20 Jul 19
The Fat Angel Sings

The B-52’s were ’70s punks molded not from the syringes and leather of New York City, but from the campy detritus you might have found in the thrift stores and garage sales of their home of Athens, Ga.: bright clothes, toy pianos, old issues of Vogue, tall wigs and discarded vinyl. They channeled spy soundtracks, […]

19 Jul 19
5 Minutes with Joe

The trip down Alabama continues: Third furball presented consecutively, following Fuki and Boots; fortieth featured from the street, between boundaries Adams and Lincoln; and forty-sixth kitty to appear behind window or door. Besides the next two, there are another half-dozen of which I am aware but have been unable to present; most of those are […]

19 Jul 19

Melting music into new

17 Jul 19
A Floyd A Day

STEREO Written by: Barrett Length: 3:42 Recorded: 27 February, 15 March 1967 Recorded at: EMI Studios, Abbey Road, London Producer: Norman Smith Released on: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, 4 August 1967 (Columbia SX 6157) Syd Barrett vocals Nick Mason percussion Roger Waters electric bass Richard Wright keyboards, vocals Barrett doesn’t appear to […]

15 Jul 19
5 Minutes with Joe

Our second of five, consecutively-presented Alabama cats is thirty-ninth seen on the street between boundaries Adams and Lincoln, since the series‘ start in October 2016. For perspective, that works out to 14 percent of the 277 profiles published to date. I spotted the first felines there—on the same block and all on the same day—in […]

14 Jul 19
5 Minutes with Joe

Alabama is back, with the thirty-eighth-sighted feline on the street between boundaries Adams and Lincoln, since the series started in October 2016. Another four follow consecutively. Your guess why the Alabama abundance easily could make more sense than mine. Prevailing theory: Human population density, because of the comparatively, unusually high percentage of multi-unit rental properties—and […]

13 Jul 19
The Haunted Generation

It’s a hot, humid, bad-tempered Friday afternoon, and I’m drumming my fingers on the steering wheel, hopelessly lost in Leeds city centre. Quarry House car park is hemmed in by roadworks, there are queues of rush-hour traffic backed up on every sliproad, and a rumbling undercurrent of hay fever has turned my eyes into quagmires.

11 Jul 19

The world is a bloody big place. Sometimes I have to remind myself of how big it actually is. And the size of the world also contributes to the amount of music that is out there. And again, sometimes I despair at not being able to dig through dusty boxes of records for the rest […]

08 Jul 19
5 Minutes with Joe

Two days ago my wife and I resumed our San Diego Zoo membership. This morning, we walked through the animal refuge for the first time in more than a year. The caged creatures there inspire the nickname for the tabby spotted on June 13, 2019 along Florida between Madison and Monroe. He (and hopefully not […]

05 Jul 19
5 Minutes with Joe

Our forty-fifth kitty to appear behind window or door, like the others, is nameless—or at least to me the street photographer. I dub this one Hawk, for watching birds on the wire. Their reflection in the glass punctuates the moment, which I captured using Fujifilm GFX 50R and Fujinon GF63mmF2.8 R WR lens. Vitals, aperture […]

02 Jul 19

The Young Ones of Guyana–On Tour and Reunion Label: BBE Music. On the ’26th of May 1966, Guyana, the third smallest severing state in mainland South America gained its independence from the United Kingdom. For the people of Guyana this was something to celebrate, and celebrate they did. In 1970, The Young Ones Of Guyana, […]

01 Jul 19

So we’ve reached that point of the year already and MIMR can say that 2019 has been a real eye opener for new records with plenty of cracking examples of brilliant ones out there. I’ve whittled it down to the top 10, here’s the list! 10. Masa Diora ‘The Visonary’ 9. Sour Punch ‘What Came […]

29 Jun 19
Fuzzy Sun

After their latest excellent album ‘Visitors’ on Requim Pour un Twister the psychedelic rockers Triptides are back. With music that fits perfectly for a hazy summer the band released a new 7-inch. Check out the sitars, Farfisa Organ, 12 string guitat and Beatle bass in the new music. Tune in For ‘She is dressed in […]