to look over. A religious jewelry the best […]

04 Dec 18

Patrons could sense,that the young woman sitting at the bar,was nervous enough,to jump out of her skin. The tension in her body, the rigidness of her posture, the way her eyes darted to each tall form that came into her line of sight, the flush on her face, the wringing of her hands–all spoke of […]

02 Dec 18
Dandelion Chandelier

Luxury items can just be mad crazy sometimes. For instance, the diamond-encrusted $88,000 cell phone. Or the $100,000 mattress (yes, we’re looking at you, Hästens). You know what we mean: sometimes basic everyday items can come with stratospheric prices. Sometimes the craftsmanship is really that good. And sometimes, putting a brand name or a celebrity into or […]