13 Dec 18
The Forest Fairy's Filofax

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

13 Dec 18
Durchlerora Blog

A wide variety of paper solutions from copy to multipurpose papers. Paper is an essential office supply and it comes in many different varieties, including quality levels, shapes, and sizes. Multipurpose papers remove the need to buy many different specific types of paper for your office machinery, Stock up now on all your paper supplies. […]

12 Dec 18
The Well-Appointed Desk

Gift Guides: A Few of My Favorite Things AKA The L.W.A. Holiday Gift Guide (via Letter Writers Alliance) Pens: A Black Star over the Montblanc (via Inked Happiness) Pineider Snorkel Filler (via The Pen Addict) Itoya PaperSkater Galaxy Fountain Pen (via The Pen Addict) CaliArts Ego Fountain Pen (via Comfortable Shoes Studio) Ink: Syrringes for refilling […]

11 Dec 18
The Serendipitous Librarian

Goodreads has just sent me my Year in Books list, I never knew such a thing existed! It got me thinking, why was I so excited about it? I keep track of my books and I already knew how many I’d read, so why did this make me smile? The day before, I’d seen a […]

11 Dec 18
Suse Fish

I think my love language to myself must be gift giving! Certainly, when I’ve managed something that was tricky for me, I like to reward myself with a little something nice… today, it was a plain notebook from the local newsagents, which I treated to a cute makeover.

09 Dec 18
The Love bombercoffee2 Blog 843

The ?Lawrence of Arabia? of half-assed Adam Sandler comedies, ?Sandy Wexler? is an epic period piece that spans 10 years and 131 minutes of mildly amusing mediocrity before climaxing with a Rob Schneider cameo where he plays a Middle Eastern man in full brownface ? it?s awful, and yet it?s almost objectively Sandler?s best movie […]

08 Dec 18

Back in January, I made the decision to start using a bullet journal. I’ve always used study planners and for several years I had had a Filofax. Never did I manage to actually stick with one for more than a few months as I always found that I would give up with them because they […]

07 Dec 18
Seven Cups Mystic

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham is this week’s book.  For those of you thinking that author’s name sounds familiar, this is the same Lauren Graham of Parenthood and Gilmore Girls fame. This book follows Franny, a twenty-something woman living in New York City and trying to make it as an actor – with a […]

05 Dec 18

You’ve got networking at 9 a.m., a face to face at 1:30 and your office is twenty-five minutes in the wrong direction. It looks like you’re going to be on the go today. With a smart phone and your iPad or laptop, working remotely is easier than ever. Here are six tools that will make it easy to office from anywhere!

05 Dec 18
Pam Alison Knits

Oh, so it’s that time of year, is it? The time when even monogamous me gets the pretty, flitty thoughts and starts digging about in her planner patch. In keeping with the general story of my life, I am in limbo at the moment and I need something to happen before I can make a decision […]

03 Dec 18
October Daydreams

original post appeared on my account, date: 11/6/18 I decided to share my list of 101 in 1001 today as I feel I will be referencing it a lot in the coming days and months. I plan to write a post of tips I used to create it sometime in the near future. This […]

03 Dec 18
A Journey Into the Unknown - Food, Confidence & Feelings of Happiness

I can’t speak for anyone else but I am not a great one for following timetables, I have a similar problem with recipes to be honest the rebel in me just wants to muddle the steps up and see what happens, so how do I plan anything when i’m essentially working against myself? Bullet point […]

03 Dec 18

Er ist dahaaaa! Heute konnte ich meinen Strickplaner für 2019 in die Arme schließen und einrichten. Um ihm ein angenehmes Zuhause zu bieten, habe ich einen alten Filofax entringt. Hach, ich freue mich. Die Skala für die Temperatur- Wetterdecke ist auch bereits laminiert und startklar. Auf dem Strickplaner liegt der heute begonnene Obvious nach einer […]

03 Dec 18

This is my new hand bag, I think I’ve finally found the perfect style & size for me, I’m fed up of holding my bag in the ‘bent elbow’ position and this is great to carry on my shoulder with a zipped compartment & 2 phone pouches inside it’s ideal, as it’s 100% leather it […]