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16 Nov 18

MODERN WISDOM: AMERICA’S ONLY HUMOR MAGAZINE NUMBER 242 THANKSGIVING 2018 Copyright 2018 Francis DiMenno dimenno@gmail.com http://www.dimenno.wordpress.com CITIZEN RUANE INTERMEZZO THE 1980S “The novelist… is conditioned by what he guesses about other people, and about himself.” —E.M. Forster. “…that emasculated humor we call fun…”—F.Scott Fitzgerald, “The Rich Boy” “There is a land of Cockayne where all […]

14 Sep 18

Crate & Box THE SPECIALIST IN MANUFACTURING NEW PALLETS, BOXES, CRATES AND DECKS DEALER IN 2ND HAND PALLETS (PURCHASE, REPAIR & RESELL) SA Pallet Crate & Box specialises in the purchase, refurbishment and sale of pallets. We also manufacture new pallets, crates and boxes to standard industry sizes and customer specification. We purchase and supply […]