18 Feb 19

So I’ve got loads going on. Moved to new a country, trying to make friends and work out a new life. I can’t spend the rest of my Saturdays having parties for one (as good as they are). I’ve got exams to study for (and boy do I want to pass them first time round […]

15 Feb 19
Be you

Do you start your week looking forward to Friday? So many of us do, whether it’s for the joy of a couple of days off, relaxation and family time or the joy of being able to have a drink on Friday night, it’s often the only thing that gets me through a tough week at […]

14 Feb 19
Chester Careers: Student Blog

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is key – uni life wouldn’t be what it is without it.  Even if you’re someone who likes to party, it should always be your priority to do well in class. Making time for work as well as socialising is vital to anyone’s life, it’s always good to have a […]

08 Feb 19

Refill sheets for Filofax® Notebooks. Innovative hole design allows sheets to be repositioned to suit your personal needs. Size: 8 1/4 x 5 13/16 Paper Color(s): Cream Paper Weight: 100 g/m2 Sheets Per Unit: 32.

08 Feb 19
The Well-Appointed Desk

Inspired by the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, the new jelly, frosted Kaweco Sport pens and an album I waited three decades for, this week’s Fashionable Friday is ready for love. All kinds. Romance, pet love, familial, and even love of a new pen. English Beat Here We Go Love (via Spotify) Kaweco Sport Frosted Blush […]

08 Feb 19
Irresistible Storytelling

Brand stories are key to selling yourself as a coach. But coaches are busy people! Between finding new clients, processing invoices, and doing the actual coaching, it’s easy to feel spread thin. And what happens when we feel harried or unmotivated? The storytelling falls to the side. Don’t fall into a storytelling slump. Here’s how […]

08 Feb 19
Bunny & the Bloke

How well read is anyone? What does well read even mean? Dictionary definitions suggest reading widely and having learned from that reading. One view which caught my eye was that the definition hasn’t changed much over the years, but that source material being read almost certainly has. Whilst well read has been assumed to mean […]

08 Feb 19
Business Web

There’s no shortage of guides out there telling you how to become a successful entrepreneur. Whatever industry you’re interested in, you can find millions of written words, and thousands of hours of video, on the best way to make it in that field. Feel like creating your own start-up but unsure how? Don’t worry – […]

07 Feb 19

As you may have noticed, there was no new blog post last week. I was in the mountains, enjoying the new blanket of snow, learning new skills and dodging trees on the way down the hill.

07 Feb 19
writing in north norfolk

I’m sitting in my study in front of my laptop, Filofax and paperwork littering the desktop. In the background, The Archers is on the radio, otherwise the house is still, my only company Mojo, the little green-eyed cat, scrutinising every move I make, her pink nose pushing at my hand,  urging me to take a […]

07 Feb 19

Thank you to Color My Life for a copy of this planner in exchange for an honest review.  This post is not paid and does not contain affiliate links. *Images taken from product website* Try as I may, my organisation skills leave a lot to be desired.  It’s not that I’m disorganised, it’s just you […]