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20 Jun 19

Once again there is human overreach. Earth’s galactic empire extends its reach deep into the galaxy and out to the Periphery, where a truce with the border rival KwanDellan BrotherWorlds has been in effect for a hundred years. A Peripheral Affair (1973)  centers around a Terran scout ship on a routine patrol through the Periphery […]

30 Apr 19

And now, let’s get back to the future! Slide Show is a 1973 short story written by George R.R. Martin and published in OMEGA. This story is steeped with themes and motifs carried on in his Thousand Worlds universe, other stand alone works, as well as the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Think […]

05 Apr 19

I know I am distracted by shiny things. What can I say? I find just about all of GRRM’s work falls into the shiny thing category for me. This is a story I have been working on transcribing for a while now. I have many other essays in the works, but this is one I […]

01 Apr 19

Here we are with another early edition of a George R.R. Martin story that blurs the edges of warfare and who has the upper hand… until a programming error creates a tactical blunder. The autotanks in this story are rather akin to the ‘power wagons‘ of And Seven Times Never Kill Man, which are truly […]

19 Mar 19

It is the last day of winter on my part of the marble. The bitterblooms have entwined themselves tightly around braziers, and frost flowers have survived through the chinks in the wall. But, this too, shall pass. Tomorrow brings spring, and with spring we get the bloodblooms and sentient trees. Gardener’s toiling away in George […]

12 Mar 19

I have been a smidge slow updating a few other posts, and I think that is because I have been busy reading new-to-me George R.R. Martin stories in order to keep up with the full Martinworld decoding on this blog. So as I did with The Needle Men, and with Only Kids are Afraid of […]

26 Feb 19

A while back, within a few weeks after the release of Fire & Blood; Vol. 1, several readers reached the point in the story of Aerea Targaryen and her wonderful, willful ways as an adventurer. Sadly that took a tragic turn to the extreme worse after her last flight on the back of Balerion who […]

26 Feb 19

So recently I was going through some of my old posts back at the Westeros.Org forum when I cam across this old gem. I always liked this idea, and knew there was more to it, but had never really touched on it after I made this post almost three years ago (about 1,000 in internet […]

14 Feb 19

Get it 😉 Let’s raise a horn of meade to a behind the scenes heroine of A Song of Ice and Fire. The Melantha Jhirl from Nightflyers. The Janis/Bitterspeaker from And Seven Times Never Kill Man. The Valerie/Cynthia from Fevre Dream. The Maggie from Armageddon Rag. The Glenda from Weekend in a War Zone. The […]

03 Jan 19

I am just totally distracted by shiny things. At this point in my squishy life, that isn’t going to change… kinda like the three-headed heroes of GRRM stories. While I am working on transcribing the story The Needle Men for the “fiery religions” page, I wanted to drop this teaser here for you to shake […]

31 Dec 18

Like many others in the world, I took a leap. Well, more specifically, in winter, I took a fall. Because of that fall, I leaped up and started this here blog to capture my creative consciousness before it trickled away. One of the best fandom moments was visiting New Jersey and seeing George at the […]

19 Dec 18
Wawang Lake Resort

 LEECHES AND NIGHTCRAWLERS Leeches and night-crawlers are favorite foods of the walleye because they are natural offerings in most waters and walleye are accustomed to feeding on them. When presented properly they are irresistible. A stretched out, wiggling leech bouncing  along just over the bottom of a gravel bar or weed bed, will make even the most finicky walleye take a […]

24 Nov 18

Well, by now the entire galaxy knows of the release of the fake history of the Targaryens in Westeros in the book known as Fire & Blood, vol.1. Visit your local bookseller to pick this book up in person. I have to admit that I was rather lukewarm about this book, and not just because […]

07 Nov 18

This message is a bit of a teaser to let you know that I was able to set aside a bit of time this evening to add more book quotes to when Val was introduced in George RR Martin’s world as a whole, because she has been there since the beginning of time. The full […]

09 Oct 18

“You hear it here and there, in inns and whorehouses.” “Myrish. ‘The Seasons of My Love.’ Sweet and sad, if you understand the words. The first girl I ever bedded used to sing it, and I’ve never been able to put it out of my head.” Tyrion gazed up at the sky. It was a […]

27 Sep 18

Gooood morning! George RR Martin tickled our fancies by giving readers a preview of his history book Fire & Blood, vol 1. All text credits goes to George RR Martin and image credits to Doug Wheatley. Below, I have pasted the text from George’s blog. Here is a link to his NotABlog site where you […]

20 Sep 18

Even as she set the quill aside and asked for sealing wax, Catelyn sensed that the letter was like to be too little and too late. Maester Vyman did not believe Lord Hoster would linger long enough for a raven to reach the Eyrie and return. Though he has said much the same before . […]