22 Apr 19
Le Rendez-vous

Despite Halte’s complaint about the planned obsolescence (Hop) against the American company in December 2017, Apple seems to pursue a short-lived strategy of its phones, says the president of the association, Samuel Sauvage. Yet the demand for sustainable products is growing among consumers, pushing governments and businesses to evolve. In December 2017, a small French […]

11 Apr 19
Candy's Crap

When it comes to smartphone, it becomes a part of our life. We so rely on our smartphone physically and mentally. Partly because of mobility, multiple functionality and synchronize, smartphone provides the information we can receive anytime and anywhere, it is not too much to say that it conquers our modern life. It has not […]

04 Apr 19
When A Teen Goes Green

Hi there! Welcome into my weekly diary. I try to live an eco-positive lifestyle. I want to do more good than bad in my life, preferably every single day. How I do this and what that actually looks like on a daily basis? That’s what I want to discuss in these weekly diaries. I am […]

03 Apr 19

Digital had the opportunity to discuss the future of Fairphone with the company's founder, Bas van Abel. Focus on the Fairphone 2 adventure and what the brand is waiting for. Founded just over six years ago, Fairphone continues to be a UFO in today's mobile landscape. The small team of 65 people (mostly based in […]

02 Apr 19
Mags Forum Technology

I got a new FairPhone 2 today, and I followed this guide I got the latest TWRP (twrp-3.2.3-0-FP2.img) – and I can get into recovery mode fine. I sideloaded the latest build for Fairphone 2 (lineage-15.1-20190327-nightly-FP2-signed.zip), and immediately after I sideloaded MindTheGapps-8.1.0-arm-20180808_153837.zip. I then rooted by installing addonsu-15.1-arm-signed.zip. I rebooted and I get the bubble […]

29 Mar 19
Finance with Ethics

In this post I’d like to address two attitudes which I come up against frequently in discussions surrounding green or ethical investment… actually having now written part one, it seems worthy of a post of its own (and who knows, maybe some discussion) so I’ll put that in part two. First, I want to discuss […]

28 Mar 19
When A Teen Goes Green

Hi there, welcome back into my weekly diary! I try to live an eco-positive lifestyle, doing more good than bad to this beautiful earth and the living beings on it. That can sound kind of vaguely, so that’s why I write this weekly diary next to my regular blogposts. I want to show you what […]

25 Mar 19
Everyday Analysis

In light of Google’s Stadia, Marijam Didžgalvytė discusses the possibilities for changing the modes of production in the videogaming industry, via Walter Benjamin.

22 Mar 19

When Intel unveiled its Compute Card platform in early 2017, the company painted a picture of a modular future where you could buy a smart TV, internet-connected home appliances, or even computer docks and upgrade their processors, memory, and RAM in the future by simply swapping out a credit card-sized device. That future never really […]

17 Mar 19
A Book and a Cuppa

Under the capitalist system women found themselves worse off than men, because, as Capitalism made a slave of the man, and then by paying women through him, made her his slave, she became the slave of a slave, which is the worst sort of slavery Bernard Shaw Kristen R Ghodsee’s Why Women Have Better Sex […]

11 Mar 19

Kwame’s mercurial career includes roles a a professor of design, a filmmaker and the founder of the most successful record label in the history of Portugal. His true calling is the solution of meaningful problems from a design, engineering and systems perspective. After meeting model Lily Cole who was working on a gift economy app […]

09 Mar 19
Silvia Lazzaris

Pubblicato sul Corriere della Sera, inserto Innovazione, il 25/05/2018 Nascono dalla miseria e muoiono nella miseria. Sono i nostri cellulari, e tutti i mezzi elettronici creati grazie ai minerali provenienti da zone di conflitto e abbandonati nei paesi in via di sviluppo – dove i controlli sono inesistenti e le leggi non proteggono i cittadini. Lo […]