12 Jun 19
GreaterBayShore - greaterlongisland.com

All the warm and friendly hospitality of a boutique hotel. That’s the concept behind The Linwood Restaurant & Cocktails, which is opening Tuesday in Bay Shore, in the location that last hosted the short-lived Fatwood Southern Kitchen. “This is personalized and detail-oriented service,” said Linwood co-owner Drew Dvorkin, who operates several restaurants in NYC and […]

04 Jun 19
Harvest of Grapes

A recent set of developments in my personal life has left me in a situation quite unlike the one I was in during the previous edition of WIDTPTW. These changes are also part of the reason it has taken me so long to write a sequel to the very first edition. Making a long, detailed […]

03 Jun 19
Adventure Angel

154 of 365 Days of Outdoor Skills Wood: You will need a lot of wood for the fire, building shelter, and making other resources. A large fallen tree provides a good source of firewood, and trees such as pines can provide a steady supply of fatwood.

28 May 19
Radicle Recovery

Content warning: exact numbers and eating disorder behaviors discussed. then: acrach three i first glimpsed her when i was small, a toddler, peering into the unfathomable dark stretches of our yard at night. six her form was very like the fat tabby who sang melodies for meat and spilled her silky rolls upon our porch. […]

24 May 19

Week Two :: 13-19 March Bisbee AZ to Davis Mountains State Park TX Wednesday, March 13 Bisbee AZ to Rock Hound State Park NM > 202 miles We woke up pretty early, around 6:30, to a cold, blustery, rainy/sleety morning at The Gardens in Bisbee. Bear with me as I digress somewhat: For this trip […]

14 May 19
Smoking FACEPelt Outdoors

Earlier in the year I started my “For The Love Of Flames” series with a look at my various fire kits, here is a link to that post: https://smokingfacepeltoutdoors.wordpress.com/2019/01/15/for-the-love-of-flames/ . There are multiple stages to a fire build; tinder, kindling, the lay, and fuel to keep it all going. Today we are going to look […]

20 Apr 19
Cordillera Cowboy: Philippine Life and Travels

This article was first published about a year ago in Live in the Philippines e-magazine. I’ve edited it to reflect the time passed since the event. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About two years ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to Ifugau Province, a short drive to our north. I was traveling into the Cordillera Mountains in the company of […]

05 Apr 19
Oojiboo Outdoors

Handmade All Weather Fire Starting Kit.  This kit comes complete with 8cm x 0.8 cm magnesium ferro rod with a hand crafted handle made from fresh fatwood and a carbon steel stricker with 1 metre of 550lb para cord, either in a snake knot or as an adjustable necklace. Inside the 2oz aluminium tin (gold/copper coloured) […]

23 Mar 19

Last last October The Wooded Beardsman invited me up for season 4 of the Wilderness living challenge. So I backed up my ex-wife Subaru And drove 12 hours to join him in the woods near North Bay Canada. In this episode we set out to catch and cook a black bear using Dogs. The goal […]

23 Mar 19

Alright time to Catch and cook a fish and make that first fire that i failed to do on day 1 the way i did in Patagonia on day 2 after being dropped High in the mountains of Patagonia to survive alone for what would tern out to be 87 days. ****Support us by shopping […]

16 Mar 19
Adventure Angel

75 of 365 Days of Outdoor Skills Harvesting Fatwood: Choose an area of a living or dead tree where a branch has grown and cut the branch as close to the trunk as possible. Here you will find at least a few inches of fatwood. To process this wood for starting a fire, locate the […]

15 Mar 19
Adventure Angel

74 of 365 Days of Outdoor Skills Fatwood: The area of the tree commonly known as the fatwood will collect the resins best because it’s where the sap settles. Oftentimes the stump and root ball can be an excellent source of fat wood. Not all tree species have a lot of sap, so you will […]

26 Feb 19

[ad_1] Fire Starter Kit for your bug out bag – a video of 3 fire starters: fatwood, fuel tablets, and a cotton ball showing which starts BEST! [ad_2] Source by prepperssurvive

22 Feb 19

Only a few days left and we are forced to eat possum once again. After catching and cooking the first possum almost 20 days ago you would think I’d be ready for another. But they are just to fatty it really is not what i want to be eating after 26 days of similar meals. […]

22 Feb 19

I’ve built rocket stoves out of Garbage at home But working with clay And using primitive technology to build A rocket stove is just awesome. The little fishing spot I found Has a hillside Of solid clay From the waters edge to about 12 feet up. It fairly hard compact so i wont be using […]

20 Feb 19

“A Word is Dead A word is dead When it is said, Some say. I say it just Begins to live That day.” Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson Thanks today to Gary W. Bowers, Paul Brooks, Irma Do, Deb Felio (Deb y Felio), Jen Goldie, Anjum Wasim Dar, and new to our […]

19 Feb 19

I have been hunting for day trying to get turkey but so far unsuccessfully, So today I’m going to load the 50 caliber air rifle with the arrows and go dear hunting. This 50 cal airbow is awesome now if i can just get in front of a deer while I’m hunting !!!! Primitive Catch […]