Favre Leuba

13 Apr 19
Adventures in Amateur Watch Fettling

My daily cycle into work takes me across one of four Strays, each of which the remainders of common enclosed areas of grazing land allotted to the Freemen of each of the original four wards of York.  The entrance into and exit from this Stray requires passage over a cattle grid.  On rare occasions, my […]

10 Apr 19
Social News XYZ

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) India’s no. 1 off-road racer, CS Santosh was on Wednesday announced the brand ambassador of a luxury Swiss brand. Favre-Leuba is the second oldest luxury Swiss watch brand. Santosh was named the brand ambassador for Favre-Leuba’s Raider Sea Sky timepieces. “I consider this to be a very exciting collaboration and […]

17 Mar 19
JAZ Le Bon Temps

Réveil Jaz Swiss Made 1940 /1942                                                                                                   Calibre […]

13 Mar 19
Akanksha Redhu

It took me some time but I did manage to compile all the outfits I wore during our 7 days getaway to Phuket. Everytime you asked me for details on insta I told you that I’ll be sharing all the details on the blog soon so I couldn’t NOT do it! I’ll be sharing brand […]

09 Aug 18

Favre-Leuba expands their Raider line of watches by presenting the Raider Sea King model that incorporates a retro-futuristic design. Like the Raider Sea-Bird ladies watch launched in 2017, the Sea King features a fluted bezel, in addition to the signature tetra-decagonal bezel. The multilayered case resulting from these bezels, along with their interplay of polished […]

09 Aug 18

Favre-Leuba makes timepieces that can withstand the extreme hostile conditions of air, land and sea. In which, the product line Bathy is specially dedicated for under water explorations. Introduced in 1968, Favre-Leuba’s Bathy was one of the first wristwatches with a membrane and a central hand that made it possible to measure depth more accurately. […]

04 Aug 18
Fratello Watches

Last Sunday, the news broke that Swatch Group is pulling out of Baselworld. You’ve probably read that already somewhere last week as every major publication covered this ‘shocking’ news. But is it shocking? In this article, we will give the opinion on this matter by three of our writers: Gerard Nijenbrinks, Michael Stockton, and Robert-Jan […]

20 Jul 18
Remnants of my ruminations - Vidhyut Gadia

TOPIC– Watches and Watchmaking. As a SERIOUS watch aficionado, I think being a horologist is painfully underrated. Hell, calling it underrated is pretty much an understatement. A true horologist never gets his deserving share of credit for the mastery he has gained over thousands of hours of undeterred dedication and commitment towards watchmaking. I know that as […]

09 Jul 18
Bulova mens watch

In 2018, Favre-Leuba celebrates its 281st anniversary, a remarkable landmark in the illustrious history of Switzerland’s second-oldest witness manufacturer. Having a powerful history indicated by uncompromising courage, a pioneering spirit, the enduring refusal to take bounds, and the push to grasp opportunities and get the outstanding — that the brand has established new standards in […]

18 Jun 18
About Time

I have set this blog up as a place for me to share my views and thoughts on watches. Since early childhood I have had a fascination with timepieces. From an incredibly slim calculator watch I bought during a trip to Germany in my early teens to an ancient, mechanical Timex watch I discovered stored […]