15 Jul 19
Billie's Craft Room

Are you new to journalling? Here are my fave places to shop for supplies.

12 Jul 19
Welsh Writer

I live in a studio flat. Sometimes, such as when wanting a cup of tea without actually moving to get one, I find this is an excellent set up. At other times however, such as when I’ve spent the entire weekend in one room and I’m starting to go a little stir crazy, it is […]

12 Jul 19
The Wolfunners' Loot Lair

Here we have a filofax style personal organiser for the Doctor Who fan. It is a plastic ringbinder with a push button clasp at the front. As you can see in Pic #1, the cover reads DOCTOR WHO in black a yellowy/brownish background, and LOG BOOK CLASSIFIED TIME AGENT DATA in shiny silver! In pic […]

11 Jul 19
Website SEO Blog UK
Jack Lopresti and Jo Kinsey
Image caption Jo Kinsey worked for Filton and Bradley Stoke Conservative MP Jack Lopresti after the Brexit vote

An MP has apologised to a former employee after she complained about being bullied and harassed by him.

Jo Kinsey worked for Jack Lopresti, Conservative MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke, after the Brexit vote. She then complained to the party about him.

She said she felt vindicated and relieved

11 Jul 19
Business Insight Reports

“Office Stationery Supplies Market 2019” describes an in-depth evaluation and professional study on the present and future state of the Office Stationery Supplies market across the globe, including valuable facts and figures. Office Stationery Supplies market provides information regarding the emerging opportunities in the Office Stationery Supplies market & the market drivers, trends & upcoming […]

06 Jul 19
Filofax Love

I wrote in my previous post that I bought some vellum paper, but unfortunately it was a total failure!! 😦 My printer is an Epson inkjet printer, and I tried different settings, but the ink just doesn’t want to stay on the vellum! It stays all wet and get horribly smeared after a while 😦 […]

05 Jul 19
Start From The Beginning

I used to keep diaries as a kid. I’m not too sure when this started or why, but I recall my father getting me a Filofax from an auction when I was 10..11..12ish. Newsround encouraged young people to join their ‘Presspack’ as journalists so I applied and shortly aftwards received my bright yellow Presspack pass, […]

03 Jul 19
Janet Carr @

This has been a really interesting planning half-year. I am not sure I have ever had one quite like it. Sweden had an election in September 2018 and, like many other European countries (Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Austria etc), had difficulty forming a government. The increasing number of smaller parties and the rise of the far […]

02 Jul 19
Bookwyrm Bites

When I started my very first bullet journal in December 2015, it seemed like the natural next step after five and a half years of preprinted school planners. (I got my first one in fourth grade, at nine years old.) Pen-and-paper planning definitely worked for me, but I had my own ideas for customized page […]

01 Jul 19
Ramblings and Rants

I’ve drafted this post, well parts of it, several times both mentally and physically over the past few months but am now ready to share at least some of the content of those drafts here in the first part of the post itself. This post is split into three four parts for easier reading … and […]

01 Jul 19
Pam Alison Knits

Since 2014, some enterprising ladies on the internet have been running a challenge called One Book July. If you’re not part of the “planning” community everything I am going to write from here on in will seem a little odd, or totally crazy, to you, but you may enjoy it all the same. What is […]

29 Jun 19
Filofax Love

I wanted to get some stickers which I can fill in words (like speech bubbles) then I thought I could make some myself! Here they are 😄 Now I’m going to have to make a new today marker because the one I’m using now is getting damaged 😅 I recently bought some vellum so I’m […]