Filippa K

23 Feb 19
Dandelion Chandelier

Do you have to sacrifice style for sustainability? Dear reader, not anymore. Our correspondent Julie Chang Murphy has investigated the world of sustainable fashion, and she’s sharing the latest developments in the designer apparel and accessories industry. Here’s our list of some of the top sustainable luxury fashion brands you need to know right now.

22 Feb 19
TheCurrent Daily

The rental market boom is sending a clear signal to brands struggling to survive in the current retail climate: it is time to adapt to changing purchase behaviors, or risk losing market share.

06 Feb 19
Vogenix Self Tanner

2019-02-06 11:17:15 Home of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, the largest and most prominent conference on sustainable fashion in the world, Copenhagen is full of beautiful, stylish people who care deeply about aligning their wardrobe with their values. And with that comes some of the best sustainable fashion shopping in the world! Seriously, you have ethical […]

30 Jan 19

Nu är det läääänge sedan jag var hos frissan. Kände att det var läge att vila det lite efter klippet i våras (som jag ju f.ö ångrade). Vi klippte ju det en bra bit på längden men också en del etapper och min tjocka hästman blev ganska snabbt ett minne blott. Jag ångrade mig nog […]

05 Jan 19

Sweater and sneakers from Céline Pants from Filippa K Candle from BYREDO The darker the days got, the lazier I got with dressing up! I wore this outfit maybe every other day in December, because let’s face it, as much as I try to enjoy the winter, I’m trying to make the bare minimum amount […]