11 Jul 19
Much Ado Warwickshire

It’s one of Warwickshire’s most enchanting landmarks, but mythical Guy’s Cliffe has been out of bounds for much of its centuries-old history. An effort to save the crumbling manor and grounds is stripping away the weeds and may uncloak some of its past. One patch of ground at a time, a mythical, tumbledown mansion is being […]

19 Jun 19
More than a Job

Section 1a – Purpose and Role of HR in the Organization Since the dawn of the Industrial Age the segment of manufacturing has seen a couple centuries of innovation, waves of automation, waves of outsourcing and other means of increased efficiency. In the late 19th Century and early 20th century American labor unions successfully drove […]

15 Jun 19
Blabbering On

In many forms of disabilities, non-verbal communication can become the dominant form of communication and work quite successfully, though this can still be misinterpreted throughout culture (Wright & Multon, 1995). This is quite a common issue and easily done, though can be avoided or repaired through a variety of intercultural conflict resolution strategies. This report […]

21 May 19
Final Project

When speaking aloud, it’s pretty common for a person to accidentally say the wrong word, forget their train of thought, or just mispronounce something. In this transcript that certainly rings true. In 1977, researchers Schlegoff, Jefferson and Sacks published “The Preference for Self-Correction in the Organization of Repair in Conversation (1977).” In it, they described […]

21 May 19
Final Project

It was a dark and stormy night – just kidding. The conversation at hand actually took place on a bright and sunny day, April 9, 2019. It was midday, a moderate, comfortable temperature. Five speakers (pseudonamed A through E) were all friends and sat together in the living room of the Newman Catholic Center house […]

21 May 19
Final Project

Something that E. Goffman conveys through his literary piece “On Face-Work: an Analysis of Ritual Elements in Social Interaction” is the idea of face and how there can be a right and wrong face. Through the theory of language, face is as an image of the self which depends on both the rules and values […]

21 May 19
Final Project

Ochs explains that we usually expect narrations to be in the form of one person telling a story, but that it could also be co-constructed by participants in a conversation. Personal or solo narrative often has a style, similar to a plot, and can be recognized easily as storytelling. This style requires planning such as […]

21 May 19
Final Project

Cameron delivers to us through the passage the idea of conversation analysis. Conversational analysis looks at ordinary day to day discourse and tries to understand from an analysis of the conversation , how people interact. Cameron sets out to explain what makes the CA approach distinctive. She focuses “particularly on those areas of its work […]

20 May 19
Red bright sky

Identitas dan Presentasi Diri Identitas didefinisikan sebagai imaji budaya, sosial, relasional, dan individual atas konsep diri. Identitas memiliki implikasi keanggotaan grup, antar pribadi, dan individual. Henri Tajfel mendefinisikan identitas individual sebagai gabungan antara identitas sosial dan identitas personal pada level psikologis. Identitas sosial termasuk identitas keanggotaan etnis atau budaya tertentu, identias gender, identitas orientasi seksual, […]

16 Apr 19
Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling

hello 🙂 I was reading some of your stuff about conversation systems, was wondering if you’d have any links/pointers to academic literature on modelling conversations (can be more theoretical/non-game-related), or stuff relevant to people who might be trying to do it? This one came in via Twitter. I’ve covered some adjacent topics before on mailbag, […]

08 Apr 19
Jack the Thinker

Martin was a good friend of mine. No, it doesn’t mean he’s dead. It only means … we used to be friends, till the great divide happened and we no longer contacted each other. Well, “great” divide did not imply a dramatic, table-flipping, shouting, quarreling divide. The divide was great to us as in it […]

02 Apr 19
Interaction Design Process FS19

Introduction to Ateliers Living Museum During our first week of the Interaction Design Process class we visited the Ateliers Living Museum Wil for the first time. We were greeted by Dr. paed. Rose Ehemann, leader and founder of the museum/atelier. She began with a brief introduction to the space, explaining how it was inspired by […]

25 Mar 19
CaMP Anthropology

  https://www.ucpress.edu/book/9780520297982/the-political-lives-of-saints Interview by Alice Yeh  Alice Yeh: Talk of persecution and extinction often accompanies media coverage of Christians in the Middle East.  What intervention does your book contribute to this conversation and what assumptions are you arguing against? Angie Heo: Without doubt, Christians in the Middle East confront horrific incidents of violence – bombings, […]

08 Mar 19

Heit Construction

Heit Construction is a small to medium entreprise.Basically we are dealing with construction of houses/homes, churches,schools and clinics.We usually specilise with brickwork,concretes,plastering,flooring,tiling,skimming,ceiling designing ,paving and all renovations. This is the other facework we did in Harare. This is another facework we did bt using facebricks.We will show you later after construction.