21 Feb 19
Ill Creatures Great and Small

Oh, hello! I’m still alive, still practising veterinary medicine, still finding it increasingly difficult to recount amusing practice stories without breaking confidentiality. I’m almost five months into my new job near Stoke and have now just about settled into the swing of things. I already have a few clients who routinely book appointments with me (I […]

21 Feb 19
Cat Tails

February 20, 2019 #cats #kittens Author: Melissa Sitzman Things You’ll Need: A room where you can put the new cat, separate from the existing cats. Such as; a guest bedroom, an extra bathroom, etc.. (Just make sure there are child safety locks on any cupboards and any harmful substances are stored to where kitty can’t […]

13 Feb 19

Last week we adopted another kitty. Harley, who is 9, doesn’t like to play with the kids so Wyatt really wanted a younger kitty he could cuddle and play with; Totally understandable. I was so nervous! It’s very hard to find a cat that is okay with children. Normally you have to adopt a small […]

11 Feb 19
Franky tells it like it is

After we bought our house I finally got to get two siamese kittens. One at the end of December and one past Saturday. Called “Blue” (boy) and “Belle” (girl) and yes it can sound like bluebell which is intended. They are the cutest things ever. When we got Belle she was so curious and so […]

07 Feb 19
Cat Care Solutions

Safe & Natural Methods to Calm Cat Anxiety   Cats, just like us humans, can suffer from some pretty severe anxiety. It is no less debilitating for them than it is for us, either. Understanding how to calm cat anxiety can change their life and yours. Why Is My Cat Anxious? You may be wondering […]

07 Feb 19
My slideshare blogs

The Battle Over 50Five Safety Solutions and How to Win It Just because you’re older and wiser doesn’t signify you don’t have to take safety precautions. Anti-malware protection is vital for organizations to protect against the ever-evolving cyber security threats. Our best protection is the love we have for one another. Not only does this […]

07 Feb 19
Middlewood Blog

Most Noticeable 50Five Safety Solutions In case the service can’t fulfill such requirements then certainly its services have failed to fulfill the set regulations and aren’t up to the market standard. Al Jazeera Services have been halted in the USA of America, and there’s a danger which other organizations want to silence us. Learn the […]

03 Feb 19

When you have actually held cats, then your issue of cat spraying is probably not a new comer to you. Spraying in cats is indeed popular that it is not possible to attribute it to cat behavior issues at all times. While usually domesticated felines do not really spray, they could achieve this under tension […]

03 Feb 19
Site Title

If you have ever possessed cats, then a issue of cat spraying is probably not a new comer to you. Spraying in cats is really common that it is not possible to attribute it to cat behavior problems at all times. While typically domesticated felines do not really spray, they may do this under strain […]

31 Jan 19

If you rescue a pets, please rescue me also. If you purchase one, the profit goes to my and my sisters studies. Can you please purchase one mugs? your one purchase is not become my day, it’s become my life.

25 Jan 19
Pawsome Doctor

So with the recent storm this week here in Perth or with Australia Day tomorrow, 26th January, which of course means City of Perth’s infamous Australia Day Skyworks, I thought it would be good to share some tips and tricks about how to manage our little furry friends who might be storm-phobic or noise-phobic, particularly […]

20 Jan 19
The Purrfect Home

I don’t think we ever intended to have cats of our own, but like how everything begins… it just happened. I mean, we always loved playing with stray cats since young and were a bit scared of dogs, so it was no surprise to our parents when we came home with a cat… and then more cats […]

19 Jan 19
Chatter Cat Inn

I am a seasoned veterinary technician, practice manager, and surgery tech. I have been in the veterinary field for over 35 years and I have spent years listening to what makes a cat and their owners truly happy. My findings are based on experience with in-home visits and boarding . One of the reasons I started […]

17 Jan 19

Ninja and I have been getting along better. And Ninja is starting to ask Mommy for pets and I am letting him! Here is a great shot of him waiting for his Dad to call so they can FaceTime! He is thankful for telephone technology that allows him to talk to his Dad! Mom is […]

14 Jan 19
the meowing vet

We may have missed National Pet Travel Safety Day by a week (it was January 2nd), but it’s never too late to discuss travel safety tips for dogs and cats. Whether you’re planning on traveling by plane, train, or automobile, The Meowing Vet is here to guide you through travel preparations for your pets by […]